Zero Point Energy

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Paradoxes Exist!
And some people can resonate with them...

Quantum physics, absurdist philosophy, meme theory, cutting edge brain research, religion and open relationships combine to make this sci fi novel one of the most researched fiction stories out there. Interactive links throughout the book are sure to pull readers deep into the mysteries of the universe while turning the pages... More

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About Sarit Hashkes

I could probably write this section in 20 different ways so, I’ll try to make it somewhat connected to the book but don’t take it too seriously :)

Coming from a religious background I learned early on not to take my freedom for granted. I’ve been spat on, thrown stones at and nearly lynched by ultra-orthodox Jews on a few occasions in my former hometown of Jerusalem. Currently I’m looking for a new place to settle down in…

I’ve been practicing martial arts for most of my life and I’m trying to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained (

I somehow completed a bachelor’s degree in Physics

I was somehow a police woman for two years, working for the forensic department, investigating violent crimes.

I’ve been writing Sci – Fi stories since high school and living in my own imaginary world since forever.

I’ve never believed in monogamy and don’t practice it (not really sure what I do believe in)

I started blogging in university as well as writing for the university newspaper. My biggest scoop (with another great blogger) was uncovering corruption in the Jerusalem election campaign. The former mayor, an ultra-orthodox Jew, hired a campaign manager who was coercing workers, using family members and inventing people to put in ads claiming the secular populations supports the religious mayor. Also got dressed up as an ultra-orthodox boy and got into an all men’s club along with loads of other strange anthropological experiences. What can I say “Do one thing every day that scares you” is the closest thing I have to a daily prayer.

Me and a friend invented a real life clue game

I’m openly bi-sexual, pansexual or whatever none hetro-sextual label you want to put on me.

I love climbing

Following the first slut-walk in Jerusalm, I helped organize,(calling to stop blaming survivors of sexual assaults and harassments for their assault), I wrote a long piece about why I’m proud to be called a slut… Well behaved women seldom make history :)

A part of me feels sick from the amount of I’s on this page.


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Review by: Disquieted Dreams Press on Oct. 3, 2013 :
Zero Point Energy is held up by a great Sci-Fi idea and has the unique addition of informative links making it well worth a read. The length is good for a Science Fiction work but could have been fleshed out a bit more and I would have liked to seen more chapter breaks. My biggest fear with the story is how it could translate to print and not lose its informative links, this is a hurdle that the author should try to overcome.

The concept has the possibility of becoming a great Sci-Fi read but the relationship focus and some of the sexual wording caused me to break out of the story. This isn't a negative aspect to everyone.

As long as the cost is a "You Set The Price" option I recommend paying the $.99 for a copy as it is worth a read instead of downloading it for free.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Review by: Morgan Stone on Sep. 27, 2013 :
I found Zero Point Energy refreshingly unique and surprisingly compelling. It's bold disregard for the tired science fiction formula, at first somewhat confusing, became a relief as I read on. As promised in the book description, Hashkes has very effectively woven well researched and clearly presented ideas concepts, and theories throughout the story. I never felt as though I was being lectured to or spoken down to, but on the contrary, that I was a part of story. Energy, true to its form, is hard science fiction; it cuts no corners with implausible and unexplained magic or cheap devolution into fantasy.

Why only three stars? Energy, compared to the indie fare on offer, would be worth every star one could give it, and then some. But it seems to me that Hashkes is thinking beyond that level, has a grasp of the professional marketplace and is aiming higher. At least I hope so. Energy will be an excellent novel when it is finished. Currently, it suffers from poor editing and proofreading. Simple language errors are distracting. The writing style is inconsistent; at times brilliant and flowing, at others difficult, blocky and forced.

Energy has some important points to make and says them without coming across high-handed. I would have liked characters to be more fully developed and illustrated. However, Hashkes provided enough to leave me thinking of them after I closed the book and turned off the light.
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)
Review by: Erica Lucas on Sep. 12, 2013 :
“Zero Point Energy” is a sci-fi novel about a future that’s both scary yet holds amazing technological possibilities. Followers of the OTG (One True God) religion have taken over a large chunk of the world in a series of bloody civil wars, and are generally feared despite strong military presence trying to keep them out and tamp down religion generally. At the same time as religion is running wild, the opposite of religion—science—has made great strides.

The novel begins in a lab with Abigail, who left the military on rather bad terms, inspecting the lab for security issues. Inside the lab is a teleportation device that everyone would like to get their hands on—though it seems only Abigail (at first) can use it. When the lab is attacked by masked gunmen and politics over the lab get in the way of discovery, Abigail takes the fall and lets herself be taken into custody as part of a plan to keep the science out of corrupt hands. Eventually those who can teleport have a name—Resonators—and become like a family of sorts, fearing that the power will fall into the wrong hands.

If you enjoy science and learning in your science fiction books, “Zero Point Energy” will keep you happy as a reader—the book is filled with links to take you to articles about the various concepts and devices used and discussed. The characters, however, are what really make the book—Abigail and Terra and Peter and a wide cast of others who bring emotion, heart, and interest to the plot. Recommended for science fiction fans and science fans as well.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: Rachael A Payne on Sep. 7, 2013 :
I really enjoyed this book. As a sci-fi fan I found this to be an exciting and captivating story with an original idea that was well thought out and well written.
The story revolves around a group of people who develop a teleportation device that allows them to jump to places instantaneously, who become known as resonators. Later on they face challenges from part of the world which belongs to religious zealots who see their ability as a threat.
There were some great, unexpected twists which I can't say anything about without ruining the story. You'll just have to read to find out what they are!
The characters are well developed and so are their relationships with each other. The love story between the main characters is believable and modern. Abigail (the main protagonist) has a strong, vibrant personality that you feel for despite her hard exterior.
I found the author utilised feasible futuristic technology and scientific ideas which were extremely well researched and well explained where it needed to be. This all gives the story a sense of realism which is easy to follow and enjoyable to read.
I definitely recommend this book to all!
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
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