To Love, No Right To Die

The hero of the book lives an ordinary life. But then he passed tests and tries to unravel their meaning using tarot cards. With each chapter Lucius meet with the host of the new arcane tarot and with it get more complex test. Will he pass all tests? And how he will do it, because they are not easy: money, pride, authority, love, family – do you know it? What conclusion did Lucius make? More

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  • Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
  • Words: 84,100
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781311115706
About Anatoliy Obraztsov

"You are in the way if you even don't know about it." You should agree: this phrase is rather intricate. What the way is? How can I be ignorant that I am in the way? When I am lying on the sea beach and having a cooling drink, am I in the way too? But I don't move to anywhere!

It's comprehensible that by "way" we mean not a physical definition, but a process of spiritual development, self-cognition and cognition the surrounding world. This way is full of comprehension, inner choices, solutions and excitement. Therefore anyone has got a personal way. People come to identical conclusions at the end, but spiritual ways are always different. There are no identical ways in fact. It can be compared to ordinary physical road: you are going and supporting yourself with a stick.

On the spiritual way you are supporting yourself with only your own will, but then you realize that you aren't lonely: many hands, eyes, hearts are ready to support you, to introduce their own experience. Many are ready to support you gently and freely, giving you the right of choice of the development direction. Freedom and responsibility are simultaneous categories in fact; when you realize the responsibility and accept it, you become free - you are ready inside to pay any price for your choice.
As many of us do, Anatoliy has been thinking about the life sense since childhood, but those thoughts hadn't obliged to anything - they were born just due to childish curiosity. Most of us seem to become studying our inner world with special care and enthusiasm just after being submerged to approbation. Something of that kind has happened to Anatoliy: his biography was in the style of the list of verbs: "was born", "has finished", "was working". He was born on May, 1 in 1961, graduated Dnepropetrovsk Chemical-Technological Institute, from where he turned to come to the town of Severodonetsk according to the Soviet duty to work at definite place for 3 years after graduating a state high school. At the late 80-eth he became the first (it would be more right to say the last) Secretary of Lugansk Regional Committee of Komsomol. In the 90-eth he became one of the most powerful businessmen in Lugansk region (when could he think of the life sense - no one minute of free time).

But in the 2000th everything changed dramatically - competitors attacked, the conflicts with law and order system began that led somebody to his end, but as for Anatoliy it became just the beginning, the second birth. It's strange of course to begin the second, i.e. spiritual birth in the Investigation isolator, but a leopard can't change its spots. In 2005 Anatoliy was prisoned at the Investigation isolator, where he spent 5 years while the court investigation was lasting. It's not easy to stay prisoned for 5 years without any court verdict, without knowing the guilt and further perspectives being separated from habitual lifestyle and orienteer's. One can change oneself in such situation or just move to the finish through accumulation of offence and anger on people.

As you can understand there is much free time in the Investigation isolator, so many unsettled questions reminded of themselves. He began reading much, meditating and achieved some results at the end. One of the result was the achievement of the controlled state of death in meditation. Though Anatoliy doesn't like comparison his state with the clinic death, but the fact is registered: his heart was not beating for 10 minutes and there was not breathing either. Just after that Anatoliy approbated many world practices of meditation, deepened into the wisdom roots, discovered some force in him unknown before, wrote more than ten books about the Universe and a man's place in it, changing of people's fate who stay next to. His further work is going to be the "Way of Heart" - a complex of methodologies, which promote any person of any confession, physical condition or spiritual state to develop harmonically.

It's clear, that a very interesting life is ahead, and it's important to introduce a personal experience to everybody who is in the way, even if one doesn't realize he is in the way while having his cooling drink, that is also the way.

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