Strange Times; Wacky Anecdotes

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Over the past year I made a series of posts on my blog to relate incidents from my life so far. Encouraged by the interest that they aroused, I decided to compile them into a free ebook to reach even more readers and this, then, is the result of my efforts. More
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A writer who has had many stories published in the women's weekly magazines and literary journals, John was drawn to writing at an early age. At one time in his teenage years he was reading one book a day---the subject didn't matter, but it needed to grab his interest in the first couple of pages, or he would abandon it. And this is the rule he has since applied to all his writing, believing that if you haven't grabbed the reader straight away, you are not writing well enough.. After graduating with an Honors Degree in History he spent many years in academic publishing, at last leaving to pursue his long-held dream of becoming a writer. "Easily among the very best new writers we have seen", "fresh and original", "creates life-like characters---maybe too life-like" (whatever that means!), are some of the comments made by literary reviewers and consultants about his work. His favorite band is The Moody Blues.

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Patricia Puddle reviewed on on May 28, 2017

What a Wonderful Selection of Anecdotes by John M W Smith!
I have read and loved so many of this author's wonderful books and I really enjoyed this one. John M W Smith's stories are amazing and he writes from the heart. He's also witty, compassionate, and funny, and in these anecdotes you'll get a good glimpse into his brilliant mind.

The first story: A Pretty Face Is All You Need. This story brought tears to my eyes. It's about people's looks and the shallowness of humans. Also the author's change in attitude from boy to man.

The second story: Death Goes To School. This story is about a strict school teacher, who is despised by the teenage boys in his class because he enjoyed dishing out punishment and was never pleasant. What happened next had me on the edge of me seat, I loved this one! Plus there's a great message in it.

The third story: Epiphany at a Roadside Diner. In this story, the author tells how when he begins chatting to a waitress in a warm friendly manner, she seems to trust him and begins telling him things about herself that seem quite odd. He suddenly wants to leave in a hurry without her noticing. You will have to read this quirky story to find out why.

The Fourth Story, Gaby The Go Getter, is about an old school friend of the author's, who regularly meets up with him for coffee and a catch up. This good-looking, successful business woman is single and John is very close to her. As they sit chatting and catching up, someone steals Gabby's phone. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and its twist ending.

The Fifth Story, In Your Dreams, Man!, is about the author's waking world and how he gets so disappointed with it. He writes about being a slave to rules in his job and how he prefers his dream world. He reminisces about the great times he had when his father took him up into the Himalayas and how magic it was. Then he writes about what he likes doing when he's not dreaming about happy things. Now this part I can relate to. He says he loves his laptop and writing about far more interesting worlds by creating stories that just tumble out of his brain. He also tells how he can handle the world as long as he has ? If you want to know what it is that he needs to keep him happy, you'll have to read this story! I loved it!

The Sixth Story: Life Is Such a Fragile Thing. In this story, the author talks about how fragile life is and how we should spend less time being bad and more time being good to one another. He then writes about when he worked at an exclusive Girl's School and how something happened to the girls on his watch. This story had me chewing my fingers to the very end.

The Seventh Story: Love Works Best On A Desert Island. In this story the author talks about Love at First Sight, and how he was smitten by a woman at a party. I won't tell you if they get together or not, but later he goes on to say how in this world there are now too many distractions for even the most solid relationship to work. He gets very deep here but to read what his thoughts are on true love you will have to read this story.

The Eighth Story: My Weird Job Interview is about a very difficult job interview that John Smith had. This made me chuckle at the author's quirky personality, and I laughed out loud at the ending.

The Ninth Story: Of Such Things Are Made Heroes. This story is how some heroes can be just ordinary people. In fact the hero in this tale seems to be a born loser. He's unreliable, lazy, can't hold down a job, and scared of his own shadow. John wonders why he befriended him at all. That is until he does something quite out of character. I love this one. It pulled at my very heart strings!

The Tenth Story: Please Release Me. This is also a theme of true love and I really enjoyed it. It is also advice from the author on how not to try and change people, not if you really love them.

The Eleventh Story: Suicide Negotiator. In this story the author writes about a friend who is a Suicide Negotiator and his wife has died. Seeing how messy his friend's home is, John suggests he might need another woman in his life. His friend gets angry, saying no one can ever take his wife's place and he doesn't want to hear that again. They then begin talking about his friend's job and the tricks he uses to save lives. I found this story amazing. I loved it, and this anecdote shows what a lovely, warm human being John M W Smith really is.

The Twelfth Story: The Best Place To Be. Here John writes about his favourite place to be to chill out and the memories he has. Now here is a good place to get to know John because he writes about many of his memories and feelings.

The Thirteenth Story: The Gaddafi Effect. This is an amazing true story about Libya. I highly recommend this story but I don't want to give the plot away so you will have to read it to see how well it is written!

The Fourteenth Story: The Gandhi Method. In this story, John sits in his car by the airport and watches planes as he reminisces on things that have happened in his life. He finds this more pleasurable than drinking or taking drugs. I guess that is how he gets his endorphins and the memories are a good read! I really loved the story about The Cleaning Lady, and I related to it as I did something similar as a child!

The Fifteenth Story: The Naked Assailant. This made me laugh as it is a true story about his grandfather's peculiarity. But I understood this because I think most people have one. I certainly do, but mine is nothing like his grandad's. I could see this story as a short movie playing out in my head. A funny one!

The Sixteenth Story: The Night Time Spider. Gosh, I could relate to the author in this one as I am terrified of insects. But the ending was a big surprise. Loved it!

The Seventeenth Story: The Perils Of Long Distance Love. This is a story how the looks of a woman can change, metamorphosis, when she falls in love. True love! I loved this story too.

The Eighteenth Story: The Reluctant Voyager. This is a true story of John M W Smith's and I don't want to mention what it is about or it will give the ending away. But it was a very compelling read!

The Nineteenth Story: Tragedy At The Duck Pond. I love ducks and we have them in our dam, so this one tugged hard at my heart strings!

The Twentieth Story: True Love. The author writes about the meaning of true love and how the word love is used too often and without meaning these days. He writes of how most relationships are time limited these days and how depressed that makes him. So well written!

The Twenty first Story: "Yes, I'm Leaving You..." This is about a friend of John's who suspects his wife is having an affair. He wants John to come with him when he confronts her. Another great read!
Strange Times; Wacky Anecdotes by John M W Smith is a superb read! And so many stories! Women will love this book, and so will men. I highly recommend it and gave it 5 Stars. I would give it a lot more if I could!
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