Free Will: A Fast Comedy of Liars, Cheats and Earnest Kitchenware

Nobody needs a toaster. Except Tammy Tugwell, a toaster shrink who should have known better. Accidentally losing Will, a fraudulently acquired toaster client, will cost Tammy her Minor Appliance Counselor's License. Will’s owner demands his toaster back. Tammy’s enemies are close. But there is only so much pressure a shrink can take before risking everything to save a helpless toaster called Will More

Available ebook formats: epub

About Kris Back

Kris Back is a writer, illustrator and graphic designer.

Past credentials include a never-used bartending certificate from Australia, a successful stint as a bingo caller and a B.A. in Political Science. When fine arts failed to pay the bills, Kris worked long hours as a graphic designer in an office with great location but no overtime.

Tall tales being a family tradition, Kris ventured into writing against better judgment, starting out as a newspaper columnist. From there on, it’s been a slippery slope.

Meanwhile, Kris' illustrations have been featured in books and magazines. One is still tattooed to the chest of a limnologist. Lately, Kris' artwork has showed up in Steampunk Magazine. Maybe there is still hope that Kris will make it big one day and land a real job.

It is an established fact that Kris caught the travel bug early and spent years doing little of note in Stockholm, Singapore and Tokyo.

The writer currently resides in California, working on a trilogy evasively referred to as 'Sex and Cyborgs'.

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