Shifting Moonlight - the prequel

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Meet Sasha, a short and sassy female wolf shifter. She's on her way to the intercontinental pack meeting, where pack business is handled once a year. All the single wolves will be there in search of their mates, but She's not sure she wants a mate.
Meet JT, a quiet, serious soon to be alpha. With all the responsibility soon to be hIs is now the best time to find a mate? More
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Words: 3,100
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311427144
About Ahmari Das

Writer and artist(Angela Gonyea) with an AA degree in humanities and social sciences, AS degree in Nursing, BFA degree in fine art, BA in Buddhist studies. I am currently writing my Shifter series, Shifting Moonlight, Shifting Tides and Shifting Sands. I love writing what I read, which is Sci-fi, Fantasy and paranormal Romance.

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Review by: Mike White on Jan. 03, 2017 :
This story works well enough for what it is. I will say that I am eager to find werewolf stories that are genuinely different, though. Many of the zombie, ghost, vampire, witch, and alien stories that I read seem to vary widely, which helps keep them interesting. Werewolves are just as versatile as many other fantasy creatures, and yet many writers don't really explore all of their many facets.

It seems like the majority of them feature the scientifically discredited concept of a wolf 'alpha male,' an obsession with machismo and family values, a supernatural fixation on a form of monogamy that couldn't exist in real life and that people seem to want to exist, and traditionalism in general. Sadly, this story is no exception.

I liked that Sasha seemed to hate machismo, but the story didn't really follow through with that, which was a little disappointing.

It's always great to see attractive plus-size female characters in fiction, and I'll give the story points for that. It would be nice to see more recognition of the fact that size acceptance is empirically much more mainstream today than it was even two decades ago, though. 'Society' probably wouldn't think Sasha was too curvy anymore. I also wouldn't mind seeing more attractive male characters who don't have the same stereotypical build as JT.

Still, the story succeeds within its parameters, even though it could have been edited a bit better. I'd just like to encourage more werewolf writers to experiment more.
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Review by: KaraSkinner on Oct. 04, 2016 :
A Quick, Yet Boring Read

Sasha is a short and sassy female alpha. JT is a serious and quiet alpha. Neither of them are eager to find and meet their mates, but when they attend an intercontinental pack meeting, it looks like neither of them have a choice.

I didn't think it was possible to get bored reading a 3,000 word story. But apparently it is.
Shifting Moonlight is a prequel, so I wasn't expecting a closed storyline, or a full love story. And I didn't get one. The story ended only minutes after Sasha and JT meet. However, that's not the problem.

The problem is the huge amount of backstory and summary in this story. It is probably at least 80% summary and 20% dialog and action. And dialog and action is always more effective and entertaining.

But the author couldn't resist describing everything, even unimportant characters like Sasha's brothers or mother. What's more, the action and dialog didn't live up to the descriptions.

Sasha is described as a confident female alpha in the making. She takes after her father with a short temper, and she can be sassy. But none of that is actually shown. Throughout the entire story, she's just a bundle of nerves at the possibility of meeting her
mate. There's no sign of a confident, sassy alpha.

JT is unfortunately just as little developed. He's a good looking guy with serious thoughts in his head. He might be slightly insecure because he thinks he's boring. But that's it. He has no character aside from that. And he only has one line of dialog in the story. If you replaced JT with a cardboard cutout of a shirtless guy with abs, nobody would notice or care.

There were also a lot of typos and grammatical errors in this story. Some are probably there because of lack of experience on the writer's part. This story has the mark of a beginner writer all over it, so I would not be surprised if some were missed because she did not know any better. But there were a lot of obvious typos that were clearly from a lack of willing to proofread.

Shifting Moonlight has a 5 star rating on Smashwords, but I give it a 1.5. You can find better shifter romances elsewhere
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Review by: Astrid Grant on Feb. 16, 2014 :
This is a cool story from a very cool author. This series introduction was really engaging and got me wanting more. The characters are instantly likeable, and I love the clear thematic contrast -- with wolf and man being both separate and intertwined. This is a tremendously promising story, and I cannot wait to read more!
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Review by: Jessica Reeves on Feb. 14, 2014 :
This is an absolutely delightful story. Simple, yet such an intriguing tale told in a way that holds your attention throughout. I enjoyed the way the werewolf concept was introduced and how the wolf is always the underlining inner voice. This idea brings a certain excitement to the story as the wolf element is wild and organic in nature, promoting a hint of intrigue and unpredictable.
This prequel is the author’s way of introducing her unique werewolf concept that is found within her books. That is actually quite clever as certainly the short story warms you to the characters and leaves one wanting more. Ahmari writes in an easy, flowing manner that allows the story to come alive with little effort from the reader. I would certainly read other stories from this author.

I liked Ahmari’s inclusion of the inspiration of her story in the form of her dogs and their on-going peace talks with the residential cats. Again because the narrative flows so smoothly it brings humour and fun which means the eleven pages quickly pass.
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Review by: happywhenreading on Jan. 26, 2014 :
Cute curvy, short and sweet, just like me! I really like the character Sasha, she feels like someone I'd like to have as a friend. I like that she's a curvy girl whose overweight and is confident and proud of her body. Society is so hung up on thinness. I'm overweight and I have a husband who loves me and thinks I'm sexy. I like that this writer isn't afraid to make her lead overweight and confident! I've read other books with BBW(big beautiful women) in it but they are written where they're shy and lacking confidence in there bodies. I know that is true in most overweight women but we need role models who aren't ashamed of their bodies, who see themselves as beautiful and sexy just as they are and not thinking they need to lose weight. I applaud this author for creating that kind of character. She also has made it that the werewolf men in this series find bigger women sexy. Now if only the world could see that! 5 stars!!! I will definitely be reading all the books of this series!!
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Review by: The Book Blogger on Jan. 26, 2014 :
Saw the link for this book in a tweet from xynobooks on Twitter. It was free so I got it. It's a quick story about two werewolves at some sort of big werewolf conference where the different packs all get together to take care of pack business and to possibly find their mates. In this book the werewolves, or wolf shifters as they are called, mate for life and the wolf side does the picking. Both Sasha and JT are single and may meet their mate at this conference, and they are both unsure they want that. Are they ment for each other. That is the question you have at the end. I hope so, they seem like it would be a good match. The next book is due in June according to the list of books in this series, this author has some non fiction books out soon too. One one her art, as she is the artist that did the cover for the book I'd like to see that and of course I can't wait to read the next shifter book, which I suppose is the purpose of this short story! The back of this book gives you links to her blog, Facebook pages and websites for both her writing and her art. I like both so I'll definitely will be checking them out. This one has got some talent!! I'd like interview her for my blog!
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Review by: butterflyartist on Jan. 25, 2014 :
Nice character descriptions. Draws you in to the series. I have read this author's blog and she can be very funny. I'm looking forward to the release of the rest of the series. This is a very short story to make you familiar with the characters in the series and her style of writing. (She wrote that in her blog).
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Review by: Nora Brown on Jan. 10, 2014 :
think that a lot of women will be able to relate to Sasha's conflicting feelings and thoughts as well as her independence and her wanton for freedom. I can't wait to read the full story.
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Review by: Princessfrogi Arts on Dec. 21, 2013 :
Very short story that peaks your interest in what's to come in her upcoming book. Character descriptions are well written and her description of the SUV's of the world is amusing. I can't wait until the book release in June to see what happens. My only complaint is that it's short...I want more!!!!
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