My Brother's Voice: How a Young Hungarian Boy Survived the Holocaust: A True Story

Stephen Nasser somehow dug deep within his soul to survive the brutal and inhumane treatment his captors inflicted on the Jews. He was the only one of his family to survive--but the memory of his brother's dying words compelled him to live. Stephen's account of the Holocaust is told in the refreshingly direct and optimistic language of a young boy. More

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About Stephen Nasser

The above power point is Pista’s closing moments, lecturing.

Stephen / Pista/ Nasser

Has lectured in the U.S. and internationally over 832 times, to Students, Churches, Synagogues, Libraries etc.

There are 2 Documentaries in Germany. “End Station Seeashaupt and Die Muhldorfer Toades Zug” They Both about the concentration Camp of Muhldorf.

Biography of Stephen Nasser

In 1944, the Nazis took 13-year-old Nasser and 21 members of his family members to Auschwitz and Muhldorf Concentration Camps. He was the only member of his family to survive that horrendous experience. While in the Muhldorf, he secretly wrote a diary at age of 13, what later became his book, My Brother’s Voice. Published in 2003 by Las Vegas StephenPressMedia.
(He kept his Diary Secret over 50 years, to protect a family member)
In April 2011, his book was published in German, in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, under the title “Die Stimme meines Bruders”
That award-winning book described in detail Nasser’s experience while a prisoner of the Nazis.

Worth noting is that Nasser was honored by the City of Las Vegas on Aug. 6 2008 when the day was declared “Stephen Nasser Day.” Also noteworthy is that Nasser was acknowledged with certificates from the Senate, Congress, FBI and several public offices for his Humanitarian lectures.

Stephen & Ann Raskin English teacher from Las Vegas, just completed the Stage play
“Not Yet, Pista” Based on his original diary.
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