Reincarnation - A Return to Life

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Norma suspects that everyone who has lived is back in their bodies at this time. If, like her they have reincarnated, it would explain the overpopulation that is obvious. Her experience provides information about what happens after death. The spiritual insight gained overrides religious views of heaven, hell, devil, angels and saints and explains the confusion about God that many feel. More
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Time Travel Press reviewed on Dec. 27, 2014

Despite its misleading title, this book is not about reincarnation. The author spends most of the book criticizing all religions, including religions she obviously knows nothing about. For example, she blames an Asian tsunami on “false religions” and their worship of idols. Pat Robertson would be proud of her!

One of the religions she mentions as worshiping idols is Buddhism. Anybody who knows anything about Buddhism knows that Buddhists do not worship anyone or anything, let alone idols.

The weirdness of this book starts right in the first chapter where she talks about her own ideas about the meaning of different words based on her own “linguistic research,” for which she cites no sources and which makes anyone who knows anything about linguistics shake their heads.

The more the book progresses, the more she claims she was chosen by the Spirit to be a prophet and to teach the world the truth. What that truth is, she doesn’t say, she just refers the reader to her as-yet-unspecified next book.

She claims she has performed miraculous healings. She takes credit for an old woman being saved from a land slide somewhere in South America, because she had prayed for her two days earlier back home in Australia without even knowing about her or the land slide.

She claims to be communicating directly with the Spirit, whose voice she hears physically through her ears; has had numerous visions, and has been directly appointed a teacher by Jesus. But not Jesus Christ, whose existence she denies, the other Jesus, “the ancient name of god!” LOL.

She is puzzled why some of us are tall, others short; why some are white and some are black; why some are male and some female. Gosh, has she ever heard of DNA, let alone the X and Y chromosomes?

That said, I won’t be surprised if, within a few coming years, she becomes a renown cult leader of a new religion. It worked for Joseph Smith in the 19th Century. It worked for L. Ron Hubbard in the 20th Century. It may even work for Norma Holt in the 21st Century.

I won’t pity anyone who may fall for it and join her cult. Though I will pity their innocent children who will be brainwashed by her sense of self-entitlement and her hallucinations.
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