30 Failures by Age 30

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Everyone has that birthday. That one day we look in the mirror and ask ourselves: "How did I get here? Is this really the person I intended to be when I grew up? Am I grown up?" Katharine presents her own self-assessment in the form of this best-selling micro-memoir 30 Failures By Age 30.

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About Katharine!

Katharine is the author of The Curable Romantic: Advice for the Romance-Impaired, the best-selling 30 Failures by Age 30, and the author-illustrator of BORIS: Robot of Leisure. Katharine is also an artist and graphic designer specializing in low-brow pop art inspired by 20th century popular culture. Katharine’s paintings, part of her Robot of Leisure series, have been exhibited in galleries and public spaces across North America. View more of her work at thatkatharine.com.


Review by: Cassandra Joseph on April 10, 2012 :
Cute book, fast read. Very real life and made me feel that I am not alone in my own "failures".
(reviewed 24 days after purchase)
Review by: GraceKrispy on June 28, 2011 :
A short memoir divided in 30 essays, this book by Katharine Miller chronicles one woman’s “failures” (or not) to do some of the more expected things. I loved the format of this book- each essay was just the right length, and offered good insight into the author’s thinking about a wide variety of topics. Although I didn’t think all of the things were “failures” (and neither did the author), it was a clever way to package essays about the author's various experiences (or lack thereof).

The author starts off by stating that her failure to participate in these expected events has rendered her a social misfit. Part humor and part rant, this was a quick and (mostly) fun read. There were some serious undertones, especially when the author talks about her experiences with her disability and with the cruelness of other children. Although couched in humor, some of the bitterness came through a little more than expected considering I was anticipating a somewhat lighthearted memoir poking fun at the expected "rites of passage." The author makes it clear in the beginning that she makes no promises, but I guess maybe I was expecting (or hoping) for more growth in the character, something that would make me feel satisfied at this peek into someone else’s life.

Overall, I enjoyed this read. Entertaining and uniquely packaged, it held my attention and kept me company. It made me smile in places, made me sad in places. What it didn’t do was give me a new perspective on things. Lack of promises aside, I think I was hoping it would.

(Full review @ MotherLode blog http://gracekrispy.com)
(reviewed 51 days after purchase)
Review by: LE Olteano on June 25, 2011 :
Oh my God!
When I started reading this magnificent little jewel I had a plan: just look it over, get a general idea and leave it for a Sunday read. I failed, oh how I phailed! I just couldn’t stop reading it, and then all of a sudden, there was no more!
No more of the funny, witty, touching and generally enchanting writing of Katharine Miller. “More”, my little black soul screamed, “more”!

Her writing is genius, and I am going to fangirl all over this post. Oh yes I am!
Structured in 30 fabulous essays, Volume 1 of, I hope, many many more, deals with all sorts of topics, ranging from health issues to the proper etiquette in nudism and being flat chested. The light, fun, and impossible to resist way she writes effectively covers a heap of “little life pleasures” many of us I’m sure have had to deal with.
I will not expand on the content though, I don’t wanna spoil your read guys. Sufficient to say, if I were strand on a desert island, and I’d be sure I’d never be rescued, I’d certainly choose her essay series to keep me company till my very last moment. I mean that in the most positive way, being me, I’d be extremely picky about my last ever read. And if ever there was a way to go, that’d be giggling, I say!

Though Katharine Miller hasn’t paid any 50$ fee to enter a contest (reference to one of her essays, don’t get any wacky ideas!), I do award her my most special award, the highest distinction on the fun-o-meter scale, and the all-around “tee-hee” magnificence distinction.

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone and anyone to read her beautiful essays, as I sure they’ll lighten your mood, brighten your day, and make time fly by in the most pleasurable of ways. Don’t miss out on reading this, I guarantee you’ll love it to bits, just as I do.
(reviewed 49 days after purchase)

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