Truest Thing You Will Ever Read on Dating Better Men, Lion Taming Second Edition

True or False? Too many women settle in dating and relationships.

True or False Again? Roughly 90 percent of the dating pool for women in their thirties and beyond is a disappointment to say the least.

Part Freudian psychology, part human behavior observation and part socio-economic commentary, Lion Taming promises to level the playing field for women wanting to date better men. More

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About Corey Weiner

Corey ceases to subscribe to most conventional wisdom on the subject.

It disappoints.

No awards won. No speaking circuits. No time for either.

Corey Weiner:

1) Holds a degree from the distinguished political science department at Florida Atlantic University's Schmidt College of Arts and Letters.

2) Was promoted three times at two national New York Stock Exchange and one NASDAQ-traded corporations -- focusing on efficiency management.

Library time studying economics and business, Pimsleur language lessons and a slight obsession with National Geographic animal specials consume his time. Corey also writes on occasion.

Publisher: Third and Two Intellectual Capital Partners
Ph: (561) 613 - 3955

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