Amorphous Angelic, Selected Poems

Amorphous Angelic, selected poems by Jacqueline Howett are metaphysical poems of wisdom, death, rebirth, the inner workings of the souls journey. Love, inspiration, wonder, visions, hope, faith &, connecting to the higher self. They speak of the sad & strange, and elevating out of darkness to reveal the mystery of life. Written in England, before Howett moved to America.

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About Jacqueline Howett

Jacqueline Howett was born in 1954 and educated in London, England. Her parents divorced when she was twelve years old. Her mother, Leila, a Greek lady, who worked in the London Fashion world, gave her the gift of another language. Her father, a naturalist and gifted artist who came from Kent, England met Leila while serving in the RAF in Greece. At sixteen Jacqueline Howett began her own travels of the world as a dancer. At eighteen she begun writing her autobiography living at sea while married to a Greek chief officer. After her adventures as a sea captains wife, London, Europe & America became Jacqueline's playground.

The changing scenery in London, from the late seventies to the mid eighties with the novelty of Arabs giving out easy money while they became educated in Oxford and Cambridge had followed, but the left-over stench in the air of the Iran war made many English flee to the suburbs of London, or the countryside. Heavy metal bands, drugs, the AID scares and the confusing beginnings of the first computers taking over that empted the paper shelves to discs, were all part of the horrors that made her flee to North Wales where she continued to edit her novel, Cass. Again, she had to flee from there due to the Welsh politics of the time, burning the British bought homes. Who knew? Since 1989, she continued her writing living in the U.S.A. After living in Florida and California, she became a US citizen in Tampa, Florida, in April 1993 and there after settled in Maine for twelve years. She returned to Florida to live in 2002.

"Amorphous Angelic" selected poems are now available in libraries and is now available as an E-book. (Check her blog for updates). It was written from 1983-1985 in London, England during her own rebirth, while in a celibate/hermit repose. They remain her most memorable poems. Several poetry video readings from the book are up on YouTube or her blog. It was a time Howett seriously began to dedicate herself to her life's works in a mature form, writing in her London sanctuary; plays, poetry, novels, reading the classics, and dabbling with musical instruments, and listening to classical music for a period, after placing rock n roll on hold. It was also a time of reconnecting to her creative spirit within a state of celibacy, through a very drastic death/rebirth experience that she vaguely explains in her novel CASS.

Some of Jacqueline's early reading Influences came from biographies, and many of the classics. A new process in her own metamorphosis began her transition to terra firma, with her letting go of her old emotional ties to Europe, and to finally start living in more awareness the American life after completing her novels, The Greek Seaman and Cass. Both these novels took place in Europe. It seems strange to say, how she never realized to her fullest that she was living in America while writing them. Her third novel is now in first draft and takes place in America. Her poems from the book Amorphous Angelic were dedicated to her father, who visited her in America in the year 2000, who she had not seen in twenty years.

Jacqueline was inspired to compile Amorphous Angelic for publishing while living in Maine, after her Greek born Mother died in 1996 in London.

Her second major novel, is still in the works. Also several other novels, WIP and short stories, including another poetry book titled, Sands Of Time, and MY GREEKSIDE.

Jacqueline is also an artist. Her work has appeared in museums, and in group and solo exhibitions, and Starbucks, and her art works are in private collections. You can also buy her art prints from some of her works at Fine Art America.


Jacqueline Howett reads Poetry from Amorphous Angelic
Poems read in a British accent. There I seek you along your way, A troubled heart no longer say, You did your best in those dread times, And now you rest in heavens chimes, Gone has the wind of yesteryear, Far in the echoes that you seer, Another hand awaits your love, Through passing clouds appears a dove, With a message from above. A New Life Blooms In Heavens Light Also on Vide


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