Dairy Cow

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American businesswoman Beth Verdon went to meet her rival Guo Hu in Beijing. Guo hated Beth and framed her. Beth was imprisoned, assigned to the “Dairy” where Chinese scientists and doctors turned her into a human cow providing milk for rich Chinese perverts and restaurants catering to the wealthy. A strange tale set in the future featuring forced lactation, quotas, discipline and sexual abuse. More

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Published by Talbot Press
Words: 17,140
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301484720
About Leslie Parma


“To fantasize is human. And sexual fantasies are called to mind when humans want to be sexually aroused. They are the interior movies we summon when we want to turn ourselves on. As far as we know, everyone has some experience with sexual fantasy. And, for some people what they imagine can be very extreme indeed.

I began to write adult fiction stories in 2002, mostly for my own amusement. I self-published a few tales on BDSM websites and that’s when I made a strange and fascinating discovery. My writing struck a nerve with a number of readers and I began to receive emails. These notes came from all over the world – from men, women and couples.

The correspondence followed a pattern. They gave me compliments on my writing and insights, but then told me what resonated with them. Perhaps feeling I was in some way a kindred spirit, they would tell me their fantasies. I discovered that the anonymity of the Web encouraged these strangers to reveal their deepest, darkest sexual ideas to me. In many cases a dialogue began. And many of these people wanted me to put their fantasies on paper as erotic ebooks.

When I wrote back, a tenuous bond was forged and before I knew it, I had tapped into a wellspring of unbelievably strange, erotic material. I consider myself broadminded and wasn’t turned off by what they shared with me. In fact, I was fascinated and even somewhat honored. It seems like many of them were waiting for someone to ask them about themselves and they just poured out their deepest, darkest dreams to me.

And there wasn’t a difference in what men or women were turned on by, as I saw it. Both were equally imaginative and brave in their fantasies. My stories seemed to attract male and female readers who found extreme sex, humiliation and punishment scenarios appealing. They were aroused by stories because the brain is the primary sex organ. Since quite of bit of dirty adult stories isn’t created by storytellers, it often doesn’t compel. Their fantasies were often riveting. The tales they shared often involved characters, (with them as the “star”) adversaries, a theme and a story arc. Their private fantasies had the capacity to generate powerful emotions. I was drawn into their universe and, as I wrote, these private fantasies came to life on the page.

My correspondents were from all walks of life and varied circumstances. They were young and old, female and male. There was a tenured college professor, a librarian at a famous university and a nurse in New Zealand. One loving and brave couple in the United Kingdom chronicled their attempts to live out many of the cuckold and BDSM scenarios they wanted me to write. One middle-aged woman in Atlanta introduced me to a group of like-minded adventurers who regularly meet to experience extreme BSDM sex fun. In some cases, these individuals had never shared their fantasies with another living soul. I believe they find some sense of relief when they can share them with someone else.

Many were just working people who discovered their lives didn’t permit them all the expression they craved. And an adult fiction story was a perfectly safe and sane way to deal with their feelings. I was surprised to discover how extreme many of their fantasies were. These are people who I believe you and I meet every day, yet they had no qualms about expressing fantasies which included sex practices that could get them arrested in many locales. IMHO, it revealed a depth of sexuality that is by and large unknown to the general public and only studied and understood by a small cadre of sex researchers.

Each correspondent provided a different basis on which we “collaborated”. Some just wrote down bullet point scenarios and scenes that excited them. Some sketched out adversaries and locales; and most had very specific sex acts that inflamed their consciousness. One day, I decided to publish these fantasies in erotic ebooks form. This is how Private BDSM Fantasies was born.

The erotic daydreams chronicled therein are painfully personal and in many cases, very arousing. It has been said by many that you really don’t know a person sexually until you have some idea of their sex fantasies because they do reveal some inner, hidden, ideal sense of how that person wants to express their sexuality. And yet, with that said, knowing a person’s fantasies doesn’t mean they should be taken literally or that the person in question would actually want to experience these fantasies. Most of my correspondents have no desire to live out their fantasies. (But some do!)

The real value of sex fantasies may be as a release mechanism similar to dreams and sleep in maintaining mental health. But please be clear that the novellas and novels of Private Sex Fantasies are not clinical studies. I have no credentials, nor intent, to present a scientific study of this aspect of human sexuality. Rather, I’m a writer and know a good tale when I hear it. And, I believe there is value in being able to see how others deal with the complexity of their sexual feelings. The byproducts, the personal sex fantasies of real people, are eminently erotic in my opinion. I have selected those elements from my correspondent’s narrative to present an artistic representation of their inner sexual reality. You may learn something by reading them; and you may be shocked, but most likely you will be fascinated and probably aroused. I’ve also added new stories in the Erotic Novelette Series and novellas in the Hard Core Novella Series. So, relax and enjoy my rough tales.” – Leslie Parma

P.S. Write and tell me your fantasies, and you may see your dreams in eBook form.

Contact me at: leslieparma@gmail.com

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Review by: Joetex on Oct. 08, 2013 :
Leslie has woven a unique short story that embraces a number of elements that will find an enthusiastic readership. Its themes are humiliation and degradation set against the backdrop of a not-too-distant future where China dominates the world economy, and westerners are its mere sexual playthings. Well researched and exquisitely detailed, Leslie sketches a long-time rivalry between two prominent businesswomen– one American and one Chinese – that sets the stage for a tale of contrived criminality, imprisonment, and medical experimentation resulting in forced (yes, forced!) lactation of a Caucasian female by her demanding Chinese handlers. For westerners, this dystopian view of East-West relationships forces a reader to accept as the “new normal” the subjugation of the white race by Asian overlords. Indeed, it elevates the theme of involuntary servitude to new heights, introducing an element of unbridled vengeance of China against its former oppressors, girded with a recurring subtext of lesbian revenge. This takes the form of an American woman reduced to a mere “cow” used to produce milk for the epicurean benefit of the wealthy and well connected class of Chinese society.

As an American, seeing an American woman treated in this depraved fashion by Chinese made my lewdest and crudest imagination run amok. Americans have grown accustomed to seeing authoritative white women in leadership positions give orders to persons or nationalities of color. To witness such a woman stripped of her clothes and personal identity, raped and sodomized repeatedly, and transformed into a farm animal to produce milk – all by a nationality which once played dormat to the world -- made my male juices leak and eventually burst with joy. I highly recommend this book for all those who think that it really can’t happen this way, but who secretly hope that it does to make a masturbatory fantasy come to life. If I could award more than five stars, I would!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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