The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD

The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD introduces the mysteries which have been obscured from humanity.
This Holy book carries the Light and Love of God and you will feel it when you are reading it. Like a great gateway, The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD ushers us into the new age that will bring us i More

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About Kevin Peter Kelly

Kevin Peter Kelly and his wife, Marina Nikole Kelly have devoted a large portion of their life in the pursuit of truth. This pursuit has led them to a miraculous reality. Kevin and his wife Marina have been speaking directly to the Kingdom of Heaven for over two years mostly to an Angel named Malachi. Archangel Malachi has been speaking through a most incredible woman known as the Oracle since 2011. Malachi speaks as a group consciousness which includes Jesus, St. Joseph and The Holy Mother. They often speak directly to Kevin and Marina and they have initiated Kevin and Marina into The Great White Brotherhood. Kevin and Marina plan to release over thirty books and have committed to share all of the information received from these Divine Beings with you.

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The Holy Mother Mary Speaks as Holy Spirit Part 1 by Dedicated Lightworker Press
Shocked and joyful, Kevin Peter Kelly and Marina Nikole Kelly who have been speaking with Angelic beings for a couple of years were amazed when they asked to speak with Mother Mary on June 25th, 2013. Kevin and Marina wanted to ask Mother Mary about her life with Jesus and Josef. Archangel Malachi then introduced Mother Mary in away that left Kevin and Marina almost speechless.


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