Aftermath and Other Zombie Shorts

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Meet Danny Cargill,; he has grown up in a post-zombie apocalyptic world and knows nothing of how things were in the past… and he’s about to find out if zombies are worse than humans More
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  • Category: Fiction » Horror » Undead
  • Words: 13,140
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781301576982
About Edwin Stark

Hello, my name's Edwin Stark, and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. That's South America for the few geographically-challenged ones out there. I suppose that somehow the stork had just stumbled out from a pub while it was delivering me, (it was confused to say the least) and mishandled my humble persona, leaving me stranded in this unlikely place.

Having German ancestry, I spoke that language as a toddler, but my Mom had the misconception that I'd fit better here if I spoke Spanish, so that tongue was lost during my growing years. I grew up dreaming crazy tales and was my teacher's pet when it came to composition class—but not in deportment: that was for certain—and as I grew up I tried to get noticed as a writer by submitting to every magazine and writing contest available in my home country. No such luck; the publishing market in Venezuela is utterly locked out: you can only see your words in print if you're already a notorious politician or a TV celebrity. Since I wasn't in the inclination of becoming a serial murderer to achieve notoriousness and get published, the need to rethink the approach to my writing career became a must.

Eventually, I decided to switch languages and start writing in English. I was already proficient in that language… but was I good enough to tell stories in that fashion?
I then started to write short stories, effectively dumping my native language. I wrote nearly 200 short stories during a period of about eighteen months, slowly learning the nuances of story-telling in another language than your own. I already had the benefit of having the knack of telling a tale; I only had to adjust. 190 of them short tales certainly sucked; 10 were really neat, but the important thing was the learning process. These ten tales eventually made it into Cuentos, the short story collection which became my third book. I succeeded so well in tearing myself apart from Spanish, that almost everyone I meet online says: "I CAN'T BELIEVE ENGLISH ISN'T YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE!"

So far, I wrote four books: AI Rebellion, a rather preachy cyberpunk thriller that still shows the struggle of switching languages (and I only recommend people to read it if they're on an archeological mood, as in if they're interested in seeing my progress as a writer), Eco Station One, a very bizarre and funny satire, the aforementioned Cuentos, and The Clayton Chronicles, a rather cookie-cut vampire tale. All these are available for the Kindle reader on Amazon, in paperbacks and all e-book formats in Smashwords.

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Reviews of Aftermath and Other Zombie Shorts by Edwin Stark

E. VanZwoll reviewed on June 21, 2014

Not your normal zombie stories...

Edwin Stark has done it again, managing to write a collection of short stories that take the normal zombie story and give it a twist.

The first story, "Aftermath", is the closest to a traditional zombie story. Set approximately 10 years after the zombie outbreak, it shows how the survivors live on a day to day basis, trying to put their civilization back together while fighting the few zombies that remain. However, this story has a twist, so make sure that you don't assume that all zombie stories, or all zombies, are alike.

The second story, "Zombie Cab", is a short story about a cab driver in the middle of the night in New York City, and how supermarket tabloids may actually have a bit of truth to their stories. Don't worry, Elvis is still dead.

The third and last story, "When Zombies Roamed Venezuela", is a complete tongue-in-cheek look at what would happen in Edwin found himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I absolutely love his descriptions of zombies versus political followers, and the rest of his descriptions of Venezuela. Though the underwater hotel can certainly advertise an indoor pool!

I would highly recommend this collection of shorts, if only for Aftermath itself and for the completely hilarious third story. And if you like Aftermath, Edwin has already written a sequel of sorts, "Aftermatch - Episode 2."
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
Colin Buckland reviewed on Sep. 6, 2013

For someone who lives on the fringe of a tropical rain forest Edwin Stark knows how to write a damn good tale.

In Aftermath we meet Danny Cargill, who even though he's 11 years old is quite a dab hand at dispatching the undead, and during an unauthorised excursion from the camp he lives in, he has a chance meeting with a small group on their way to said camp, this in turn starts a chain of events that will affect not only his future but those closest to him. This is one tale that could be a book on it's own, or possibly two.

I dare you not to read Zombie Cab and not finish it with a smile on your face. Mr Stark has left his best till last. If Zombie Cab makes you smile then The Day Zombies roamed Venezuela will have you laughing out loud. Staring the author himself, you follow his diary entries at the start of a zombie outbreak, and from the off you somehow know this is not going to be a normal zombie tale. I don't want to give too much away but all I will say is monkey brains and a stick.

This is a short book, a quick reader could probably do it in a couple of hours, but it would be a happy couple of hours well spent.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
L. W. Fulton reviewed on Sep. 5, 2013

ftermath and other Zombie Stories by Edwin Stark

Very enjoyable read. There are actually three short stories in this little collection. I have to say I think Edwin Stark is brilliant and if he was anywhere besides a tropical rain forest/jungle, somewhere with electricity and a few modern conveniences and a computer that worked and good internet access… you know the things many of us take for granted, if he was anywhere else… he would be a major author by now.

English is not his first language, that’s true. But have no fear, he get the stories across, very well. The essences of the stories is pure, Sci-Fi, very well done.

Aftermath is a story I really did not want to stop. I wanted to hear a little more about Danny Cargill. This is not a zombie story for the gruesomeness of it but… whatever caused the zombies in the first place, well, it might be wearing off. Could it be? This is a story of how people have dealt with the zombies on a long term basis. They are not doing too badly. However, they may need to change how they view their world. I know all of them won’t be able to do change the way they think, but I think Danny will. I am putting my hope and my faith in Danny in this brave new world.

Zombie Cab, oh this one takes me back. I remember reading those little Sci-Fi short stories in elementary school. Not overly long, not overly explained, just enough to make you think and… very, very enjoyable. I love short stories anyway and author Edwin Stark writes some great ones.

The Day Zombies Roamed Venezuela is a unique take on a zombie outbreak. I love the way this story is crafted. It is written by someone who is experiencing the first signs of an outbreak. This story made me feel like I was in the middle of it. It’s intense and it’s real. It sounded like a transmission you might actually get from an outpost… in the jungle… by people who had just come to terms with the fact that zombies are now roaming the country side… or in this case, the jungle. Chilling.

I highly recommend this book and I’m giving it 5 stars because the stories are so good and after all… these stories are coming out of the jungle… out of a place that some of us would say is uncivilized… no matter that the mind of the author is brilliant… He’s crippled by lack of modern conveniences and communication devices… but the stories… oh the stories… Read them and see for yourself.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Linell Jeppsen reviewed on Sep. 5, 2013

Edwin Stark continues to impress with this somewhat zany approach to zombie fiction. The first short story, Aftermath, is a rather gloomy look at how a zombie apocalypse would affect society as a whole- it's very dark and does not speak well of our society.
The second story, Zombie Cab, is also chilling with a humorous twist- what if you were an honest cabbie during a zombie outbreak? Everybody deserves a ride, right? Especially if they tip well! URK!!
The third short story, The Day Zombies Roamed Venezuela, was probably my favorite, because I have read Eco Station One, which features in the story of our author, Mr. Stark himself, reporting on an EMERGENCY BLOG about zombies roaming around the station!

I really liked all three short stories- they were funny, and sad at the same time.
My advise... buy this inexpensive short story collection and read this work by a talented South American writer- some of his passages-sprinkled here and there at random like salt and pepper- are simply breathtaking!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
RC Drake reviewed on Sep. 5, 2013

4.0 out of 5 stars
Interesting Take
By R.C. Drake "Rhonda" (Beautiful Texas)
This review is from: Aftermath and Other Zombie Shorts (Kindle Edition)
Three short stories that I found quite interesting. Not so much blood and gore, more of a take from the viewpoint of an onlooker.

"Aftermath," Danny is a young man, fighting to survive in the aftermath of a zombie plaque. It seems there is a possibility the crisis is abating, and the contagion is dissipating. However, everyone is still so frightened of the unknown, they are unwilling to believe this miracle could be happening. Life is casually cast aside because of this fear, causing man to become his own worst enemy, instead of the zombies.

"Zombie Cab," was my favorite. In a city where zombies are starting to take over, a cab driver who is unaware of the uprising, or unwilling to acknowledge the event, casually goes about his daily task of picking up riders. He is forced to acknowledge the infestation though, when a zombie casually strolls into his cab and pays for a ride.

"The Day When Zombies Roamed Venezuela," a dairy of one mans accounting of how he coped with a zombie outbreak. It is somewhat comical, the way he figures out how to 'train' them.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
J. C. Allen reviewed on Sep. 5, 2013

Once again Mr Stark has given us some imaginative stories. ‘Aftermath’ is about the experiences of a boy dealing with the aftereffects of a zombie apocalypse. ‘Zombie Cab’ is a very short tale of a cabbie facing the reality of a zombie takeover. ‘The Day the Zombies Roamed Venezuela’ is another quickie about a zombie outbreak at Eco Station One (one of Mr. Stark’s earlier book settings).

I’m always amazed at how well this non-English speaker can write! Some of his phrases are pure poetry. He has a sarcastic wit that shines in his tales.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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