Princess of Power

Adult Erotica
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In a time long ago, women were abused, raped and often killed by men. One woman began an uprising to free all women from this horrible abuse. She became a warrior and a leader of women in what became their home. Men were not allowed. Women loved women. Essentially a love story, but will peace remain?

First of four short stories in a series.
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About London Shye

It's been quite some time since I last published. My life got busy and hasn't slowed down. I will begin traveling in 2016 and will begin writing again. My next publishing's will be much different than what I've published so far. I look forward to getting them started and published for those of you who have included my writing's in your libraries and for new reader's.

A four installment short story:
Princess Of Power - Castle Queen - Lost Souls - A New Beginning

My imaginative short stories do not reflect the person I am. I am not by any means a professional writer. I write for the joy of it. So yes, there may be tons of grammatical errors.

I hope when you read my stories, you can connect with the characters and envision the scenes in your mind. My short stories are for entertainment only.
Thank you for reading.

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Ernest Winchester reviewed on on Dec. 28, 2010

Ashley, you are right. The current version is different from either of the two I downloaded on the twenty-second. The tense changes have been corrected. Also paragraph breakdowns. You’ll note that it was copyrighted in 2002. It seems there are more versions of this story than pseudonyms, which is okay, we writers are allowed to do that. What surprises me is, the reload didn’t strip away my review. I’ve seen writers do that. I suspect they want to get rid of unflattering reviews. Some can be so thin skinned. I’m glad this author chose not to do that. A review should be accepted for the reviewer’s opinion, flattering or not. Also, I finished reading the original version and found it rather disturbing. I wonder, also, if you read the same thing between the lines as I did at the childbirth scene. Was there a male twin born and disposed of? I can’t help wonder if Leanndra intends for the human race to die out at the end of her generation. I also wonder what time frame a ‘moon’ is. Obviously not a month, but then, we don’t know if this story is even set on planet Earth with its moon. I’ve downloaded the continuing story ‘Castle Queen,’ but haven’t read it yet. Perhaps more details will come with it. I've upgraded my rating to two stars with the corrections and look forward to reading the next segments.
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Ashley Mira reviewed on on Dec. 26, 2010

The author must have corrected the tense issues noted by the prior reviewer because I didn't notice them. While the writer does come off as a beginner, there's actually something compelling about the simple sentence structure used. The premise has been done many times before, but there's a brutality to this rendition of it that feels all the more uncomfortable due to the unapologetic sexuality surrounding it. Being able to evoke emotion - including discomfort - from your readers is a mark of good storytelling, so I look forward to reading more of this author's work.
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Ernest Winchester reviewed on on Dec. 22, 2010

I guess the first thing to determine is, who is the author? Somehow I’ve downloaded two versions of this story with two different authors. Just today. Is it Jada Wright or London Shye. Either way it is the same unremarkable story. As I started reading it the first thing to jangle my senses was the tense switching. Past tense, present tense, past tense, all within the first two paragraphs. Getting annoyed with that, I skipped down to discover that this is not a complete story. So I didn’t bother finishing reading it. The author needs lessons in composition. Also anatomy lessons. If the slave losses his penis, it is an amputation, not a castration.
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