Interview Slayer

Win over more hiring managers, secure your position as the preferred candidate from day 1, and begin the medical sales career you finally deserve.

Learn the most effective interview communication methods that are enabling sales candidates to break into the medical sales career of their dreams.

This book includes "copy and paste" templates, scripts and easy to memorize interviewing algorithms.

Available ebook formats: epub

About jason ryan

I'm Jay, author of Interview Slayer. My passion is writing #protip manuals to help optimize daily productivity, fitness and brain health. All of my ebooks are peppered with hard truths, system hacks and effective training methods.

As a former top performer in the corporate world, I now adore fair-trade coffee, squatting heavy and kundalini meditation. My big love is my family, giving out free bro hugs and consuming anything grass-fed.

Find me on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Mahalo.

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