FreeFormed Hybrids

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Humans were created long ago by creatures from another universe, no one knows exactly why. When first contact is initiated Earth is shocked to learn that these Alien Humans need their help! Their society is completely dependent on machines and overrun by excesses of sex and drugs. The people of Earth are the key to humanity’s survival. More
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About Joe Vizanko

Joe Vizanko (1966 to ?) Born in Dodgeville Wisconsin but grew up on the West Coast, An Engineer in California's Silicon Valley, A veteran of the armed services and now an aspiring writer.

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edwardhabitor reviewed on June 6, 2015

Reviewed by: Charity Rowell

Humanity discovers that we are not alone in the universe...
A defunct rover on the surface of Mars is mysteriously powered up, and transmits an interesting and disturbing picture back to the JPL on Earth; a picture of a human. The picture is initially dismissed as a hoax; until the rover is returned to the JPL by the human in the picture, Joe.
Joe reveals that he is not an alien in human form; he is a freeformed human, a human whose emotional centers were allowed to develop. Joe reveals that humans were created by an alien species by combining the genetic material of other humanoid species, and that there are several planets in the galaxy that are inhabited by other human beings; however, the majority of those humans are dampened, a process in which growth of the emotional centers is inhibited to prevent humanity on these other planets from destroying itself.
Joe has chosen to reveal the existence of these colonies to the humans of Earth because these colonies are facing destruction by the humans that inhabit them and from outside forces. Can Joe and humankind on Earth save these colonies, or will these colonies be destroyed?
FreeFormed Hybrids by Joe Vizanko is a refreshing and interesting take on the idea of human life on other planets, and mankinds origin. His writing style is comparable to Ray Bradburys Martian Chronicles; he challenges our beliefs regarding our origins, and provides insight on the human condition. FreeFormed Hybrids by Joe Vizanko is thought-provoking, and an excellent read for Heinlein and Bradbury fans.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
hblatoski reviewed on Sep. 18, 2014

I hate to admit it but I tend to be a New York Times Best Seller reader. This means that unless it's on the NYT best seller list, I don't make a great effort to read the book. But I'm glad that I took the time to read first-time novelist Joe Vizanko's book FreeFormed Hybrids. It's a science fiction ride I was happy to take. When I began this e-book I planned to only read a chapter or two, but read through the first half as I found it hard to stop.
If you're a fan of conspiracy fiction there's something here for you. If you like such shows as Ancient Aliens you've got a surprise coming. And if you've followed the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, you'll be pleased you invested the time to read FreeFormed Hybridss. Fans of such TV shows as The Event, 24, Battlestar Galactica and even The Matrix movies will enjoy FreeFormed Hybrids. [As I was reading it I envisioned this being turned into a TV series or a movie].
The book starts out with a bang and never slows down. Vizanko skillfully introduces some tidbits of future events without giving too much away.
Humans aren't alone in the galaxy. There have been others watching this planet for some time and everything you have learned about the history of where man came from, and why we think and feel both biologically and psychologically, may not be the truth. As each layer of the story is revealed questions might be answered but at the same time even more are raised. [Which left this reader anticipating the release of book 2.]
We are taken inside the walls of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, the Whitehouse, the Pentagon, aboard Air Force One and even the furthest reaches of outer space. Joe and Steve as the heroes are just like you and me, full of flaws and fears. The reader is introduced to a president who is the kind of leader many wish we had. The president is forced to deal with alien contact and a meltdown of society. There is also an attempted military takeover.
Are we alone? Why are we here? Who created man, and why, are just some of the questions raised and interestingly answered with the pages of this book.
So take some time for yourself, turn off the TV and the cell phone, sit back with your e-reader and take a sci-fi adventure from author Joe Vizanko you won't be disappointed. I know I wasn't.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
AKW Books reviewed on July 30, 2014

I got half way through this and couldn't go any further.

The story should have been interesting, given the premiss, but it dragged. Lots of running around with the main "alien" character always putting off explaining what's going on the the dumb humans, who go along with the gag anyway.

I had trouble caring about the characters. I think that's one reason I finally put it aside.

Another problem was that it REALLY needed more editing. Now, I challenge anyone to find a work of fiction that doesn't have one or two misspelled words or other typos. Even the big New York houses miss some stuff. But this book had far too many. From misspelled words, to the wrong word, to stilted dialog.

Others may enjoy it (obviously some did, if you read some of the other reviews here), but I didn't. Maybe I'm just getting too old ...
(reviewed 6 months after purchase)
XRichards reviewed on April 1, 2014

A Gripping Sci Fi Novel with Thought-Provoking Themes

Reviewer: E.Lewis

“FreeFormed Hybrids” is an entertaining science fiction novel that’s vaguely apocalyptic and brings up a frightening concept—what if the aliens were human, but humans who had progressed so far in technology that Earth humans don’t stand much of a chance?

When Steve’s friend Joe tells him he’s from outer space, at first Steve scoffs—until Joe proves it with a stunt involving a Mars rover. Soon, Joe is meeting with the President of the United States and taking a select group of Earth humans to a monitoring outpost—it turns out there are colonies of humans all over the galaxy, with the homeworlds observing and playing puppeteer. However, the humans there are slowly giving into dissolution, and darker secrets lie beyond the initial dazzle of the homeworlds.

I don’t think the description on Amazon does this book justice—I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to others. It’s light science fiction, using technology and space travel and aliens without getting too technical, and it’s actually thought-provoking (which most science fiction aims to be, and few such books achieve). Steve, as the everyman observer character, is a calm and steady with a good moral compass, an excellent foil to Joe, whose affability hides a core that’s less than upstanding. There’s a bit of romance, a lot of suspense, and a rich array of themes, including what makes us human and what takes that humanity away. “FreeFormed Hybrids” is also well-written and grabbed my interest enough that I would read the second book in the series when it comes out. Recommended to readers who enjoy thoughtful science fiction with a unique premise and plot, especially one that’s darker than it first appears (in fact, it reminded me a bit of movies like “Logan’s Run” in tone).
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)
MattQuing reviewed on March 21, 2014

Title: FreeFormed Hybrids
Author: Joe Vizanko
Reviewer: George Shadow

At the center is the human homeworlds, a three planetary system where humans were born. All throughout the galaxy are colonies of humans, but only a handful knows they are not alone. Earth will have first contact with other humans and slowly learn of its role in the community. The homeworlds are in decline, completely dependent on machines and overrun by excesses of sex and drugs. Their society has become stagnant, slowly dying. The people of Earth are FreeFormed; they are allowed to develop freely and no other colony is like them because emotions are feared, but Earth is the key to humanity’s survival. A mortal enemy is confronted and the fate of our entire universe is uncertain.

Social/Historical Context:
I must say that the concept is daring. The story reminds me of the movie, THE ISLAND, in which human clones were grown and harvested for diseased organs of their real counterparts, who paid large sums for their development. Now FREEFORMED HYBRIDS has a distinct difference in its plotline – the island is now the Earth and the entire human race is the clone population meant for the re-incarnation of a higher human race. Wow . . . so surreal! No wonder I fell in love with this strange sci-fi from page one! In essence, it is a Hollywood blueprint!

Book Cover & Formatting
The cover does not disappoint. A strand of DNA graces a corner while a male and female figure take up the cover’s central locale. The planets hovering at the foreground and in the distance, as well as the DNA strand, give the environment depicted on the cover an attractive scientific identity, which any sci-fi buff can relate to. Interior formatting is also very good, with the chapters having titles that highlight the story’s direction at that point in time.

Writing Style:
The book needs another round of professional editing, because I observed some misplaced commas and some more misplaced commas. Few words were missing and there were also some grammatical errors, but the plotline adequately keeps any reader on edge, thereby softening the mentioned hitches while one is reading the book. Character formation is well developed with a strong conversation moving forward, while the environment Author Vizanko has penned down for his story is quite a remarkable one.

My Thoughts:
Quite entertaining read. I really enjoyed it.

George Shadow is the author of THE BLACK BOOK.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
Glen Batchelor reviewed on Feb. 12, 2014

I am delighted to be the first to review this debut novel. Though science fiction isn't my preferred genre I will read anything which catches my eye, which is what the synopsis of this novel did. After reading the sample I took the plunge and was carried away on a huge wave of intelligence and imagination.

The human race was created long ago by another strange ancient race in order to harvest the bodies for a form of perpetual reincarnation, or virtual immortality, while humans are encouraged to take drugs as a type of control. Some members of the original race have been incarnating into human bodies so long they no longer remember who they are - or were. And when they do remember which side will they choose, their original race or that of the bodies they've inhabited for so long?

I was very impressed by the author's many characterizations and the flowing dialogue which never let the interest flag as the novel built inexorably to its climax.

I look forward to reading more from this author.
(reviewed 31 days after purchase)

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