Stalking Millionaires

Cartoons, line drawings, too intellectual.

Girls at club man-hunt attempt to snag big bucks while chatting with friends. The passionate hate-machine crashes and burns whole cultures at a time.

Secrets of the dating game revealed, with modern
personalities... or lack thereof. Exploring attitude, personality and character. More

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Words: 120
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301158225
Tags: cartoons
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Readers are welcome to proof-read; if I think it's a good correction, it goes in. (just send an e-mail, book-name + quoted line)
Thanks. (One long-suffering reader got a book dedicated to him.)

On a personal note; I've got a million words published at now. SF + fantasy novels, cartoons, short-stories.

Jeez, lemme see; This whole mess got started in grade school; shorts in HS; novels after. (first one done in pencil.)

Dozen or so 80,000 word novelettes (mostly type-writer.); first computer stuff, 80's; novels+shorts.

Years of quarterlies,novels,cartoons subs; (apple-clones, compacts, pcs) '86: BBSing a shorts echo (rogue-bone), blogs, cartooning

I THINK I can add another million words there. Maybe. Most of them are lost unless some old CD backups turn up.

Oh, if you don't make the best-seller list with your first novel today, you don't get a second. I think my count is ten now published and a dozen or so lost.
* WARNING! * Live and live, (long i vs short) tho and thou. I use thou as tho sometimes. It's the most common complaint.
Writing has been a hobby of mine since the third grade, and was an ambition even earlier. Cartooning, music, philosophy are other bad habits I keep up. (Plus a few secret ones I'm NOT telling you about, so there!)

I zined SF cons with shorts for years on the freebie table. Quarterly editions, mostly: fantasy, horror (Halloween), children's (Christmas), romantic comedy, (Valentines) hard SF, july 1st or world con. Most are in the collections, tho I'm still writing the occasional one today.

Enjoy, thanks, pass it on! (Have a day of it, eh?)

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