The Assassin Evolves Book Two of the Irrevocable Change Trilogy

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Society has made the word murder seem so ugly. But if pain and death are dispensed to those who truly deserve it, is that not a good thing? I think so. My victims have caused pain and regrets in my life but not the greatest. My family and friends, the people I loved and cared for, are the ones I hurt with the utmost cruelty and disregard, especially Adrianna and Lizzy. I am The Assassin.

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About Robert Schobernd

Robert Schobernd has published nine novels and two short stories. His favorite genres are hard core crime, but he ventured to the horror genre with a short story and a zombie apocalypse tale. Robert and his wife live NE of St. Louis, Missouri, where he pursues his passion for writing.

Also in Series: The Irrevocable Change Trilogy -The Evolution Of An Assassin

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Review by: SCader on Nov. 13, 2017 :
Another home run for this series. The Assassin Evolves took off to include new character roles and situations. I was afraid the loss of Tony in book one would impact the plot, but Anna rose to provide additional conflict as she pushed along with her own agenda. Clayton’s ongoing affair with Adrianna caused him unexpected grief that Anna paid dearly for. Adrianna’s relationship provided more unexpected twist right up to the last page after Margaret’s unexpected revelation of a secret she’d kept from Clayton for years. A great read.
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)
Review by: Rable on Sep. 5, 2017 :
Sure am glad I went ahead and bought this second book in the series. I feared the action and plotline might slow down and disappoint me but it didn’t. Just the opposite happened; Clayton dealt with personal family issues in ways that made me shudder. To be absolutely clear, this story is not about a heroic figure. This guy is a stone cold killer who is good at what he does but suffers emotionally from the strain of doing what he knows society forbids.
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)
Review by: VigilantReader1 on Aug. 1, 2017 :
Title – The Assassin Evolves -
Book Two of The Irrevocable Change Trilogy
Author – Robert Schobernd
Genre – Crime Thriller
106,200 Words
Rating 5 stars out of 5 Posted 8/1/17
No.50-1 - 2017

My impressions: violent, tenacious, ruthless, caring, rationalization, deeply emotional.

Main Characters:
Clayton Albrecht – The Assassin
Anna Giliano – New mob boss of her deceased husband’s criminal territory.
Adrianna Worthington – Clayton’s blackmailed married girlfriend and mother of his illegitimate son.
Joey Tadono – previously second in line of Anna’s husband’s criminal organization.
Clayton’s mother Margaret and younger sister Lizzy.

Whether his murder contracts take him to Florida, California, Wyoming or near Chicago the Assassin has a plan. But sometimes the plan goes awry because of unexpected circumstances.

One of Clayton Albrecht's contract kills in Georgia was a great example of the depth of the plot. He was hired by the husband of the wife and mother murdered by Johnny Lee Bolton. Johnny Lee kidnapped, abused, raped and finally killed her. Clayton quickly encouraged and developed a friendship with Johnny Lee and his girlfriend/whore Rachel May. Clay convinced Johnny Lee to describe in detail the brutal acts he inflicted on his last victim in anticipation of their teaming up to kidnap and abuse additional victims. The writing was clever and detailed Clayton’s vicious methods to ingrain himself into Johnny Lee’s trust so he could comply with the terms of his contract.
Another scene I especially liked involved Clayton refusing to murder a woman and her two children who were in the witness protection program. He became involved with the woman and walked away from the mob’s orders to kill the family. What happen next was a creative piece of acting and action for Clayton to set himself free after capture and deal with the man pressuring him to commit the brutal assassinations he demanded.
The two segments mentioned above are indicative of the cunning, detailed action throughout The Assassin Evolves.
What elevates The Irrevocable Change Trilogy above other assassin series is how the author has entwined Clay’s caring family and friend’s relationships with the brutality of his profession. He truly cares for them and strives to protect them even as his actions cause them pain and place them in danger.

This story is violent; readers who reject detailed violence, rape and torture should skip this assassin series. The Assassin is a cold-blooded killer.
I enjoyed The Assassin Evolves and heartily recommend it to fans of violent crime stories.

The editing is nearly excellent but not perfect, and sentence structure is good.
Character development is very good with actions painting a picture instead of narration defining them.
Details are adequate without being overdone and boring.
Research is in depth and excellent.
The plot is exciting, detailed and emotional.
The writing style is crisp, fast and action packed. There is abundant conflict and tension.
Continuity is good, scenes make sense and don’t contradict others.

This review was provided in exchange for a free book.
Vigilant Reader Book Reviews.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
Review by: Lomar on June 27, 2017 :
After reading book one of this series, I didn’t know if the author could keep up the fast pace and still make me care about Clayton the assassin. Anna became a central character and showed the depth of her viciousness. The way the interaction between Anna and Clayton was handled was outstanding. It was hard to not cheer for the assassin even knowing he was an unrepentant killer. The big surprise his mother hit him with was totally unexpected and led to even more unanticipated actions. A great read and even stronger than book one.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)
Review by: Lillith Dunn on Feb. 3, 2015 :
I can hardly believe it, book two is even scarier than book one. I loved it. The writing is tight and the character's are realistic. Talk about surprise turns of events. I've already downloaded the final book. I definitely recommend this series.
(reviewed 8 months after purchase)
Review by: Nora Lee on Dec. 14, 2014 :
The author continued to amaze me in the second story. I liked it a lot. The violence was almost over the top, but in all cases was not so explicit as to be graphic and gory The story line kept me fully involved and I felt myself attached to Clayton and cheering for him. At times his character seems so normal that it's hard to believe he's a killer. I bought book three and will start it tonight.
(reviewed 4 years after purchase)
Review by: Clair Roxanna on Oct. 26, 2014 :
This trilogy has more unexpected twist and turns. In the first book I liked Clay, now I 'm learning to fear him and not like him. Somehow he's able to rationalize what he does to others as normal and necessary. What a transition. The last 25 percent was so full of surprises I was in awe. I've bought book three and am ready to start it. A great read.
(reviewed 2 years after purchase)
Review by: Jay Patterson on Sep. 17, 2014 :
This author really gets inside the heads of his characters. The hit on Johnny Lee Bolton and his girlfriend was so detailed it was scary. A great story. It also had unexpected twist just like book one. I'm impressed by this writer.
(reviewed 2 years after purchase)
Review by: I. Readalot on Sep. 4, 2014 :
In book two of the Irrevocable Change trilogy the assassin continued to improve his skills both as a killer and antique dealer. I liked the fact that he is not portrayed as a superman/hero figure. He gets beaten and shot and bleeds and makes mistakes like everyone else. The level of detail in the hits is above average and I liked the fact that the type of firearms used is spelled out. As he gets more proficient and jaded I began to move from liking him to knowing he was becoming evil and dangerous and had to be stopped. The section where he murdered a serial rapist killer and his girlfriend was very real and bordered on being disturbing. Clay's escape from three goons from Philly was truly inspired and the description of the action was superb. I found all of the action scenes in books one and two to be highly detailed and believable, even though one or two did stretch credibility somewhat. His mother's revelation about the long term relationship he forced Adrianna to endure was totally unexpected and I felt his pain over the outcome. The ending of book two drove home the fact that he had fully accepted the power of his role of assassin and had little feeling about ending innocent lives. The Assassin Evolves is a fast paced read that kept me involved while moving Clayton to the top of the professional killer ranks and begins to set up his downfall. Another excellent read.
(reviewed 4 years after purchase)
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