D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown

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When James passes out from pain, he becomes another person – a beautiful teenage princess from another world, a princess whose life is in danger but who is suffering amnesia and can’t remember where the threat is coming from. However with the doctor’s intelligence and knowledge and her power and charisma, the princess battles her way through many adventures until she stumbles upon a shocking plot. More

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About Magus Tor

Magus Tor, a fictional name crafted by my game master for me while we were playing Dragon Warriors. I was a Warlock, a fighter with magical powers and thus Magus Tor, the name meaning Magician of the Rocky Peak.

Magus Tor is a dreamer who enjoys dreaming varied dreams of being a doctor, a lawyer, a police officer and a teacher but never in the wildest dream to become a writer. Since starting to write in 2007, Magus continues to explore creating worlds in his imaginative mild. Although he wishes to specialize in writing fantasy but his mind twisted his will and he ended up writing more Science Fiction than Fantasy. So far, his only fantasy novella is D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown.

Check out his craziness over his website at http://magustor.weebly.com.

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Review by: Rupantor Ehsan, Jr on March 10, 2014 :
Now I am a fan of "D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown". The author is so brilliant who designed all the characters in the deep imagination with simple but effective way. You know I had finished this in just one day and gathered awesome experience about creative story. Surprisingly with these kinds of materials, the society still patronizes it. All the events and plot full of adventure that you give interest to read.
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Review by: Karen Alfonso on Feb. 23, 2014 :
After reading this eBook by Magnus Tor, I came to realization that ordinary people really do live in two different worlds because each day that we live our present world, we are still attached and affected by our past. It could be that we tend to hold on to its pain, hurtful truths, broken promises, or that we hold on to our wishful dreams, happy moments, and opportunities and chances that might never come back again. It is like living in the fantasy world as what it was in the story of D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown. One person in two worlds; one world where this person was suffering from such a great pain, and another world where this same person was so strong fighting hard in order to save her own life. Whichever world it may be, everyone who reads this story will really feel and relate to it. This is a commendable piece of story to book lovers, also to all teens who love fantasy and action themes.
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Review by: analynacm05 on Feb. 20, 2014 :
Excellent!I must say at first I wasn't thrilled with the title of the book because I thought it will be more of a comic story. And I was wrong! Honestly, I just finished the book in just a few hours because I find the pages very moving and fascinating as if you would want to read the pages ahead. The author is intelligent and creative in making each pages livelier.

Artistic! The author creatively put the imagination of the reader going to two different worlds. From the present world going to the Dark Ages. Each characters portrays an imaginative roles. From being a normal doctor suffering from a brain tumor and the princess who wants to be assassinated by the people around her. Two persona in one body!

Humorous! A must-read for all men out there for them to appreciate the value of being a woman in this world. I really enjoyed reading this part.

D-nine: Protectors Of the Crown, is a story you would not like to missed. If you're looking for an adventure, creative and imaginative plot you should start reading it now.
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Review by: arianne saints on Feb. 19, 2014 :
It only took me just a day to read this book and it was an exhilarating experience. D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown is a very entertaining read. Dr. James was having this terrible headache and when he closed his eyes, everything faded. He soon woke up in a different timezone, in a different era like the Dark Ages, and he was being taken care of. Except, he became a she. As it turned out in this other world, Dr. James became Princess Sarabeth and her life was in danger. And when she woke up again, she went back to being Dr. James, who has a brain tumor. Fascinating, isn't it?

This is my first time reading a book that gives you the best of both world - the present world that may be vicious but modernized and the Kingdom realm where life was plain and simple but was in the middle of a war. The author, Magus Tor is a great storyteller. He was able to weave a character that can be loved by anyone, a character that has learned what it was like to be in another's body and stir feelings for the opposite sex. Magus Tor may have had his crazy imaginations put into writing, but for me, his crazy imagination is what makes me happy and entertained. So here's an easy 5 stars for the author and the story!
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Review by: Rudolph Angelou Musngi on Feb. 19, 2014 :
A Book Review about “D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown”
Nowadays, people are so creative that they create their own fantasies. Some of these talented people transform their imaginations into movies, books, games, animation, and many more. Surprisingly with these kinds of materials, the society still patronizes it. One of these talented creators is Magnus Tor. He is a medical doctor by profession but also spends his time doing his other passion which is writing. He had already published three books and they are all about fantasy. He turns his crazy and wild imaginations into a masterpiece.
One of Magnus Tor’s successful books is “D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown.” This is an amazing book about a person who lives in two worlds. The character’s name is Dr. James who is suffering from migraines, which then brings him into another world where he becomes a “she”. Being a princess in the other world, she is continually hunted by assassins because of political issues and is also saved by her “Knight in Shining Armor”. The events and plot of this full of adventure book will surely make this fun to read.
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Review by: difre on Feb. 18, 2014 :
Magus Tor, Www.smashwords.com, Magus Tor publication, 2014 publication,110 pages.

D-Nine is an interesting comparison of the present world to the ancient. It provides the reader with a glimpse of the differences and similarities between the primitive way of life of the past to the present civilised one. The book answers the question of what life was like, in the ancient days. The author, Magus Tor is a doctor by day and a game designer by night. He started writing in 2008 to challenge himself, because english was his worst subject in school.

It is definately not a coincidence that the book is titled after a game designed by the author, neither is it a coincidence that the main character is a doctor, the same profession as the author. This book thrills the reader with the way the author switch from the present to the past and vice verse. This does not happen in real life. We may be more welcoming of the insights of its fiction.

As a readers account, Magus Tors' book is compelling. His style is Non- judgemental, he describes his experiences while acknowledging the different worlds' way of life.

The book begins with the main character in his office of the present world. He had a headache that got so severe making him to faint. He wakes up in a new soul, princess Sarabeth. It later turns out that his soul was switched by a witch doctor that was hired by the royal queen to treat her ailing sister, princess Sarabeth. At the end, the main character is given a chance to decide the life she wants to take. The author gives the reader a chance to decide for themselves the life that the main character should take.

It is difficult not to like this author with his unpretentious style. To be sure, there are some weaknesses in the book. The structure is a little unpolished and there are a little spelling errors and grammatical tense mixture. Nevertheless, the book provides valuable and absorbing window into the past.
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Review by: Mir Ashraf Ali on Feb. 18, 2014 : (no rating)
I have read the “D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown” book and really I enjoyed it very much. Generally I want to read entertain book and this is the book which I got a long time waiting. Really mind-blowing! What an interesting book it is! I think Magus Tor has a very attractive style of writing. The book gives me a lot of entertain. I also learn many things from it. The book delves into an inviolable issue of changing sex roles. I think the book is suitable for male and female both if they want to ask their personal sexuality. The story is easy to read .I think any ages of people can enjoy “D-Nine”. I also think that sex-roles are becoming extra thoughts - stimulant topic and people are starting to think of them in dissimilar perspective. I'm 100% sure a lot of people would enjoy the book. I think if any one buy the book he/she will get a lot of entertain and learn many things from it. So why delay? Please buy the book and enjoy it. It’s confirmed you must enjoy it.
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Review by: Binsyo Tobias on Feb. 17, 2014 :
Great potential. Exciting. Needs a sequel!

Well, this was quite interesting. I sat down and finished reading this for 3 whole hours without taking breaks- just goes to show that you’ll easily get hooked by this one.

Who’s it going to be- Dr. James or Princess Sarabeth? For a person to have a choice on who’s life is he/she going to choose is a great concept, and it’s not common to read such things! Plus, it's difficult to choose considering that your original self is a man whose job is a doctor living in the 21st century in Earth. Compare that to a woman who is a princess in a time where Kings and Queens rule without the technology that we have right now, not to mention that it's from a different world (World of Edonia).The author’s mind must be really twisted – in a good sense, that is.

Overall, the book was great but did not reveal all the answers that I was waiting for which leave me craving for a sequel… Book 2 please!!!

-It could have been more thrilling if the original princess really had the intention to take over and made a change of heart through James.
-I just felt that the “Ronchet-Sarabeth” thing wasn’t given a proper highlight- which leaves the readers hanging and craving for more.
-It would also be exciting to think that there is a certain connection to our world “Earth” and the “World of Edonia”.
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Review by: Seyn Inseyn on Feb. 17, 2014 :
This book reminds me of the movie Dr. Jekyll and Hyde which deals with two different personalities, genders, in one body. Sure with this platform, you'd know that this is one exciting story.
This book surely caught my attention as it isn't filled with hard to understand words which normally cause boredom to its readers. This book is definitely easy to read but surely brought me to a different world thus tickled my fantasy of being a royalty. I'm sure this would be a hit to everyone who loves action and fantasy.
I love the transition of the story specifically the change of persona by Dr. James to Princess Sarabeth and the change of events. It just makes every chapter exciting and wanting you to go on further. The mystery of the D- Nine surely got me hooked and left me guessing who the culprit is. With the twists and turn of events, I have to hold on my need to go to the bathroom to do my thing until I get to the last page. Lol!
The author, Magus Tor must have a wild imagination for this book to come out this good. Its ending just left me wanting to read both Epilogue 1 and 2. I just have to know what happened to both characters, I just love them both.
5 stars and 2 thumbs up for this book! A must read by readers of all ages.
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Review by: Erin Miller on Feb. 13, 2014 :
D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown by Magus Tor is an exceptional book. It delves into a taboo subject of switching gender roles. It's also perfect for anyone that may be questioning their own sexuality. Either way, it makes an intriguing story.
Dr. James is a person that has to undergo surgery due to a tumor in his brain. Somehow, he ends up in the body of Princess Sarabeth, a teenage blond woman living in the Middle Ages. How this happened to him, I thought could have been elaborated a bit more but the atmosphere of the story was a good one. Knowing a little bit about the Middle Ages, he didn't fully do his research on the time period but I'm going to just talk about how the story was enjoyable regardless. I'm not an expert so I really can't say much on that issue. I can be mistaken.
The overall feel of the story from an entertainment viewpoint is that it did address gender roles. A man going into a woman's body, dealing with a woman's menstrual period, and then throw in some assassins for good measure, not to mention some sexist men and more. There were some grammatical errors in the book but not enough to detract from the overall story.
At the end of the book, Magus Tor gives you the option of what epilogue to choose. Basically, it's like a video game where you make a split second decision and then you read the consequences of your choice.
I really hope to see more on this tale in the future and I'm sure many more people would enjoy this story. I think it was a bit short, and other things definitely could have been expanded on. Still, as I was reading I saw a cinema in my head. With a little more details, I think it could make a great fantasy role playing video game. It would be a change from current rpg games. Please buy the book and check it out yourself! It's a good read when you need something to entertain you.
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Review by: A Wondering Dawn on Feb. 08, 2014 :
I love reading books that delve into the sometimes taboo subject of gender roles. This book did just that, amidst an action-filled backdrop that I'm sure both men and women alike could find entertaining. Most gender-role interchanging storylines are geared for women, but this one, I personally think- was actually targeted towards males. I'm a female though, and was pleasently surprised by the entire story.

The story is written simply and easy to read, yet with the artistic spin of an author that obviously chooses his words wisely. I think people ages 13 and up could enjoy this book and I'd actually recommend it to many high school libraries. I think gender-roles are becoming a more thought-provoking subject and people are beginning to think of them in different aspects. This book opens up the possibility of a man, becoming a woman- and experiencing what SHE experiences. It's a really unique take on things, and I thoroughly enjoyed the author's perspective. It was written tastefully and in a way that people of all personal opinions could easily enjoy.

The book's main character is a young man who has been battling extreme headaches. During one specific bout of pain he is psychologically switched to a girl. Sarabeth is her name. A girl, physically, she (to me) has a lot of stereotypical manly aspects to her. She's brave, cunning, quick-witted, and involved in an evasion of assassins trying to kill her. She lives in an alternate universe, where he also lives when he becomes her.

Essentially the book becomes what I would define to be a part of the action genre. It's a page turner, to say the least. Very suspenseful- obviously. On one hand you have a character who is experiencing immense pain (and obviously partially wants it to stop). And then on the other hand you have a character (essentially the same person, just in a different world) who is fighting to save her life from assassins. Each character in their own way is relatable. They're written realistically enough to emotionally connect to. Yet they both are playing out their lives in a fantasy scenerio that is entertaining and addictive to read. It's hard not to get caught up in the storyline. And one you start reading you'll definitely continue all the way to the end.

I ended up sharing this book with my fourteen and thirteen year old foster kids for our mother/child book club. We read books together and then discuss them. This one was really fun for us because we got to talk about the differences of males and females, and yet how closely they were actually related (and what would happen if they became the opposite). It was a thought-provoking action novel with a unique theme. And I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Very tastefully done.
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