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Some people are in the right place at the right time.
Some people are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Some people are there on purpose.
Detective Jennings wasn’t given the choice. More
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Adarsh reviewed on Jan. 23, 2015

Yes. its a good story with an unexpecting twist. But there was a problem. You have to assemble all those stories in one book or just put Part l part ll on the books. Otherwise the readers will read the second part at first or third part at second. The story writing was good except some spelling mistakes. But no problem they could be solved if you read the story once again before submitting it. You can alter these mistakes by uploading an updated version through dashboard facility in SMASHWORDS. Like your every story it also carried a twist. A big twist that I couldn't expect. But if anyone read the last page of the story(Though its a bad habit) they twist won't work for them. So do something in your upcoming stories so that no one could break the twist by reading the end par directly.
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Vicki Tyley reviewed on Aug. 16, 2014

I read and enjoyed all Jeff McDargh's Maple Drive series shorts plus the Anniversary flash fiction (my favourite of the four). The writing in all is strong with no wasted words, yet McDargh manages to pack a lot in.

McDargh's strength is in the storytelling. All the stories, however, could do with some editing. The missing punctuation and the few typos weren't so much, though, as to detract from the story.
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David Blake reviewed on July 13, 2014

I have to agree with the previous reviewer who picked up on numerous mistakes in terms of punctuation, spelling, words missed out etc. There were more than enough to detract from the reading of the story.
I liked the scenario here, but unlike previous reviewers, I'm less convinced about the way the story is split into two halves. The story starts off by slowly building up to a chilling crescendo and then... Puff! The drama evaporates as the story is effectively rebooted, and the suspense then has to build up again from scratch, and in the process repeat details we already know.
I think it might have worked better starting with Detective Jennings arriving at the scene, and as he visits each room and learns details, the narrative gives us snippets from Jeannie's experience in the form of brief flashbacks. The two strands would have knitted together more strongly and the piece as a whole would have had a more clear sense of progression, particularly in terms of slowly cranking up the suspense from the start to the climax.
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Michael Carter reviewed on Jan. 16, 2014

This is a pretty good story, about a cursed house, missing people, and a mysterious darkness, that comes complete with a twisty horror-film-style ending, and is worth ten minutes of your time.

Jeff, the story, structure, character, pace and really everything technical to do with narrative are all good things here. But I get the impression that you're hurrying through the writing; don't get me wrong there are some great turns of phrase here, I was impressed on a few occasions by the style and choice of words ["Morning, like Autumn, had come too early." for example]. The story as a whole just needs a general health check-up; add a comma here, spellcheck-there, a few Capitalizations on names, that kind of thing, just a little edit to make it shine. But, just one thing, if nothing else, you're still using the word "defiantly" [as in, with defiance], when you mean "definitely" [as in, for sure], and when I was reading your intriguing and mysterious storyline, these mis-words threw me out of the story.

Generally, this is great stuff Jeff, keep it up, but go over your stories with a spit and polish to make them gleam.
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Sherry Donacy reviewed on Dec. 24, 2013

Well done Jeff! I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It grabbed me from the first sentence as it would anyone living in these dark days. For whatever reason, this line just grabbed me, "What was waiting for her was nothing but nothing wasn't nothing it was a something." Yes, I must agree with Jonathan, that flip in narrative halfway through is a stroke of genius! Now for my two critiques... punctuation and spelling. As thought out and well executed as the narrative is, those pesky grammar bugs kept biting me as I was reading. Oddly, I didn't feel the mistakes detracted from the pacing or narrative. Definitely worth the read and every bit of four stars. I look forward to many more such stories from Mr. McDargh.
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Jonathan Antony Strickland reviewed on Dec. 21, 2013

A good solid horror/ghost story with a twist ending.

I liked the way the story starts off with the young mother and her little escapade as she investigates the mystery of the house, then flips suddenly halfway through to the police investigation as to what happened.
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