Armageddon For Beginners

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Time Travel, the destruction of America, a coming dictator, and a detailed countdown to the end of the world. It's all here, and more.
Journalist and writer, David Mckay, takes readers on a journey through some of the most startling predictions in the Bible.
This should be required reading for anyone who is interested in finding out where human history is taking us. More
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Review by: catandmouse on March 11, 2015 :
The "here is wisdom" chapter was fantastic. I'd always kinda wondered about that "here is the mind with wisdom" verse thinking it was some unsolvable mystery but your explanation makes sense. Thanks for sharing.
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Review by: Lucy Brown on Aug. 26, 2014 :
Not just a load of head knowledge in this one. Gets you thinking from the very start and doesn't let up!
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Review by: Chris Fell on Aug. 03, 2014 :
Having read Survivors, I have now read this one and it helps explain a lot of the things mentioned in Survivors. The author has made Bible prophecy interesting and easy to understand. Very different to other material out there!
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Review by: MaureenBonny on May 27, 2014 :
Five star reading from start to finish!
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Review by: BFHardy on May 24, 2014 :
Wow, I read the book the same day (and night!) that someone gave me. Spot on stuff! Keep up the good work!
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Review by: el moscar on May 12, 2014 :
Answered a lot of questions I had. Cheers!
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Review by: HarmonicTonic on May 12, 2014 :
This is a really good book. If you want to read some stimulating and thought provoking thoughts on Bible prophecy, then look no further.

Warning: If you expect this book to be a science fiction parody, you may be disappointed :)
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Review by: GregorianChant on May 12, 2014 :
Clear, concise, compelling reading. Thank you.
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Review by: JodiD on Jan. 28, 2014 :
Oh dear. Based on the cover and the blurb, I thought this was a a parody sci-fi. Particularly with a title like Armageddon for Beginners, how could that not be a parody? Took me a few chapters to realize that the author isn't writing a parody. Not to mention there is some terrible formatting and editing. For example, the author writes "The strongest support for this theory comes from the fact that the Latin title for his role as “Vicar of Christ” is one that adds up to 666 according to the formula described on pages 147-148." But the PDF version only has 111 pages. I guess it is referring to the print page count in a different format?
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Review by: john chucks VIII on Oct. 27, 2013 :
I've been interested in the Mark of the Beast prophecy for quite some time so I'm usually looking for information about it I found your interpretation to be quite interesting and refreshingly new from many other interpretations I've seen.

I'll take a look at your other work, too.
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Review by: DeadlyYorker on Sep. 29, 2013 :
Wow, what an amazing book. I could not put it down.

The thing about this book that I was most impressed was that, it explains bible prophecies in a very simple way. So simple in fact, that even a child could understand it. Well done, Dave McKay.
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Review by: Shannon Hoon on Sep. 28, 2013 :
This book absolutely changed my life forever! The author weaves the teachings of Jesus and the Book of Revelation together in such a simple but deeply profound way that I have never seen before. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
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Review by: Julia Murphy on Sep. 28, 2013 :
I was very impressed, by the information in this book and the way the author presented it. I am suprised that this book is free. It's a lot better than other drivel I have actually paid for!
Mckay's no nonsense, common sense approach to the bible prophecy was quite refreshing!
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Review by: notes from the underworld on Sep. 23, 2013 :
I've not always been a big fan of non-fiction but I was interested in the subject matter. The idea of the 'end of the world' has always intrigued me, and what is outlined in the book not only offered a stark, but totally plausible idea of what things may be like 'in the end', but also gave a lot of hope for those who believe in good overcoming evil. It has very practical, clear and down-to-earth information for how to understand an often confusing, and abused subject matter.
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Review by: JoAnn King on Sep. 22, 2013 :
I liked it very much.
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Review by: Joe Blow on Sep. 22, 2013 :
Bible Prophecy for Dummies. Congratulations! No smoke and mirrors. No obscure and complicated arguments... just some simple and quite amazing bits of information. Unbelievable stuff.
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Review by: Nigel Roberts on Sep. 20, 2013 :
A very intense read, but worth the effort. Some scarey stuff and very convincing arguments for dropping out of the monetary system. I was impressed by the deep insights of the author and the clarity in which he illuminated the underlying themes of the New Testament. It resonated with my own intuitive awareness of reality and understanding of the World.
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Review by: Jason Hunt on Sep. 11, 2013 :
I must say this book was a breath of fresh air. I normally like to read fairly dense, theological stuff, but I found the easy to understand approach of Armageddon for Beginners more helpful than anything else I have read on the subject.

I particularly appreciated McKay's interpretation of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, as I had never heard anyone interpret the black horse as Greed. Very thought provoking!
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Review by: ShaktiBetween on Sep. 11, 2013 :
I was given "Armageddon for Beginners" by a friend. It really opened my eyes with regards to a lot of Bible related issues.

McKay's interpretations of Bible prophecy are pretty convincing throughout, not only the one about the "Mark of the Beast" (which has to do with the very contemporary topic of the cashless society).

I have not yet found any other, or better, interpretation of Scripture that would captivate me more strongly.

It really is a publication that clearly shows where history is leading us.

I hope that many readers will benefit from this excellent book.
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Review by: Big Reader on Sep. 10, 2013 :
Excellent book. I have to admit, I'm a bit of a skeptic myself when it comes to Bible prophecy. There's so much open to interpretation, and so many interpretations out there, that it's hard to separate the lemons from the lemonade.

Having said that, I felt McKay did an excellent job of presenting a theory which was consistent... throughout his book, as well as consistent with teachings from the Bible. Because you can never prove prophecies correct until they come to pass, the verdict's still up on the validity of McKay's end-time perspective. For what it's worth, though, it's definitely the most plausible overview of Bible prophecy I've come across so far.
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Review by: ben martin on Sep. 10, 2013 :
Smashing read (excuse the pun)! :) Seriously though, I found it really good. It's a very accessible length despite dealing with an incredibly challenging subject, a testimony to the authors honest and simple look at prophecy and Jesus' teachings.

While the majority of religious books leave one more thirsty than when they started, I found this book to be very refreshing.

I found the bible verses cited at the end of each chapter particularly helpful ;)
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(review of free book)

Review by: Lucy Brown on Sep. 10, 2013 :
A book you have to read twice or even more times to take it all in, and understand the significance for the time we are living in!

I liked the explanations of different parts of the Revelation and how everything is put together like an interesting jig saw puzzle.
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Review by: Con scious on Sep. 10, 2013 :
Wow! This is a deeply challenging, life-changing book, which puts the pieces of some difficult prophecies together in a way which is clear and simple. I could not put it down.
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Review by: Harold Armstrong on Sep. 10, 2013 :
After reading McKay's book, it has renewed my zeal for bible prophecy. Other books on the subject have been rather confusing, but this book makes you realize how so much of the religious/church world have missed the point of the book of revelation and the book of Daniel.

The events leading up to the return of Jesus to rule and reign over us is rather exciting too. It's a book that has changed my way of thinking, and challenged me deeply. Good stuff! A brilliant read!
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Review by: willie wonka on Sep. 09, 2013 :
Good book! It's has a very practical approach towards prophecy. Some bits were confusing, mostly the bits about the UN, but on the whole it's simple and easy to understand, which is rare for a book on Bible prophecy.

I especially liked the explanation of the 70 weeks prophecy as I had never read about that before and I later confirmed some of the details with outside sources.
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Review by: John Barlow on Sep. 09, 2013 :
I found 'Armageddon for Beginners' to be very helpful and concise. It is thorough, without being rambley and unnecessarily complicated, which is a big bonus when it comes to Bible prophecy.

The author feels real, and not like he is trying to hoodwink you with some religopolitical agenda, but just saying it the way he sees it. And he's sees it well! The book is full of valuable observations and spiritual insights.

An exceptional book, and you can't beat the price!
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Review by: Skiza on Sep. 09, 2013 :
A very intersting read. Mckay is insightful in drawing together the threads of prophecy and the teachings of Jesus into a coheasive whole. He reveals how far Christianity has strayed from the original tenents of the religion and the possible future concequences of that falling away.
This book has huge implications, not only for those who call themselves Christians, but for the whole human race. Mckay challenges us as human beings to choose to become free from Man's oldest enemy (greed) before we fall into the ultimate trap. The Mark of the Beast.
The detailed and easy to read explanations make the book interesting and understandable, even to the casual reader.
Mckay makes a great contribution to the ongoing discussion on the Mark of the Beast in particular and to the body of prophetic literature as a whole.
Definitely worth reading IMO.
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Review by: BookemLou on Sep. 09, 2013 :
If you have any interest in Bible Prophecy this is certainly a fantastic source of information. It links so many fundamental aspects and teachings of Christianity with predictions in the book of Revelation and Daniel. I find this link to be missing in most texts analyzing Bible prophecy.

It challenged a few understandings I held previously about things like the army of 144,000 believers and the mark of the beast.

Well done.
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Review by: Joe Blow on Sep. 08, 2013 :
I've seen a lot of stuff on Bible prophecy which is unconvincing, and skewed. I've also read some academic stuff that can be rather boring. However, Armageddon for Beginners avoids both traps. My opinion is that its strength is in not trying to represent itself as the last word on anything, at the same time that it presents only the most convincing arguments.

The timeline countdown is particularly interesting... It does not set a date like so many discredited books on the subject have done, but it does provide helpful information on how to compute the date at some time in the future (when other events make it clear that the final countdown has begun.

The 70 weeks prophecy is particularly well done, and one wonders why this has not been referred to more in other books on the subject. It's so overwhelmingly provable, and to hear that it's the only Old Testament prophecy to actually use the word "Messiah" gives it credibility far beyond what any other Old Testament prophecy might claim.

Great reading, and some personally challenging thoughts about what prophecy should mean for our own relationship with Jesus.
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