One Mother of a Porn Star

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Debbie Austin discovers a hidden satchel at the behest of a whispering voice. The satchel’s contents shatter her perfect life. She is thrust into an anguished journey to protect her loved ones, fight depression, and wade thru the truth, good or bad. But her fight with family secrets has only just begun. Does she have the strength to survive each mind-bending blow and save her shattered family? More

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LATEST NEWS: Paperbacks for the SERIES for ONE MOTHER OF A PORN STAR - BOOK ONE, TWO and THREE are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, other bookstores and Smashwords. This is a gutwrenching, TRUE Four Book Series on Abuse. Paperbacks for Book One, Two and Three are available thru CreateSpace.

E-Books for BOOK ONE are .99c, BOOK TWO is $1.99 and BOOK THREE is $2.99. Each one has pictures through the book to give readers a chance to better connect with Debbie Austin's life and relate to her "Journey to Heal" herself and her family...

BOOK FOUR of the Four Book Series, "One Mother of a Porn Star" by Nancy Turner,is a true story, will be available in 2016!!

WARNING: Book 4 will be a real BARN BURNER of a Story that will knock your socks off as you read it.

Debbie Austin is an amazing survivor of TWELVE Attempts on her life. She eventually sought help from a Psychotherapist named Betty T.

Nancy Turner was touched by Debbie Austin's gripping story. She believes that other abuse victims will find the courage to stop their abuse and confront their abuser, rather than remaining there in fear of what others might say about her.

Recovery is possible, but it takes help and time.

Nancy graduated from a well-known college with honors and a degree in Management. She is an accomplished screenwriter, novelist and publisher.

Regarding Debbie Austin's journey in life, Nancy said, "I found Debbie's story to be gripping, gut wrenching and filled with hope for healing. Just when you believe her life path will improve, more abuse blindsides her from a new area of her life."

Debbie's Psychotherapist, Betty T., wrote, "Somewhere, Debbie found the courage to step forward and demand a new way of living." Her son, Stacy, sought her out one night, when depression and thoughts of suicide were at a dangerous high for him. He dashed to her home at midnight. “Mom, a Voice of Intuition insisted that my answer was somehow with you.”

"One Mother of a Porn Star," has been read in over 29 countries and received many 5 Star Reviews. Proof that Debbie's struggle to survive abuse will give hope to other abuse victims who are afraid to talk about it and shine the light of truth on it to heal their family and give hope to others. Debbie shared her greatest hope; "I believe truth holds the power of healing."

Debbie is quite moved by the reception of her life story and sends thanks to her wonderful, worldwide readers!!
The theme of her Four Book Series is ABUSE. #Sex #Betrayal #Abuse #Violence #Crime #Gay #Suicide #DysfunctionalFamily #Recovery #Healing

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About the Series: One Mother of a Porn Star
Abuse is generational. Debbie Austin's family secrets rise into view one by one. Debbie seeks help from a psychotherapist to heal her family.

A Southern Mom who had the True Grit to survive because nothing is stronger than a Mother’s Love.

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TM Simmons reviewed on on Jan. 27, 2014

This isn't a book you can sit down and read without thought from cover to cover, just for escapism. There is a lot going on in each portion, lots to think about as to Debbie's life. The story makes you stop and think before you start judging others. I'll definitely be buying the next book to read more about what happens to this family.
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