The Book of Korum

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After receiving a nightmarish vision Lady Tasha awakens with the knowledge that ancient evil is attempting to re-enter the realm. Fearing the worst, Tasha leaves the safety of her home (along with her stalwart companions, Garn and Hal) and embarks on a quest to the land of Southmoor in hopes of enlisting their fabled Knights to assist in protecting the land from the Dark Mage known as Xir. More
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About Adam Knight

Before I got into anything else in my rather hectic life, I knew I was a writer.

From a young age trying to write stories about Star Wars, expanding on comic book theories - basically creating "FanFics" before there ever was such a term, I knew that writing was my true passion in life.

Now that I am adult (shudder) and have fallen off the written path a touch, I find myself here at SmashWords with a new hope, a new vigor.

In the next few months I expect to upload a few of my older, completed stories and novellas in the "free" section. With luck, these will gather your attention as I get a move on with the first complete manuscript I have written in 18 years.

But more on that later.

Check out the links provided. I am excited about writing again and making a real go of this. So many stories in my head.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

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Review by: Greyshadow on April 04, 2015 :
I am aware that this is an early novel from Adam Knight. Unfortunately, it very much feels like it. The plot is rather cliche, the characters sometimes inconsistent, and the grammar and pacing both need some help.

That being said, I can't honestly say I didn't enjoy "The Book Of Korum". As an avid roleplayer I very much enjoy typical sword-and-sorcery fare. By the end of the book, I found myself wanting more. I truly want to read more of the adventures of Tasha, Hal, and Garn. But it's definitely a good thing the author has had time to grow as a writer.
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Review by: madisonwi on Jan. 24, 2015 :
A vision, and three take a walk in the woods.
An intervention, and now there's four.
Aboard a ship, plans awry, almost drowned.
A cold walk, crying children, an attack, and five move on.
Another vision, the world turns white, a cleric added, the quest continues.
Six journey through a blizzard, hypothermia, illness claims two.
Four to climb a hill, and retrieve "The Book of Korum"...

An early work, as the author has mentioned, with perhaps a bit too much descriptive writing, especially early on. "A cool breeze blowing lovingly" comes to mind as one example of many -- a warm breeze (maybe), a cool breeze is chilling and a different context. There are also a few unusual sentence modifiers, and I noted several comma splices.

In a broader context, there was an absence of world building that leaves a reader a bit lost. We're introduced to a "Baron" early on, and a "King" much later on, but little is said about the world, kingdoms, etc. Additionally, as "the six" begin to journey (north?), the Queen mentions the King in conference about an impending attack -- from who, for what reason, ... -- "out of left field", to coin a phrase.
The focus was a bit too narrow on the "questors" -- a few words early on describing the world, its infrastructure, etc would have been helpful.
Additional questions arise, such as (why) did the minstrel join the "accent group". The Keltoi has his oath, the cleric his people -- no reason was given for the minstrel's joining (beyond "comic relief").

The characters -- writing in the third-person creates a bit more challenge for character development, though we gain considerable understanding of the two primary characters (Hal & Tanya), and the secondary character Garn. Less development with the Kelt and minstrel, and far less with the cleric, though we begin to gain an understanding as the plot unfolds.

This has the "feel" of the first book in a planned trilogy -- the "trick" will be in making the second book as interesting without revealing final plot twists. The reader can "feel" the series ARC, and understands both Hal and Tanya's place in it better than the characters do. The "trick" is in the timing...
All-in-all, a good beginning, especially written so early on, though (i'd) go back an polish it up a bit...
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Review by: Jim Roberts on Nov. 03, 2013 :
Once again, no Canadian author writes like the Knight-train. Although this book isn't quite the same shot in the gut that his earlier "Cowboy Ending" was, The Book of Korum is a tremendously fun, old school fantasy story. Smoothly written, but punchy and intelligent. Derivative at times of other young adult series, but it's a small quibble for such an enjoyable book. If swashbuckling fantasy interests you at all, this book should be right up your alley.
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Review by: Taby32 on Oct. 23, 2013 :
An excellent read for all. A fast paced and exciting adventure filled with comic quips, romance and magic. The characters are colorful and engaging making it easy to fall in love with them all. Will leave you craving more.
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