Oil to Ashes 1, "Picnic" (Linc Freemore Apocalyptic Thriller Series)

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"As usual his morning commute took him past that simple wooden cross, planted above the pit with the charred sides. And as usual Linc's stomach turned at the thought of it happening to the next child."

The war on terror has escalated to a nihilistic brawl for oil. Brutal and incessant gang violence now rules the headlines.
Linc Freemore discovers how far he's willing to blur the lines. More
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About Lee Brait

Born 1970 in a serene valley city, the middle child in a family where I realized much later that I wasn't actually the least favorite, the closest I got to an apocalypse was a fog over the river so thick you could almost swim in it. And as a ten year old Science Fiction fan and wanna be computer programmer, my most creative attempts at programming in BASIC code on my Dad's Timex/Sinclair ZX-81 barely triggered a foreboding error message, never mind the end of the world.

I somehow fumbled my way through school and made it out the other end a success: clueless but still alive. My four year degree included a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a 1 year post graduate thingy on the end. During that time I discovered a natural affinity for both explaining things and for writing technical documentation.
It turns out novels are harder.

Twenty years and thousands of foreboding error messages later, I managed to escape my unfulfilling cubicle dugeon and I now live with my partner, Debbie, and our two Burmese cats/idiots where I run a small business from home.

I enjoyed reading the great post apocalyptic stories so much that my own version seemed to devise itself. For me the scariest apocalypse is the one most likely to happen. I took plenty of inspiration from real world conflicts and the creative end of my brain converted itself from solving problems to inventing dilemmas. My evolution to fiction began with a series of three apocalyptic stories, Oil To Ashes 1, 2 & 3.
After some people told me they liked it, it looks like there will be more.

Maybe one day I'll be able to say "based on a true story"?

Anyway, welcome to the oil wars. You can dip your toe in the cauldron for free with Oil To Ashes 1.

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About the Series: Oil To Ashes
The war on terror has escalated to a nihilistic brawl for oil. Brutal, incessant gang violence now rules the headlines. Is it a forecast for the end of justice & consequence?

For Linc Freemore, another drudge at the office, another broken promise looms. He stumbles on a savage crime, half-done. Unarmed. Deserted. In a tranquil wood, the kind of place he longs for time with his family. Today filled with violence & despair. Should he bolt for safety? Or viciously defend, his own brand of justice?

As peace seems overwhelmed by random acts of suburban violence, Linc must stop an unknown murderer & save his wife & son. One killer becomes many, a conspiracy larger than he could conceive.

Linc already gave his son's childhood to the company. For a better life. Is that lost too?

As the tipping point of war is breached chaos reigns & Linc must fight viciously for his life, for his family & for his own virtue. He discovers the true nature of the company he gave his best years to, the depths of their greed & the limits of his own endurance.

Linc discovers how deep he's willing to dig to for a stranger, to save his family. How far he's willing to blur the lines.

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Reviews of Oil to Ashes 1, "Picnic" (Linc Freemore Apocalyptic Thriller Series) by Lee Brait

Mary Blackwell reviewed on Oct. 18, 2014

Somehow my copy of this story has a different name (Picnic) so I have downloaded this version to check out possible changes.

In the version I have read, Linc is a not a hero. He is a sort of drone. Work is too much, he spends too much time there and ignores his family's needs. He just tries to do his best. But, when push comes to shove, he reaches into his reserves and into his past knowledge to survive.

Initially I wasn't sure about Linc and what sort of story it was. Then the abandoned car came into view and a true race of terrifying cat and mouse ensued.

Great twists and turns.
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