A Woman Warrior Born

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Breea Banea is poised to become the youngest female scholar in a thousand years, but before her testing can begin, she finds herself hunted by a beast of elemental malice in the shape of a white wolf. When she learns that her entire life has been planned to enable her to survive this battle, she sets out to find the priest who called at her birth, "A Warrior is Born." More
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About Alexander Edlund

Alexander Edlund was born in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, but within months was off adventuring with his parents across the South Pacific, and in a year or so ended up learning to walk in the rainforests of eastern Australia. His first novel began as an image heard to music when he was sixteen. He set the story aside for years until attending University in England re-awoke the desire to share the stories in his mind. Alexander studied writing at the University of Washington. When his first book was reviewed by Kirkus Reviews as a "A smashing series opener for fans of literary fantasy," and the book broke out in Australia on Apple, fans began asking for more. Alexander now returns to Australia on a regular basis to write. Alexander's latest science fiction adventure, Keelic and the Pathfinders of Midgarth has been years in the making and is also available as an audio book, narrated by the fantastic Greg Patmore.

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About the Series: The Book of Banea
"Beasts of Legend rise. Urdjra in the north. The wolf at Limtir. The gods are stirring. My father would say, Do not seek to anger the gods, but if you must, let them fear your coming!" So said the Emissary of King Meric the Sixth to Breea Banea, youngest female scholar of the hidden Library of Limtir as she sets out to find the priest who called at her birth, "A Warrior is Born!"

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Reviews of A Woman Warrior Born by Alexander Edlund

Torfinn Ingolfsen reviewed on May 15, 2021

Wow. Read in one go, I could barely put it down to take necessary breaks. This is a great story!
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M. Pars reviewed on July 1, 2014

In one word, excellent! I cannot wait for more of Breea. One of the few books that I just cannot put down. Bravo!!
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Wyley Foster reviewed on May 12, 2014

What makes a good read? simple something you do not wan to put down.
The internet changed my reading habits, and this is one of the first books that brings back my love of reading a great tale. I await for the next book, the sequel to "A Woman Warrior-Born."
It is a story of details, yet hiding what you really feel, as our character knows there is another utterly mundane life waiting for her should she choose it, if fate would allow it. The tapestry of the world is rich, the secondary characters are not stereotyped but breathe a life of their own, this is done in front of the our main character's perception. It always leaves room for her perceptions to be wrong, And she knows she is alone, even when a sea of swords side with her and make her their leader.
It ultimately bounds to what you want in a story, nice comic book and Hollywood stereotypes and plots, or something that picks at the scabs of what makes us, the good, the evil, the needs and fears. It covers some of the world in honey, and pours bitter vinegar upon what we make of our hands within our emotions and choices in life. It is a worthy read, our hero is not static, nor are they always picking the right path, but what brings bread and water to the soul? Angels or the work of your own hands? You may choose to love or hate this work.
I choose to love it.
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MoorreGal reviewed on March 5, 2014

I read this book when it first came on the iTunes ibook store.
The images that are painted in your mind are thrilling and detailed. Although some of the characters aren't around for long, the reader gets to know tiny snippets of their stories. I can't wait for the next book to come out. The first one was so thrilling that i continue to re-read it over and over, each time experiencing different emotions making each read individual
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BattleCat reviewed on Feb. 7, 2014

I wanted to like this book after reading of the author's upbringing, which was so similar to my own. Here is why I couldn't:
Interesting premise and world, but a depressing read. Characters are being killed, raped, tortured or shuffled off before we get to know (or care) for them. Basically, it lacks dialog, detail and motivation, which may have prevented the reader's antipathy to the characters' struggles.

The general atmosphere of gloom, doom, and misfortune is telegraphed So far in advance it's difficult to find a reason to keep reading. I get the impression that this book has been heavily edited for content, detail, and backstory. I don't know why; it may have made it more tolerable. I didn't make it past the first 100 pages, and that's pretty unusual. The story itself sounds interesting and worthy of telling. I simply wish someone with more skill could have told it. To sum up: interesting world, interesting characters, great tidbits: but poor storytelling skills make it impossible to slog through.
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Paul Foley reviewed on Nov. 15, 2013

Excellent read. I can't wait for the next book in the series.
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claus olsen reviewed on Nov. 9, 2013

An amazing read. This fantasy of a woman warrior with special talents was a page turner. It has a fast pace and depth. If you enjoyed Elizabeth Moon's Paxenarrion stories this is something for you!!
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