The Edicts, Beatitudes and Hadith Of Sodom (Book Of Sodom)

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I unveil Sodom as the Song of the New Aeon as Thelema is the Word of the New Aeon! I unveil the Holy Truth that will bring together all in Thelema, Paganism, Wicca and Satanism and all of the Left Hand Path and Alternative Spiritualities into the New Age against the repressors of Old! More
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About Baldassare Cossa

I bear good tidings! I give you a message of orgasm! A message of pleasure! A message of Sodom!

I am a Prophet of a new religion, a new dawn, a new age of delights where you find yourself through your Pleasures. Let your pleasure be your path to your true self - to your Will! And let love and orgasm be what binds us together! Let mutual pleasure be Our Way!

To hell with the moral codes of old - they divide us and rule us and leave us blind and deaf! They harm more than help - to whom are they useful but those who love harm and suffering and superstitious ignorance?

I write good things - even though I have to say some horrendous things to bring out the truly good. I have already been banned - a fine book of mine has been banned because its carefully selected short stories each bearing a philosophic message that stands on its own and combines with the rest, displeased the censors at Amazon Kindle. They want you to remain blind and deaf! I give you good news! Another way - a new way yet a way that is truly ancient. I bring back the truth.

Emancipation! Pleasure! Orgasm!

I do not mislead - for I do not even lead. That is not my way. I want you to READ - for yourself, what I write, and take what you Will and use it for your pleasure, and the pleasures of those whom you love (and may you have many lovers!). And if you must - do please curse me and hate me, for still even then I have done good for you. For by cursing me you have chosen some direction - I pray that direction is toward pleasure, knowing thyself, and finding and spreading love and pleasure.

The time has come and I will do much! I will WRITE! I will make music, and plays, and films, and many books of philosophy and many stories. I will paint and even do academia.

I will love you and offer you love and pleasure - I only want you to find God in Sacred Holy Orgasm.

Come, follow me. Walk with me a while. Let us all come together...


Review by: J B on Dec. 30, 2013 :
The sexual nature of our being is to oft repressed and oppressed as a side-effect of the outdated perceived morality that permeates through our media, our schools and the clinical social dynamics that dominate the ever ominous mainstream culture.

It is evident that the author is very much aware of these bitter truths. Baldassare offers the insights for the reader to empower themselves rather than wildly pointing fingers at corporate fat cats or blaming some all powerful Illuminati for our oppression ad nauseam - as per the trend at the moment.

The insights offered in this text are sometimes simple and other times a little more cryptic, all the while the insights and truths presented are all elegantly laid out in an exceptionally erudite fashion.
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