Wyrd Worlds

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An anthology of short stories by an international collection of science-fiction and fantasy writers, covering a wide range of what is known as ‘speculative fiction’, from slices of fantasy and time travel to steampunk and science-fiction. The tales vary widely, yet are all born from the same drive to create, share ideas and above all to entertain! More
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About Various Authors

These 'various authors' of science-fiction and fantasy came together via the modern magic of the social network Goodreads. Their stories cover a wide range of speculative fiction, from high fantasy through time travel and steampunk to traditional science-fiction. They are:

Steph Bennion (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
Ubiquitous Bubba (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
A.L. Butcher (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
Emma Faragher (Wyrd Worlds I)
Clark Graham (Wyrd Worlds II)
Ross Harrison (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
L.J. Hick (Wyrd Worlds II)
Josh Karaczewski (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
Peter Lean (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
Stan Morris (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
Michael Puttonen (Wyrd Worlds II)
Laurel A. Rockefeller (Wyrd Worlds II)
Douglas Schwartz (Wyrd Worlds II)
Neil Shooter (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
Barbara G. Tarn (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
Zach Tyo (Wyrd Worlds II)
L.L. Watkin (Wyrd Worlds I & II)
Gary Weston (Wyrd Worlds I)
Victoria Zigler (Wyrd Worlds II)

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Reviews of Wyrd Worlds by Various Authors

Josh Karaczewski reviewed on July 10, 2015

I’m sure literary salons still exist in the major cities, where the literati get together and discuss their work in beautifully-lit rooms over drinks and catered treats. If invited to one of these, I would be the guy in the outermost ring of conversation, going back and forth from the buffet table to the bookshelves, listening in, probably not initiating any conversations unless I saw someone like myself pick up a book from the shelves that I had also read. If someone was taking pictures, I would only get in by photobombing it.

Instead of physical literary salons to attend, I have Goodreads Groups. I ‘listen’ in on interesting conversations a lot more than I participate, and most of the time I’m reading my ‘friend’s’ reviews, or comparing their read books list to mine. When writers in the Smashwords Authors group began setting up an anthology in the summer of 2013 I managed to storybomb my piece, “Separate Wars on the Same Street” into this anthology. To read some background on my story, go to this blog post [http://oralrandomly.blogspot.com/2014...].

Reading this anthology is like going to an intimate story reading: it will give you a sense of some of the excellent work being created and published on Smashwords (and elsewhere); wildflower worlds and characters that bloom outside of the influence of mainstream publishing house nurseries.

As in all anthologies, choosing favorites is a matter of taste, not quality. So the stories most to my taste in the anthology are:

The Qrim Chieftan
Antimatter Me
The Imaginary Invasion
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Victoria Zigler reviewed on March 31, 2014

This is an interesting collection of stories, some of which are very entertaining.
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Michael Puttonen reviewed on Oct. 14, 2013

Anthologies are always tough to review, as the process requires judging the work of a group of dissimilar authors as a single entity. "Wyrd Worlds" is a collection of stories by an international pool of science fiction and fantasy writers, all of whom are self-published. Edited by Steph Bennion, who also contributes to the collection as an author, the book includes fourteen tales, each with a striking plot and memorable characters. Some are clearly stand-alone short stories, and others appear as excerpts taken from a larger narrative (although I could be mistaken about that). The writing is uniformly excellent throughout, and any fan of sci-fi or fantasy genres is certain to find a tasty tale or two to satisfy the palate. The selection is broad, the menu enticing. The stories include everything from persecuted elf herbalists to imaginary selves, from barbarians to time travelers to aliens. In a future time, ancient gods protect their turf, and on a world where a ruthless government shows no humanitarian impulse, a young woman strives to find her way. There are half-bloods, corpse-raisers, and hidden mischief-makers. As with all anthologies, the reader will find favorites among the stories along with others that hold lesser interest. For me, the majority engrossed and delighted, but I have to specifically mention "The Imaginary Invasion" by Ubiquitous Bubba, a clever and deliciously humorous tale that had me laughing out loud (as did "Explain That To A Martian"). I enthusiastically recommend "Wyrd Worlds" to anyone looking for a highly entertaining read.
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Unicorn Productions Books reviewed on Sep. 12, 2013

I'm in the anthology, so I didn't count my own story. I divided the star rating by 13 stories.
My favorites are (in no particular order - or better in the order I read them in the anthology)
The blue fial
Explain that to a martian
The Imaginary Invasion
Monday Imps
Mesrin Station
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