Shadow Cat - The Striped Ones: Book 1 (Shapeshifter Romance)

Adult Erotica
Rated 3.71/5 based on 7 reviews
CEO Eric Randall’s plan is simple—fix the mess his researchers have created in Malaysia, experience the pleasures the country has to offer, and hightail it back to the comforts of America. Then again, simple plans always have a way of going awry. All it takes is one beautiful aborigine, and Eric finds himself stranded in a world of Malaysian myths and legend. More
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About Reena Jacobs

Reena Jacobs is just your typical writer who loves to see her words in print. As an avid reader, she’s known to hoard books and begs her husband regularly for “just one more purchase.” Her home life is filled with days chasing her preschooler and nights harassing her husband. Between it all, she squeezes in time for writing and growling at the dog.

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Reviews of Shadow Cat - The Striped Ones: Book 1 (Shapeshifter Romance) by Reena Jacobs

Susan MomBlogger reviewed on Feb. 8, 2012

Intriguing, adventure in the jungle. Hot sexy man and a wehr-tiger in heat. A steamy mix when thrown together, struggling to survive.
This book is well-written, and kept my interest from the first to the last. The different native vegetation being used as natural healers was a plus in this story. The only thing I wasn't too fond of was the weird "bad" thingy that was described sort of as a vampire type creature with no skin - YUCK. But, then that was part of the danger surrounding Berani's village and the "humans" in the jungle. This was different from anything I've read, and I enjoy reading shifter type stories that are different from the "normal". . . shifter meets female, has to have her . . . Give author Reena Jacobs' books a try! They are well worth reading!
(reviewed 60 days after purchase)
Carol reviewed on June 26, 2011

This book takes an urban fantasy theme and removes the "urban" component. Yes, weretigers exist but in the jungles of Malaysia (excepting a few emigrants apparently). At times, it reminded me a bit of Tarzan, with the newly turned hero having to learn jungle survival plus some non-Tarzan challenges of other supernatural enemies. The book is the first of a series but has a good HEA ending.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
Kasumi reviewed on June 17, 2011

La novela fue una sorpresa, ya que me esperaba un romance y me encontré que en la historia eso es casi lo de menos.
Lo importante son los "orang belang", los "hombres tigre", y la autora demuestra que, con ellos, tiene las cosas claras, por lo que no puedes parar de leer hasta llegar al final y, aun así, no es suficiente, por lo que esperaré a los siguientes libros para enterarme qué pasa con los personajes y el misterio de los "penanggalan" que los atacan.
(reviewed 17 days after purchase)
Shelleyrae reviewed on April 10, 2011

Shadow Cat is a paranormal romance with an exotic setting and intriguing myth that gives it an edge in this crowded genre.
In the lush tropical rainforest of Malaysia, clans of wehr-tigers defend their territory against human encroachment. Berani, a female ‘orang belang’, is incensed by the encampment of humans who have destroyed a section of the jungle and is determined to drive them away.
Eric has inherited his grandfather’s pharmaceutical company and is desperate to prove himself in his role as CEO and fend off his rivals. He is pinning his hopes on the research team in Malaysia making a discovery that will cement his position, but the unsanctioned clearing of the rainforest puts the project in jeopardy. With his right hand man, and best friend, Bryan, Eric heads to Malaysia to rescue the situation.
An accidental confrontation between Berani and Eric results in startling changes for them both.
Shadow Cat has a lot to recommend it and a real strength of this book lies in Jacobs seamlessly weaving Malay legends that center around the ‘orang belang’, which translates as the ‘Striped Ones’, and the soul destroying demons known as ‘pennangalan’ into a contemporary setting. Jacobs maintains the truth of her world by incorporating the legend and language of Malaysia in a way that is credible and demonstrates careful research.
The storyline is well thought out and interesting. The relationship between Berani and Eric is integral to the story but doesn’t overwhelm it. As this is a series debut, I recognise that this first book plays a crucial part in grounding further installments but it does result is a pace that is a little uneven. Most of the action was reserved for the second half of the novel and I thought there were instances of repetition of information in the first half that could have been dropped or condensed to improve the flow.
Berani is a strong character who is immediately appealing. She is tough but also has an emotional vulnerability and is likeable. Eric is less attractive, his arrogance is off putting and while that trait never really recedes, he does become more rounded as the story progresses. The development of their relationship is well handled, initially it is heavily based on lust and the instinctual pull of mating with some well written erotic scenes. Berani doesn’t speak nor understand, English so her communication with Eric is primarily through body and sign language when the two are alone. Love, or rather lust, is an universal language of course, but Jacobs is careful to develop their relationship in a manner that is believable and also cultivates the emotional connection. What I particularly appreciated in terms of character is that neither partner has to compromise their strengths for the sake of the romance.
The book is well written with wonderful use of imagery and language. Jacobs uses Malay terms naturally within the story, and while she includes a glossary at the back, it is not necessary to refer to it (though it is interesting).
Shadow Cat is an impressive self published debut by Reena Jacobs with an unique setting, myth and appealing characters. I would recommend Shadow Cat to readers who enjoy a sensual paranormal shifter romance with a compelling storyline.
(reviewed 83 days after purchase)
Melissa Cabrera reviewed on April 1, 2011

What a steamy read this was! This book has a very different storyline then I am use to. Which of course I find completely refreshing! It takes place in Malaysia. Which is a 1st for me. I loved hearing the beautifully described tropical rain forest, full of histories and colorful culture. The main characters are Berani who is a Whertiger, and down to earth Eric are drawn to each other so strongly. Despite their language barrier, they somehow found a way to communicate. I Don’t forget Brian. I loved his flirtatious and witty personality. The Ending was great. I loved how it draws you in, till you feel you are there. I will leave you feeling completely satisfying. It will keep you wanting more till the very end. What is a book with out something to freak you out. Okay maybe not all people, but this totally got me. The Penanggalan. Ewe. What’s that you ask? It is a nasty thing. The only way for me to describe it would to give you a little quote from the book. Page 62 (Nook - Normal Font) “A Penanggalan - the jinjangs minion - the cause of so many illnesses and deaths amongst her people. From the neck, a stringy mass of veins drooped and suspended disemboweled organs. The lungs deflated, and a vapor drifted from it's nose, saturating the air with a vinegary stench. A long proboscis-like tongue slithered from its mouth and undulated like a snake as it lapped the back of the human's head with a revolting slurp." Like I said, Ewe. Over all I really liked this book, and would totally recommend this to anyone willing to take a new adventure.
(reviewed 29 days after purchase)
Yara Santos reviewed on Feb. 21, 2011

Reena Jacobs gives us a different storyline, the story takes place in the beautifully described country of Malaysia. Eric the CEO of his pharmaceutical company as to travel to the country to try and save the research his company botched. At the same time he is avoiding his girlfriend and the pressures of getting married. He feels that this trip can be a vacation. Little does he know that's the last thing he will have. Eric meets Berani and that when things get more complicated. Berani is a tiger you can say. She is also the Shaman in her tribe. She ends of injuring Eric and has to cure him since his injury becomes infected. All this without speaking a work that they understand to one another. What will happen while Berani has Eric under her care, Read to find out. My downside o this novel is how long it too me to get into the storyline and understand where it was going. It is a unique read and its very erotic, so this is definitely for the adult readers of my blog.
(reviewed 39 days after purchase)
Elizabeth Hachet reviewed on Feb. 8, 2011
(no rating)
This book is a great book. It is very touching and very heartfelt. I can say that I saw it in some of the earlier editing stages, but even then, it was a great work. Reena has poured her heart and soul into this book once again, and with time, it will hopefully become the world's biggest smash it.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
LilyofDarkness reviewed on Feb. 2, 2011

Shadow Cat is set in the tropical rain forests of Malaysia. Things deep in the rain forest are dangerous, and there are more things happening there than most humans are aware of.

Eric is a CEO and head of his grandfathers pharmaceutical company, which is failing. Doing everything he can to keep it ahead of the game, he despairs of ruining it. When the chance comes for him to send a research team to Malaysia to find the next big cure, he throws his support behind it. However all is not well, and the researchers end up losing their permits and forcing his friend Bryan to travel to the country to save the project. Eric goes to "get a vacation" when his rivals daughter (and his sort of girlfriend) presses him about wanting to get married to achieve her own goals.

Berani is a whertiger (or orang belang) and has been in her pack her whole life, trained in medicine and healing by her grandmother, there is little she wouldn't do to protect their way of life, and that includes ruining the research expedition. For some strange reason there is one human there who she can't stop looking at, she feels drawn to him. The problem is he frightens her, and after he gets too close she swats his hand away resulting in a horrible injury.

After a really bad stitching job on his hand Eric falls very ill and draws the attention of a Penaggalan. What is that you ask?
"A penanggalan - the jinjangs minion - the cause of so many illnesses and deaths amongst her people. From the neck, a stringy mass of veins drooped and suspended disemboweled organs. The lungs deflated, and a vapor drifted from it's nose, saturating the air with a vinegary stench. A long proboscis-like tongue slithered from its mouth and undulated like a snake as it lapped the back of the human's head with a revolting slurp."

Ugh. Gross. This Pennangalan has been tormenting the area and just barely Berani manages to save him, but he becomes very ill from infection and she is forced to care for him. This action goes against her very being, how can she, a powerful tiger, care for a human who is so weak he can't hunt for himself much less protect himself? Her emotional attachment however leads her down a path she is not sure she wants to take. One thing that really got me were her views on humans, and echoed with my own personal observances:
"Perhaps he'd come to terms that his people left him to die. Their actions made no sense. How could the cruelty of a people be so great they would sacrifice their own? The humans forever amazed her with their despicable acts."

The time with them reminded me of Dances with Wolves or The Last Samurai, they could not speak each others language, but they both were willing to learn, without all the subtitles at the bottom of the screen. I even picked up some too! That aside they find a way to connect and boy do they ever connect! Their passion lept off the pages, and drowned out the world as I was captivated by their story. Eric is forced to open his eyes to things that have been in front of him all along, things from the past and even has to raise his eyes to the future - where he must discover if he has it in him to lead a pack, run a major company and keep the love of a wild tigress who holds his soul.

Overall I would say this book is worth the read, and after I was finished I had to look up the Pennangalan to find out more about it, and it was really neat to discover they are Malaysia's vampire myth. In a chat with Maryse about it we have decided someone needs to make a horror movie based on that thing. In the mean time I will now give all expectant mothers I know pineapple seeds (bulbs?). Just in case.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

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