The Health Miralces of a Vegan Diet

The vegan diet is frequently referred to as the medicinal or therapeutic diet, because this natural and benevolent category of food is endowed with a wealthy spectrum of compounds, which scientists and nutritionists have established to constitute excellent components in maintaining and enhancing the body’s overall vitality and welfare. More
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About Emmanuel Ebah

Emmanuel Ebah is a Cameroonian-born eclectic and prolific writer, spiritual philosopher and economist. Emmanuel jointly read economics and global tourism management at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, United Kingdom.
As a writer, under the canopy of Divine Spark Books and Films Scripts, Emmanuel conceives and materialises high quality, excitement-gripping, uplifting and edifying manuscripts and ready-made film scripts, meticulously researched and presented in a well structured, coherent and compelling manner. Such manuscripts are meditated with vivid originality; and themed around subjects deemed indispensable in fortifying the human spirit; and fostering universal sublime ideals, to the effect of stretching the boundaries of the deepest meaning of civilisation.
As an economist, he is mostly preoccupied with start-up and operational strategies for micro-economic ventures. He is also an aficionado of dynamic global macro-economic forces such as exchange rates, international trade, trans-national labour mobility, comparative regional risks for international investment; and globalisation.
As a spiritual philosopher, Emmanuel is preoccupied with comprehending the origin and nature of the critical values that define the human species, such as unconditional love, wisdom, creativity, freedom, freewill, ambition, self-esteem, and belonging. He is keen to explore the inherent connection between all species. Emmanuel maintains that even the most celebrated genius is besieged by the natural deficiencies of the mind, and views intellectual achievements as symptomatic of more fascinating human potential, which is largely unharnessed, because it is erroneously considered too utopian to warrant routine attention. Emmanuel maintains that neither is birth the ultimate beginning nor is death the ultimate end. Emmanuel heeds the view that the existence of suffering is an explicit testament that human evolution is still at a premature stage; and underscores that humans are gifted with a highly effective natural and harmless means to accelerate their evolution. Emmanuel identifies that means as the Light and Sound Meditation, which can be explored at:

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