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Learn Lucid dreaming to cure nightmares, anxiety and fear problems. It’s also used for self and spiritual exploration. Many use it as a means of adventure, creativity and problem solving. There is no limit to what you can do or achieve in your lucid dreams. More

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The Wonders of Lucid Dreaming

If you have had a lucid dream you will well remember it. If you haven't had one perhaps you don't know what it is. Lucid dreams are dreams where we have full awareness and control over the dream. Many people will make it a goal to practice having lucid dreams because they are so fun. Do you enjoy taking trips to fun places? Do you wish you could do more things than you do, either physically or even mentally? Lucid dreams provide the perfect backdrop for such things. With a lucid dream, the sky is the only limit, and even then, you can go beyond the sky.

What Can You Do in a Lucid Dream?

The question is better asked to say "what can't you do in a lucid dream." Seriously, whatever you can "dream" of, whatever you desire, you can do in a dream. Many people find they go on to do feats in a dream they could never perform in real life. If you are petrified of public speaking, you can speak to a coliseum full of people in a dream. You can dance. You can play any sports. You can sing. You can even fly, without wings and without an airplane. You can travel to any spot in the world. You can even travel to any planet or galaxy in the universe. You can dive off of a 100 foot cliff into the deepest of oceans and swim to the very bottom all while breathing just fine. If you can dream it, you can do it.

How Do You Know If It's a Lucid Dream?

You know you are in a lucid dream because you have full awareness of the dream. But some dreams seem so real you may be confused and think it is real. Often you realize it is not real when you awaken in the morning. If you are actively trying to have lucid dreams one thing is certain, you will remember your dreams. You will have to learn how to tell if you are in a dream and not in real life in order for you to be in full awareness of the lucid dream. It may be something simple like asking yourself a question such as "What is one plus two?" or it may be you counting your fingers. You may decide you want to try to put your hand through a wall or hover a few inches from the floor. Whatever you decide it is something you need to think about as you are falling asleep to condition your mind to remember this while in the dream. Then once you are dreaming, do the thing and test yourself. Once you discover it is a lucid dream you can then move on to having the lucid dream you want.

How Long Does It Take to Have a Lucid Dream?

While you may desire to have a lucid dream, it may be a long time before it happens. Generally, people who experience lucid dreams do so after they have had several hours of sleep. The first step, of course, is the desire to have one. And some people have them without ever having to desire it or work for it, the dream just happens. They find themselves in a dreamscape and they know they are in a dreamscape and they are able then to manipulate the dreamscape to their wishes. It is an exhilarating feeling, being able to do whatever you want without the confines of gravity or the morals of waking life.

It may take a couple of days of conditioning your mind to go into the lucid dream state or it may take weeks or months. The dream will come eventually, but you may have to work at bringing it about faster. The fact that you desire it and that you are seeking it will help it to happen.

Making the Lucid Dream Happen

There are a number of methods that help to induce a lucid dream. You can practice the waking methods or take supplements or do both. There are varying waking methods of lucid dream inductions from a simple setting of the alarm to wake up for a few minutes, to setting the alarm to wake up for a significant time frame and then going back to sleep. The best lucid dream time occurs about one to two hours prior to your normal wake up time. What will work best for you is yet to be determined. You need to test out the different methods and see what works best. It is always better to start with the easiest method and work up to the hardest. You may discover you will flow right into lucid dreams after trying the easiest of the methods of dream induction. You may discover you are difficult and will need not only to be awakened but also to take supplements. It is recommended to try the easiest ways first, and then only take the supplements rarely.

Journal Your Way to the Wonderful World of Lucid Dreams

The very first action step you should take toward having lucid dreams is by dream awareness. Simply remembering your dreams (lucid or not) will help in achieving real lucid dreams. Keep a tablet and pen by your bed so you can write the dream down before you even get up in the morning. (Or keep a digital tablet and quickly type it out.) By being conscious to remember your normal dreams you will open your mind to lucid dreaming.

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