Bottom Feeder

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Maddy Carrington's life unravels the day she receives a package revealing her father's deadly secrets. Her chance to escape an abusive childhood and leave Georgia alive comes from a 19 year-old war veteran with his own deadly secrets that may cost both their lives. **After 12 months of fighting on foreign soil, Jackson returns home to find the hardest battles aren't always fought in a war zone. More

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About Maria G. Cope

The short version: I am a book nerd, word nerd, breakfast cereal connoisseur, avid hugger, and dill pickle addict. I'm too nice and I wouldn't live life any other way.

The long version:

What’s to Know?

On the surface I am the daughter of hard-working southerners, the wife of a United States Soldier, literary nerd, aspiring author and nursing student. But if you really want to dig deeper, you will see that I am optimistic for a pessimist, call me an idealistic realist, sometimes an opportunist; I will drink the half-full glass of water if I am thirsty. I enjoy rocking chairs on a front porch, the way grass smells as it is being cut. This is the beginning of regrowth and rebirth, ending only when summer turns to fall, fall to winter. It's sort of beautiful.

I question my own beliefs, but never God. This makes me stronger in Him, stronger in me. The stronger I am, the less it hurts when I fall and the quicker I get back up, dust off my Chucks and tell life it hits like a bit--er, punk.

I may not be the best at the things I love to do, but I will surely do these things with a finesse and style that will make you look twice, think twice, taste twice. Mind outta the gutter, Sweet Pea, I'm also a trained chef. Tupac wrote about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete, defying the laws of nature. That wasn't about me . . . it is me.

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Review by: Sue Erickson on Jan. 20, 2014 :
WOW, what a great read!!! Loved it, and thank you!!
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Review by: laura stewart on Jan. 19, 2014 :
Totally had my attention through the entire book. I am an avid reader and typically clear about 500 books a year, so sometimes books are extremely predictable... not so much with bottom feeder! I am literally 'craving' the next book! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!! One of the best books I have read in a very LONG time!!
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Review by: Joy on Jan. 15, 2014 :
I love a good contemporary romance. That's what I thought this book was going to be. I was cozied up with a glass of wine and dim lights. Boy was I wrong. I needed a shot of whiskey for Bottom Feeder. I hate to be repetitive after reading other reviews, but it was unlike what I expected, and I mean that in the very best of ways. I can't wait to read more from this author.
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Review by: KD on Jan. 09, 2014 :
I'm not good with reviews, but I know a good story when I read one. Bottom Feeder is a good story.
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Review by: PJ on Jan. 06, 2014 :
Bottom Feeder was more than I expected. Like another reviewer said, there's a lot going on but the author brings everything together flawlessly. I'm not going to say anything more other than read this book!
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Review by: Denise on Jan. 05, 2014 :
The thing about this book is there's a lot going on. A LOT. The author brings this together so well that I was never confused as to where the storyline was headed. I finished this book in a day because I could not put it down. I love how the book is written like the characters are speaking to me, like I'm part of the story and their secrets. I laughed, held my breath, and fell in love with these characters. If you're looking for a traditional love story, this isn't it.

On the surface Maddy is your average teenage soon-to-be graduate. If you dig a little deeper, there are demons plaguing her life that have cost her. That doesn't get her down. She moves forward with poise and the knowledge she'll escape soon. Or so she thinks. The day she receives a package from a fidgety UPS driver showing her father is cold blooded killer, her life shatters even further.

Jackson wasn't always broken. He pushed to graduate high school a semester early so he could serve his country as an Explosive Ordnance soldier in the United States Army and excelled in everything except tying his boots when they most needed to be laced. When he returns to Savannah on leave after months of training and a year-long deployment, he comes face-to-face with Maddy's father and the South's resident crime boss, Cordell Carrington. Cordell offers him cash and car to take a newly-graduated Maddy to her new apartment in New York City. Jackson accepts and regrets his decision in the same breath.

The trip uncovers secrets, lies, and truths that may cost their lives and the lives of their friends and families.
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Review by: Taylor on Jan. 04, 2014 :
I read a lot of books. This book has to be one of my favorites. Being from the south I love the southern etiquette. So many writers try to put words or behavior in their stories that make you think the character is from the south but I can tell that person has never even been to the south. Maria KNOWS the south. I read this and it made me feel like she was right there telling me this juicy, exciting dramatic story to my face! Some people may not like that, but THAT really appealed to me.

I love that she know the military side of things. As a former military wife, I know what some of these soldiers go through coming out of war. I like when writers do their research on what they are writing about. As far as Maddy, what a kick-a$$ girl. I love that she never lets things get her down, but that she still is human too. Plus I was glad when she held that tooth and belt buckle! You go girl!

I can tell she is new at this but I cant say nothing bad about it. I cant wait for the next book to come out. She is very talented and cant wait to read more and more from her! Great job!!
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Review by: Anna on Jan. 03, 2014 :
4 1/2 Stars

I was so emotionally involved with these characters. There are so many things going on in one story but the author brings it all together flawlessly. Bottom Feeder is not written as a romance so when Dom entered the picture, I said "Great. Another triangle to add suspense." Notice the sarcasm. That wasn't the case at all.The author wrote this angle so well and it gave the female protagonist some happiness. Trust me, the girl needed some happiness. Though I understood Jackson, I leaned towards Dom as soon as she opened the door for him. Then a short scene between Jackson and Morris took place. I don't know if this was the author's intention but that scene gave me a look at Jackson's real character and I fell in love with him more and more throughout the rest of the novel. Bottom Feeder is a hidden gem in the indie world. I can't wait for the second installment.
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Review by: Brandon on Jan. 03, 2014 :
I'm giving this book 4.5/5 for story content.

I'm a guy. I'm a veteran. Both are relevant to my review. I usually only read non-fiction: biographies, memoirs, true crime, history, military history. I especially do not steer towards any book labeled New Adult Contemporary; it gives me a neon "TEENAGE LOVE STORY" sign. I was hooked on Bottom Feeder as soon as I read the Foreword.

Bottom Feeder is told from the POV of two protagonists, 19yo Jackson and 17yo Maddy. The story is mostly centered around Maddy. The only thing I will say about her character is that she is a certified a**kicker. I'd like to have her on my side during the apocalypse. Jackson's voice is pretty spot on for a 19yo, fresh out of high school-straight into the 82nd Airborne Division guy who's had to grow up too fast inside a military environment. Frankly, Jackson's an a**hole. He's a good guy. Still an a**hole, but a good guy.

Bottom Feeder is not going to be for everyone, simply because it has loads of Southern references and epithets. Being from Alabama, I understood them and couldn't stop laughing. The book has a lot of motion, rather than pages of downtime and inner dialogue. Her military references were pretty accurate, too. Some of them were a little off, but it's a fiction book so I expect that.

I recommend this book to anyone who doesn't like downtime in books, but is okay with back story.

Being that I'm new to this site, my wife says I should write a disclosure.

My wife received this book as an ebook review copy from the author and passed it over to me. I have since purchased the edited version and read it a second time.
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