The Coming of Josephson

A millionaire businessman has an idea to make the world better – and the personal fortune and knack for publicity to advance it. He “buys” his first audience at $20 cash per listener in a New York arena. After that, neither riots, the pleas of officialdom nor the love of woman can seem to stop him. More war is inevitable, he says, if our time doesn’t find a “better idea of God.” More
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About Jack Markowitz

Veteran newsman Jack Markowitz’s career spans six decades. He has filed millions of words in New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Father of five daughters, he’s been a copyboy, reporter, business editor and columnist, still writes a weekly commentary in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His first book, “A Walk on the Crust of Hell,” was a 1973 collection of true hero stories. This novel, copyrighted in 2000, is here revised and updated. The conflicts addressed by Jess Josephson, he says, “haven’t gone away, they’ve gone crazy.”

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