The Tribe Within

The Tribe Within
Search for DNA Tribe R1b-L513 (Version 5.1)

Why seek out our ancestry? Is it to discover our ethnicity or is it deeper? This author takes latest DNA results of one recently “found” British Isles tribe and about 400 family surnames associated with its DNA and rewrites history. Not surprising; tribal DNA often tell different stories than the history we’ve been told to believe, More

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About Anthony Murphy Barrett

Anthony is an investigative historical reporter and claims family research is one of the most difficult endeavours of his journalistic career. He received his diploma in journalism from Niagara College in Canada in 1983. He has worked on several regional newspapers in Ontario and Alberta. He also worked at Carswell Legal Publishing (Thompson Newspapers) in Toronto writing exclusively in the field of employment law and human rights. His work expanded into small business start-up and environmental studies.

He lives in Niagara, Ontario Canada with his wife Theresa and their three children and four grandchildren. His family emigrated from County Cork Ireland in 1825 to eastern Ontario as part of the Peter Robinson Expedition.

The Tribe Within ($6.99 USD)
Search for DNA Tribe R1b-L513
By Anthony Murphy Barrett

Discover Your Medieval Roots (FREE)
By Anthony Murphy Barrett

Almost 700,000 people have paid to have their ancestral DNA traced.

The following surnames frequently match DNA Tribe R1b-L513:
Abbott, Appleby, Anderson, Armstrong, Adams, Allsbury, Ammerlaan, Anglin, Arrick, Ash, Ball, Bain, Bane, Barber, Banks, Barrett, Bassett, Batten, Belcher, Benn, Berney, Beverly, Beatty, Beauripper, Bergeron, Bibber, Bingham, Bissett, Black(well), Blair, Bliot, Boyd, Brady, Braithwaite, Branley, Brazil, Brion, Brooks, Brown/Bruen, Boyle, Breen, Broyles, Bruce, Bryant, Buchanan, Buckley, Budden, Bullock, Burns, Burrows, Burton, Bussey, Butler, Byrd, Byrne, Callahan, Calway, Cameron, Campbell, Cannon, Carey, Carlisle, Carter, Center, Chisolm, Clark(e), Clavett, Cleary, Clendaniel, Clendennin, Glendennin, Glendinning, Coffey, Coggin, Coleman, Colgan, Collins, Conn, Conner, Cope, Cook(e), Corrigan, Coulson, Craig, Crawford, Cross, Crotty, Cru(i)se, Culbert, Cullen, Cunningham, Currate, Currie, Darcy, Davis, Davidson, De Crom-Brugghe, Dennis, Denson, Dewar, DeVane, Devers, Devin, Devine, Divin, Divine, Diamond, Donohoe, O’Donoughue, Donaldson, Donnelly, Doran, Downie/ey, Drummond, Duff, Duffee, Kilduff, Dugger, Duncan, Edwards, Elliott, Elwood, Emerson, Enderton, Englund, Enright, Evans, Fagan, Fay, Feain, Ferguson, Ferry, Finley, Finn, Fitzpatrick, Fleming, Fletcher, Foster, Frazer, Franklin, Fritts, Fox, Gallagher, Gamble, Gamel, Gambrel, Gardner, Garrett, Garvey, Gelling, Gettings, Gilroy, Gittens, Goff, Golliher, Goodie, Gordon, Gorman, Grant, Gray, Green, Greer, Gruetzmacher, Grewar, Griffin, Grogan, Gurthrie, Gurry, Hall, Hadlock, Haggerty, Hamilton, Hannay, Hartley, Harvey, Harris, Hatcliff, Hay(es), Head, Heath, Healy, Henderson, Henry, Herron, Higgins, Hinkle, Holder, Holmberg, Holmes, Hogan, Hopkins, Hood, Horan, Howard, Howley, Hughes, Irvine/Irving, Irwin, Jackman, James, Jenkins, Jester, Johns(t)on, Jolley, Jones, Kautz, Keane, Keenan, Keiller, Kern, Kelly, Kennedy, Kingston, Knox, Lacey, Laird, Lakey, Lamont, Lancaster, Land, Leary, Lemmon(s), Leonard, Lewis, Lintz, Little/Lytle, Logan, Long, Lucey, Lyons, Mac/McCarthy, McCarty, McDonald, Mac/McFarlaine, MacGinitie, Mac/McIntosh, Mac/McKenzie, Mac/McLean, McClain, McLain, MacPherson, MacKeorie, Mackie, MacLennan, Mac/McMahon, Mac/McMillan, Mac/McNichols, Mac/McQueen, Madden, Maloney, Markwick, Marney, Martin, Martini, Marts, Massey, Massie, Mathews, Matheson, Mathis, McAdams, McAdoo, McAffee, McAllister, McAuley, McBride, McCaleb, McCalip, (Mc)Cain/Kane, McCauley, McCloud, McLeod, McClure, McCombs, McConnel, McCool, McCormick, McCowan/McKowan, McCrea, McRae, McCusker, McDaniel, McDowell, McDougal, McFall, McGauley, McGregor, McGuire, Maguire, McGurk, McInnis, McIntyre, McIver, McKay, McKelvey, McKeon, McKinsey, McKlem, McKnight, McManus, McNabb, McOsker, McQuillan, McVicar, McVitty/Mavity, Meehan, Meek(s), Merrick, Miller, Milliken, Mills, Monaghan, Moody, Moore, Morgan, Morris(on), Moss, Mowdy, Mullenneaux, Müller, Munnerlyn, Murphy, Murray, Nelson, Nesbitt, Newman, Newton, Nichols(on), Noe, O’Brien, O’Connor, O'Gara/O'Hara, Oliveri, O’/McNeill, O’Riordan, O'Rourke/Ruark, (O')Shea, O’Toole, Owen, Palmer, Parks, Patrick, Patton, Paul, Perry, Phillips, Pillsbury, Pitts, Plunkett, Poor, Powell, Power(s), Pritchard, Profitt, Purvis, Quinn, Raferty, Reardon, Redmond, Reid, Rice, Rine, Roberts(on), Robinett, Robinson, Roddy, Rogers, Roland, Rose, Ross, Rowan, Rowland, Ruddy, Russell, Ryan, Savage, Scanlan, Scott, Sears, Sherwood, Short, Smith, Spence(r), Sprague, Spriggs, Squires, Starr, Stringfellow, Sunneson, St. Clair, Sinclair, Sinkler, Sherry, Stevens(on), Stewart, Stone, Strawshay, Taylor, Templeton, Tiernan, Tierney, Timmons, Thompson, Thomas, Toomey, Traylor, Troutman, Vance, Vans/Vaus/Vaux, Vaughan, Walker, Walsh, Ward, Wares,Watkins, Watt, Whalen, Webster, Welch, Welsh, Wheeler, White, Williams(on), Wilson, Winter(s),Wood(s) Young, Zechnick.

This is their ancient story.


Introducing the Tribe Within
I've focused on the Murray name, but this story is about 400 common surnames of the British Isles who make up Tribe R1b-L513. Take an adventure ride to the heart of this tribe's ancient story. Follow me down the steps of time to explore one of the great tribe's of Ireland. Read The Tribe Within.

Josselin Castle
Josselin Castle in Brittany, France.

An Animated version of Hastings
The Animated Bayeux Tapestry was created by a student from Goldsmiths College. Just as the historic original tapestry does, the animation depicts the lead up to to the Norman Invasion of Britain in 1066. Starts about halfway through the original work at the appearance of Halley's Comet and concludes at the Battle of Hastings.

Dunadd: A large part of this tribe's history
As Gentle James says in this clip, "the sun was shining on Scotland yesterday and my trusty Triumph was begging for a run to the countryside. I chose Kilmartin Glen, Dunadd Fort, that stands guard at the southern entrance to this mysterious Glen .To walk on ground that was once home to the ancient Gael Kings of Dal Riata was good medicine for the soul."

The Tribe Within: Celtic Sea Salt
Celtic Sea Salt has been produced along the coast of Brittany over 2,000 years. The process hasn't changed in all that time.

The Salt Pits of St. Monan
The journey of salt finds its way to east Scotland with this same tribe.

Land of the Dáirine
Aerial footage all around Cork but mainly West Cork. by Tom Vaughn. It's no wonder they call West Cork “A Place Apart”. Nature sets the pace in this beautiful south west corner of Ireland, stretching from the south-coast of Kinsale to three rugged westerly peninsulas reaching into the wild Atlantic.

Trace what it means to be Celtic
The story of the Celts is more complicated than what we've be told.

A Cultural Awakening
It's not just music they all have in common. New scientific DNA studies tell us people of northern Spain; Brittany France; coastal Ireland; western Scotland; and the land of the Daffodil, coastal Wales are from the same ancestral tribe. Here in the above video, 50 musicians representing these 5 regions come together for a song of cultural awakening. Now read their history!

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