The Kubic Kat

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The darkest future is yet to come…

In an age where freedom has no meaning, and liberty is now unknown, everyone lives in the shadow of the panopticon.
Only by the creation of a Kubic Kat can there be any hope for the future. But is the Kubic Kat what it seems to be? Or are darker forces secretly at work?

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About Liam L. Carton

Liam Carton has had more job diversity than he cares to remember, but mostly he has focused on lecturing and software development. He has run a number of businesses over the years and now runs TribalContact, a technology start-up focused on encrypted web-based communication.

He has always advocated for human rights and civil liberties, and remains deeply concerned with the direction that the world is taking. He is convinced that, without significant action by ordinary people, a virtual panopticon will soon be completed. He believes that if this ever comes to fruition then it can never be undone. "The entire world is allowing its most basic freedoms to be eviscerated with virtually no backlash, no anger, no uprising. Once these freedoms are utterly lost they can never be regained. And we shall all become slaves to the tyranny of the oppressive eye of this perfect surveillance state."

His first book, "The Time Traveller" is currently undergoing editing and review, and is expected to be published in early 2014. A dystopian futurological novel of the not-so-distant future, while even darker and more bleak that The Kubic Kat, it extends upon the same themes and concerns.

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Reviews of The Kubic Kat by Liam L. Carton

RitaSt reviewed on Aug. 6, 2014

I found The Kubic Kat an extremely interesting book. It’s a very serious and intense topic on the consequences of humans’ ignorance to current world problems. However, it’s written in a very engaging style that makes you wanna keep flipping the pages to discover the narrative. I think every reader could benefit from this book, as it’s like Orwell’s masterpiece that can open your eyes, broaden your mind-set and make you realise where the world might end up just after some years from now.
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Sanna Antipin reviewed on Jan. 12, 2014

The writer probably has no idea how right he is. so close to the truth and yet so far for some people. As writing is a form of art which every person interprets how he sees it, I'll tell my view of the story. I see The Kupic Kat as most of us are. Used to our own behaviour and habits that we are not comfortable to look the other side of it. Change is the most difficult thing in human's life. Ability to adopt totally new ways of thinking. It cannot be thought or forced. It's up to an individual to understand other side of life. Writer has showed us that. Not directly but very well and carefully so that everyone has a change to make his own opinion. In my opinion you already need to have an open mind when you start to read this book.

I have to say that The Kupic Kat moved me but I cannot say why. The only minus comes from the fact that I would like to know more about the characters and that the book could be longer. It was difficult to stop reading as I wanted to know what happens next. Unfortunately I'm not a fast reader. :)

I would categorize the book as scifi as it takes place in near future (scary thought) and has similarities with Matrix, The Island and In Time movies.

Thank you Liam for letting me be probably the first reader of the book at least among the first ones. :)
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