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About Zoe Harcombe

Zoë’s passion is her vocation. Zoë spends her time researching and writing about obesity, diets and weight loss and she works exclusively in this field. She is author of the best selling book "Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight", which was the follow-up to "Why do you overeat? When all you want is to be slim".

The result of 20 years’ research into the causes of overeating, Zoë’s books go against traditional diet advice and are the first to address the three fundamental medical conditions that cause food cravings and therefore the compulsion to overeat. This understanding has helped tens of thousands of people lose weight quickly, easily and healthily through The Harcombe Diet approach.

Zoë was the first person from her state school to graduate from Cambridge University. The paradox of escalating obesity and overwhelming desire to be slim has been a constant fascination to her and she set out to try to understand the obesity epidemic in the late 1980's, when UK obesity rates had just hit double figures. By the end of the millennium, UK obesity rates were 22.6% and 25.8% for men and women respectively and have worsened further since.

By studying nutrition and, more importantly, by questioning every principle taught in nutrition and public health dietary advice, Zoë has found virtually every 'fact' to be anything but. From misapplying thermodynamics to five-a-day having no evidence base; from 1lb not equalling 3,500 calories to our eat less/do more advice being fundamentally flawed, very little has stood up to scrutiny. Zoë's most hardback book "The Obesity Epidemic: What caused it? How can we stop it?" is the presentation of what we have got wrong and the evidence for what would be right.

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