Cum sa programezi in Python

"Cum sa programezi in Python" se adreseaza incepatorilor ce isi doresc sa cunoasca notiuni nu prea sofisticate despre un limbaj de programare fermecator aflat in continua crestere. More

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About mircea prodan

Mircea Prodan
(male, 56years, Married)

City / Town: Craiova
Country: Romania
Nationality: romanian
Home phone number : 40251591827
Mobile phone number: 40722425014
Email address :
Date of birth : 29/09/1962
Height : 187
Weight : 120
Driving licence since: 1992
Driving licence categories: -b-

Company's name: S.C.Hidroconstructia S.A. Bucharest
City / Town: Craiova
Country : Romania
Activity domain: Construction/Architecture
Period : 01/10/2007 - 01/11/2008
Department: Public Relations
Position: Adviser
Responsabilities / Achievements: Organising press conferences for the management
Company's name: The Institution of the Dolj’s County Governor
City / Town: Craiova
Country : Romania
Activity domain: Administration
Period : 01/01/2005 - 01/08/2007
Department : Media/Public Relations
Position : Advisor
Responsabilities / Achievements: Organising press conferences, writing press announcements,
speech writing, highlighting the daily news, organising events and political adviser.
Company's name: TVS
City / Town: Craiova
Country: Romania
Activity domain: Advertising/Media
Period : 01/01/2004 - 01/10/2004
Department: News/Shows/Broadcasting
Position: Journalist/Editor
Responsabilities / Achievements: News writing and editing, realizing political and cultural talk-shows and musical shows.
Company's name: “Colibri” Youth Theater
City / Town: Craiova
Country: Romania
Activity domain: Culture
Period : 01/09/1998 - 01/08/1999
Department: Management
Position: Literary Secretary
Responsabilities / Achievements: Mediating the relationship between the press and the institution, writing press announcements, selecting and scheduling the plays and shows and writing the leaflets for the shows and plays.
Company's name: Radio "Horion"
City / Town: Craiova
Country : Romania
Activity domain : mass-media
Period : 01/05/1996 - 01/05/1998
Department: News/Transmissions/Broadcasting
Position: Journalist/Editor in chief
Responsabilities / Achievements: Editing and presenting the daily news, realizing political and cultural talk-shows, rock music transmissions. Selecting and supervising the news, music and adverts to be transmitted, developing the weekly transmissions schedule

Education institution type: Master
Education institution's name: National School of Political and Administration
City / Town : Bucharest
Country : Romania
Period : 01/09/2002 - 01/02/2004
Main studied subjects: Public Relations, Communication, Sociology and Mass Communication
Graduated: yes
Type of diploma obtained: Master

Education institution type: University
Education institution's name: Mechanical engineering, University of Craiova
City / Town: Craiova
Country : Romania
Period : 01/10/1984 - 01/06/1990
Main studied subjects : Engeneering, Mathematical and Pishical Sciences
Graduated: yes
Type of diploma obtained: Engineer

English : Good, but my level of undertsaning is better than my level of speaking.
French: Intermediate

Advanced user of Microsoft Office, Adobe Macromedia, some PHP and HTML skills (site making; this site is realized and administrated by me), writing and communication skills, advanced Internet user.
In 2005 I published a poetry volume.

Preferred work place location: only Abroad
Preferred countries to work: UK
I agree to work in any country
Preferred position/profession (and) preferred work domain: receptionst, waiter, driver (Hospitality&Catering), marketing,sales, promotions, cashier, retail, distributer, bar work, till work, shop, library, megastore worker (Services), driver (Transportation)
I agree to work in any domain.
Minimum accepted salary: 750
I'm available to start work since : 18/09/2009
Other requirements / expectations / preferences: I am a highly motivated person. Very ambitious and hard working I like challenges and whatever they involve. I like to get involved in many different activites and I am opened to new. A very open minded person I find it easy to adapt to working conditions.
I am a very honest person and also very commited to what I do. I expect honesty and I like to work with serious people.
I am keen on being a part of a multicultural context and I see it very rewarding to get an international experience. Working with you is for me a means of self development and a way to achieve more knowledge about the global environment that we live in at the moment. I expect my employer to be very serious.

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