Ogilvy, the Pig Who Whistled

Everyone knows you can’t teach a pig to whistle. Or can you? Ogilvy the Pig has the finest snout on the farm, but he isn’t going to be happy until he can whistle like his bird friends. Find out just what a wanna-be whistler can do as Ogilvy and his friends, encounter adventures, a sneaky trick or two, and happy surprises in this Pig Tale. Find out why there is nothing better than being you. More

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About Pam Abrahamsson

Pam works in word craft as the vice president of a public relations agency. Thanks to this, she has over twenty years experience writing for herself and others...although she is reasonably sure this is the first time she's ghost-written for a pig in her children's story, "Ogilvy, the Pig Who Whistled."

Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts, Communications, California State University, Fullerton, advanced certification in digital media and marketing from University of San Francisco, and other industry training.

When not story-telling, Pam is travelling, running, and wondering if you're going to eat those last french fries on your plate.

Please visit our publisher's site, www.whistlingpigpublishing.com, for more information. The site will not, unfortunately, divulge any of Pam's french fry secrets.

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