Hunters - Rising

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Monsters are abundant in Arlynd. Hunters defend their hometowns against them so that everyone else may go about their lives. But something has the beasts riled up. Gimey, a longtime hunter and resident of Quarry Town sees this and when a pair of mysterious visitors come to town he is thrust into a journey that takes him far from home in search of the true threat to Quarry and all of Arlynd. More
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About David Greer


I'm a new author but longtime writer. I've always enjoyed fantasy-adventure stories in all sorts of forms be it movies, books, and video games. My favorites include Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy 7, Ranger's Apprentice, Halo, and so on.

Writing has always been a knack of mine, I love creating stories and characters. It helps keep my creative juices flowing and serves as a line of defense against the daily mundane. So a few years ago I decided to make a legitimate effort toward writing a novel. Hence began the creation of my first novel Hunters-Rising, the first of a series. I hope you check it out and enjoy it.


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Review by: donald macgregor on March 12, 2014 :
The book is easy reading. The storyline is interesting and moves along quite quickly. The various monsters in the story are unique and have unusual abilities. There is a logical progression thru the chapters as the personalities of the characters are slowly developed. Although Hawaii is never mentioned in the book, there is a Hawaiian connection (both land and culture) to the storyline. Some connections are obvious while others - quite subtle.
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Review by: Joshua S. Friedman on Oct. 13, 2013 : (no rating)
I found this novel intriguing though episodic. First off, as with most eBooks, editing was a main issue. Way too many phrasings with the word "had". He had yellow pants becomes he wore yellow pants. He had made a belt becomes he fashioned a belt. Had caught becomes caught. And had taken a seat simply becomes, sat. The spaces between chapters seemed unnecessary, and breaking scenes, tsk, tsk, tsk. Never end a chapter and then start a new chapter in the middle of a scene (as was in the case between chapters three and four), 'though clearly the author finds it imaginative and clever, to the reader, its just jarring. Another thing is that the author jumps in and out of different characters' heads. If we're in Grimey's, our protagonists', point of view, then clearly we can't know what the other characters are feeling or thinking unless they relay it verbally. Shifting back and forth between view points sometimes makes it unclear as to which character is speaking. Also, the characters weren't much different from any other in the book. Each character needed to exuded their on quirks, foibles, and fears, and I'm not just talking about how Grimey was scared when he saw the dragon. Naturally, a real living dragon would make anyone piss in their pantaloons. And while the characters faced many a beastie, our protagonist never endured a moment of inner turmoil or conflict.

The overall story and plot-line was very episodic, they were either hunting or in the tavern. This dragged the story out longer than it needed to be, and while jammed pack with action, the story quickly becomes trite. The book builds to this climactic show-down against a dragon and then disappoints by suddenly ending without any conflict resolution what-so-ever.

two out of five stars
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