A Search for Meaning. Connecting with Buddhist Teachers.

A Search for Meaning is a book about people just like us discovering the true meaning of Life through meeting a Buddhist teacher. Love, sexuality, relationships, spirituality, money, fame and power are topics that often interest us.These are modern, contemporary stories of love and relationships, happiness and devotion grounded in an ancient tradition. Heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking. More

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Words: 91,380
Language: English
ISBN: 9780992333010
Tags: loss adventure travel peace inspiration magic ancient journey faith happiness dreams motivation grief wisdom healing realization karate ecology india devotion meditation learning therapy death and dying enlightenment joy transformation emotions yoga compassion dharma rinpoche modern trust buddha love and loss tibet taoism guru unconditional love himalayas inner peace buddhist meditation buddhist beliefs buddhism philosophy buddhism practice buddhist wisdom buddhist practitioner transformational pyschology meditation masters tibetan buddhism spiritual adventure meditation self love love and death lama tibetan benefits of meditation relationships love realization of potential ladakh dzogchen buddhists inspiration personal inspiration quotes inspiration poems love and laughter inspiration integrity intention karma inspiration life motivation spiritual joy inspiration consciousness vajrayana buddhism in tibet meditation and visualization relationships and kindness love friendship feelings love and peace therapy and spirituality inspiration and motivation love and devotion love and prayer love beauty truth freedom love and connection dharma dzogchen love and anger meditation way meditation in action meditation and stress meditation and relaxation techniques meditation concentration contemplation learn to meditate prayer peace of mind awaken the power love and compassion inspiration and spirituality love always hopes meditation state and inner silence inspiration inspirational metaphysical parable transformation awakening lesson instruction spiritual spirituality relationships and grattitude devotion meditation grief and loss spiritual the dalai lama
About Sherry Tara Marshall

Sherry Marshall (BSc. Sociology; MAA Social Work, AMHSW; Masters Science, Social Ecology; Diplomate, Process Oriented Psychology) is Director of Sydney Process Counselling and Therapy and on the Faculty Board of the School of Australia and New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology.
Sherry has been deeply involved with Buddhism since 1988 and helped His Holiness Dalai Lama in Australia since 1996. Her more personal story of meeting her Buddhist teachers is included in the introduction of the book.
She loves to travel and is passionate about developing inner and outer freedom, exploring awareness, deep wisdom and creating a meaningful life for others.
Sherry has worked specializing in Process Oriented Psychology (founded by Dr Arnold Mindell, author of over 22 books) for thirty years in England and Australia. In her life and work she combines her love for Tibetan Buddhism and Meditation with Process Psychology.
She believes that being aware of our deeper processes brings meaning and happiness. She has been studying and practicing Buddhism for over 25 years.
She has also worked as Director of the Staff Counselling Department at Royal North Shore Hospital, the largest teaching hospital in Sydney, Australia and as a consultant for 9 years with an Employee Assistance programme.
Sherry has had numerous articles published in magazines and newspapers including Simply Living, Wellbeing magazine, Nature and Health and Southern Crossings.
She has been a keynote speaker at many conferences, including the Australian Psychotherapy and Buddhist Conference and the international Psychotherapy and Employee Assistance Conference.
Sherry is a published author with Simon and Schuster. She is currently writing her second book, which is a fictional love story based in the high Himalayan mountains.
You can contact Sherry on her Website; www.sydneyprocesscounselling.com.au

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