A Tale of Two Worlds

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“The Earth, once asleep, has awakened, from deep in her belly come cries; her mountains and valleys are shaken and seas rise up to the skies.”
The ancient Keepers of Akosh knew volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis would destroy the cities of Earth in the 21st century. They terraformed the primitive world of Lantamyra to serve as a sanctuary for the refugees from Earth. The Gathering begins. More
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  • Category: Fiction » Fantasy » General
  • Words: 71,940
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780991041701
About Susan Waterwyk

My writing career began in 2005 with a dream of a lengthy conversation with a dragon. After discussing it with my family, we agreed it would make an interesting story. On Mother's day of that year, I wrote the first seven pages. Seven years later, I published Lantamyra: A Tapestry of Fantasy. Now, another year later, I have published A Tale of Two Worlds. My fantasies still include the company of dragons along with ancient extra-terrestrials that terra-form sanctuary worlds for species in danger of extinction. I live in the quiet woods of California's Sierra Nevada and admit that it has provided much of the inspiration for my books. I have a fondness for Nineteeth Century classical literature and poetry and encourage others to to enjoy them. I like to include a few of poems or songs in my stories because I believe every good story shoud have a song or a poem to add a bit of magic. "Starting with a melody, she'll lead you far away...down passages of poetry where dreamers often play."

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Reviews of A Tale of Two Worlds by Susan Waterwyk

William L Stuart reviewed on Jan. 17, 2014

I read the first book by Susan Waterwyk, Lantamyra; A Tapestry of Fantasy, a while back and gave it 4.5 stars. When Susan released the second book A Tale of Two Worlds, I knew I had to read it to find out what happens! I was not disappointed.
Synopsis (from the author): The Earth, once asleep, has awakened, from deep in her belly come cries; her mountains and valleys are shaken and seas rise up to the skies.”

The ancient Keepers of Akosh can do nothing to prevent the catastrophes. They have known since the sinking of Atlantis that the living world of Earth would awaken. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis threaten the people of the Earth so the Keepers spent thousands of years terraforming the primitive world of Lantamyra to serve as a sanctuary for the refugees from Earth. Now the Gathering begins.

The dragons that rule the three Great Houses of Lantamyra need the giant myra crystals from Atlantis to strengthen the large array in the House of Gaia Jade to be able to return to their homeworld, Lanluong. The Keepers of Akosh authorize a mission to Earth to locate and retrieve the crystals before the earthquakes bury them deeper in the abysmal depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Recently arrived from Earth, Tylya Lansing has been trained in the Secrets of the Ways and knows how to use the powerful myra crystals. She is now a keeper of dragons in the House of Gaia Jade, and her first-hand knowledge of modern Earth makes her the best candidate to command the mission to find and retrieve the lost crystals of Atlantis.

Tylya’s lover, Josh Hamilton is also from Earth and trained in the Ways but chose not to serve the dragons. He is a crystalseeker working in the mine at Queen’s Heart located near an active volcano. The job is extremely dangerous since long exposure to myra crystals causes crystal sickness, and worst of all, ghosts of seekers are hungry for living energy and they wait in the myra crystals to feed on him.
What I liked: Susan Waterwyk continues to develop her characters in a meaningful way. You can empathize with the losses and hardships they endure and the sacrifices each of the characters has made in order to allow someone else to follow their chosen path. The role of the dragons tantalizes the reader and allows the imagination to run with possibilities. Well-paced and easy to read, the book will appeal to those who like to think a little while they read.
What I didn’t like: There was very little about the book I didn’t like. Perhaps the only issue I had was that I would have liked the pace to be a little faster. I understand (as mentioned above about thinking while reading) why Susan Waterwyk wrote it as she did, but I personally still prefer more action and a quicker story.
Overall impression: Susan Waterwyk has crafted an excellent story. A Tale of Two Worlds is an excellent read and I look forward to the third book! I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy a little bit of fantasy, romance, and upheaval in two worlds!
(reviewed 79 days after purchase)
Carol Marrs Phipps reviewed on Jan. 15, 2014

I was enthralled from the very opening paragraph of a Tale of Two Worlds by Susan Waterwyk. This author artfully weaves together just the right balance of descriptive prose and dialogue. She creates a world so vivid and tangible the reader soon feels like a participant in the tale, rather than a mere observer.

A Tale of Two Worlds is the second book of Waterwyk’s planned trilogy about the fantastic world of Lantamyra where dragons rule fairly and justly over the humans that share that world with them. But, Lantamyra’s history is tied to two other “living worlds”, the dragon homeworld, Lanluong, and the human’s homeworld, Earth.

Long ago when the Keepers of Akosh learned to travel between the stars in their fantastic spaceships powered by giant myra crystals, they searched far and wide for other “living worlds” like their own. In time they found a number of these “living worlds” and used their great myra crystals to open portals to travel between them. Unwittingly, the keepers upset the balance of the dragon homeworld causing great upheavals which threatened the very existence of the dragons by the constant use of the portals.

As soon as the Keepers of Akosh realized what they had done they set about rescuing as many of the dragons as they could, relocating them to the safety of Lantamyra where the dragons ruled and lived in peace with the Keepers of Akosh and humans who had come there from Earth to serve dragonkind.

But the dragons longed for the day they might return to their own world of Lanluong and the Keepers felt honor bound to fulfill the dragon’s wish as soon as it was feasible. First however, they had to recover some of the giant myra crystals from the ancient site of Atlantis where the crystals had been submerged under the sea since the isle’s untimely demise.

Once the myra crystals were recovered there was one problem. There would be repercussions for using the crystals on such a massive scale again, only this time it would be planet Earth that would undergo horrendous upheavals that could entirely wipe out the human population. So the Keepers of Akosh had trained a number of chosen humans to aid in the “gathering” of a select number of the human race in order to prevent their extinction from the coming disaster and transport them to Lantamyra where they would be safe. In A Tale of Two Worlds this destined time is at hand.

A Tale of Two Worlds is a highly imaginative and enchanting tale surely destined to become a classic that the reader will remember long after the final page. It is time for “the gathering”. Read A Tale of two Worlds and hope you won’t be left behind.
(reviewed 90 days after purchase)
Keather Byrom reviewed on Dec. 22, 2013

A fantastical fantasy for readers.

Transport yourself to a whole new world. A world where cell phones, computers and electronic devices are not necessary since crystal power eliminates the need for such items.

A Tale of Two Worlds is the sequel to Lantamyra and it delivers a great extension of the first story. Lantamyra allows humans and dragons to live in harmony where both species unite to work together for a greater cause….survival.

I enjoyed the levels of suspense as the Keepers travel between Earth and Lantamyra set rescue missions in place to gather Earth’s life forms from catastrophic devastation and avoid potential extermination.

I found the mystery of the crystal mines to be intriguing and captivating as the crystal power is not only immense but is quite treacherous.

The story chronicles Earth’s dangerous environmental conditions and seems to be quite prophetic in the respect that our planet is currently experiencing similar severe events.

The humor and drama in the plot is engaging and will have readers turning pages along with anticipation of the continuing story.
(reviewed 53 days after purchase)
Jinni Stallberg reviewed on Dec. 8, 2013
(no rating)
I absolutely love this book and Lantamyra. It rekindles the my love for crystals and the magic they possess.
(reviewed 44 days after purchase)
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