Human Frailties, Human Strengths

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When Tor, a human misfit, is dumped at the feet of Ash, a god-in-exile, it’s irritation-at-first-sight. Magically bonded to Ash by a goddess who wishes to teach Ash a lesson in humility—and humanity—Tor has no choice but to follow Ash as he seeks a way to break his exile. On their journey, they discover love, adventure, and what it means to be human. More
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About Jaye McKenna

Jaye McKenna was born a Brit and was dragged, kicking and screaming, across the Pond at an age when such vehement protest was doomed to be misinterpreted as a paddy. She grew up near a sumac forest in Minnesota and spent most of her teen years torturing her parents with her electric guitar and her dark poetry. She was punk before it was cool and a grown-up long before she was ready. Jaye writes fantasy and science fiction stories about hot guys who have the hots for each other. She enjoys making them work darn hard for their happy endings, which might explain why she never gets invited to their parties.

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Reviews of Human Frailties, Human Strengths by Jaye McKenna

Bookwatcher reviewed on March 11, 2014

Many thoughts now... let me try to get it all in order in something that resemble a review.

FIRST, let me tell you something you may not know. You can read half of this book for free. This book is the expanded version of a freebie Human Frailties.
It was born as a "short", but now there is this version, with part I (Human Frailties, the freebie) and Human Strengths, the part 2.

I start reading the freebie, and love it so much I got the complete story Human Frailties, Human Strengths. I reread the first part (if you buy it you will get part 1 and 2), and I keep going reading the extended part... And I don't regret it!

Everything start with a god, Ashnavayarian, aka Ash, in exile. He must prove he deserve to have all his powers, and do learn a lesson about fro fragile live is, he is stripped of almost all powers, and must live as a human. It's not on Earth, it's a sort of parallel reality, think as another Earth.
Toryn MacAran is human and from our reality. In a very strange day he will end in another reality, and.. with the self-centered, egomaniac and narcissist god... Ash.
It's erotic, and also VERY funny
For a fantasy with so much info and description it's also VERY funny! But... the first part... and I missed funny Ash.

I think it deserve 5 stars
Because it's very original, full of adventure and also with perfect placed sex scenes (it's NOT a sex without plot story).

But I also think it's sort of sad the humor was just in the first part of the book (the freebie).
Of course Ash must grown, learn, be responsible... but IMO it should not mean be serious as he was in the second part. I can understand it was a grown process, Tor is there with him... but I just don't think all the humor and jokes between both should disappear.

The second part is serious, a lot happened and it's a serious and dangerous situation (and I LOVE the adventure of it!)... and... something I reeeeeeeeeeally don't know how to feel about happened. It's something I can't talk about openly, so It's a noncon (maybe, seems rape) scene.. it was odd, IMO, but it didn't ruin my fun.
I enjoy the fantasy, the adventure and I believe it's an amazing fantasy-erotic book.

I'm sad it ended.... the book keep me company all day today. I start just to check it, and put it down after the last page... I'm sad Ash and Tor are not part of my day anymore... and looking forward for more... Ash, Tor and Blackfang... the adventure just start!
(reviewed 6 months after purchase)
Novella Girl reviewed on March 6, 2014

The perfect fantasy novel I couldn't ask for more I simply loved it!
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)
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