Osho NewStream, Volume 1 January 2014, Thousands Petition India to Investigate Sudden Appearance of Osho's Will Faked and Forged, and Other Suspicious Acts

Osho NewStream reports News from the NooSphere: "Thousands Petition India to Investigate Sudden Appearance of Osho’s Will, Faked and Forged, and Other Suspicious Acts." Volume One explores the global petition requesting the Government of India to investigate allegations about Osho's faked and forged will and the need to protect Enlightened Master Osho's legacy and sacred remains. Participate! More
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About Osho NewStream

"Osho NewStream, News from the NooSphere," is a call-to-action news and commentary service dedicated to the Enlightened Master Osho. Specifically, we focus on news that requires participation, such as signing a worldwide petition to protect Osho’s legacy, or donating money to support the emerging Buddhafield in the USA and beyond. We also feature a variety of fascinating news stories.

Osho NewStream features news, features, call-to-action and fundraising stories for emerging Osho ashrams, meditation centers and causes. We feel that applying time, money, and action is absolutely vital to the growth of Osho’s work in America and beyond. We also support creative projects by Osho artists, musicians and special programs offered by long-time sannyasins and Bodhisattvas of Osho himself. Stay tuned for more about Osho people, places and projects in the Noosphere. This free e-news service is run by a staff of volunteers. In addition to Osho News, we also report on Babaji News, Buddha News, Jesus News, Amma News, Baba News, Shiva News, Krishna News, Vishnu News and other Enlightened Master news and causes.

What is the NooSphere? The "noosphere" is like a psychic belt or spiritual envelope of consciousness around the Earth, a term coined by the French mystic and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. His noosphere insight is a holistic precursor to the Gaia concept and the Internet. Our collective actions and thoughts impact and interact with the noosphere which is like a huge filtering system or perceptual neural network of the Earth that communicates to all beings simultaneously. If we can brighten the noosphere with more evolutionary sparks of creativity and awareness, the natural evolution of the noosphere is the realization of the buddhasphere.

Osho says, “...'Noosphere' means the world of subtle vibes, thoughts, feelings that surround you… the Master carries a noosphere around himself… I call it the Buddhafield.”

Osho also says, “Mind doesn't exist as an entity -- that is the first thing. Only thoughts exist.”


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