Sapphire ~ Escape is about beating the odds, changing life’s direction, and reinventing one’s self through an inspiring story of one woman's journey through a traumatic childhood, her ultimate perseverance through abuse, to her escape into the secret life of a stripper. . More

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About J A Sapphire

J. A .Sapphire, originally born in Wilmington, Delaware.

The author, J A Sapphire, has been writing for a very long time. The oldest child with a younger sister, writing was her way to understand reality by looking at things from many angled prospective. Started a journal in 1996 from her experiences while dancing because from her point of view everyday showed her a different story. Coming from an abusive family with a controlling father Janel decided to head to Atlanta at the age of 21 for a new adventure in life. Janel's mission is to expose the true real life of the world of a stripper. She is passionate about truth, women, men and power. J A Sapphire feels that women need to learn how to be women because our communities are not uniting the way she feels they could be things would be a lot different in people's live if they would play their roles in life by men being men and women learning to be women.

Georgia State University - August 2009
Post-Baccalaureate in Arts, of International Economics and Modern Language, concentration in French, minor in Spanish, beginner in Mandarin. Speak, write, read, characters and tones in languages applicable.

DeVry University - 2002
Baccalaureate in Science, of Business Administration, minor in Computer Information Systems.
Publish model, voice-overs, commercials, and print work.

The concept for the memoir series, Sapphire, came into the making after a murder was committed in front of her during her working shift as an exotic dancer in Atlanta, Georgia.

J A Sapphire

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