Dear Demented Diary Vol II Tales of the Uncontrollable Cunt

I'm one of the first bloggers in the world, since 1992 as and steadily since 1997 when "blogging" became all the rage. Please donate to my foundation, to get paid for my efforts. Spread the words out about what it's like to live with "the brain tumor you get to live with" Please help spread awareness. Since nobody else gave a fuck I thought I would. More

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About Catherine Elizabeth Clay

I would prefer you buy Dear Demented Diary Vol ii Tales of the Uncontrollable Cunt" off over these other places that leave me with 1/3-1/4 of what I put into it. You have to buy it off their website in order for me to make a penny. I'll eventually take my contract away when I get a "real" publisher that donates 1/3 to my brain tumor foundation for which is the main reason I do this since no one else gave a fuck I thought I would.

How do you write a bio when you've been blogging since 1997? I am one of the original web designers because I wanted to shove it to some stuck up computer engineer in 1992/3 that they were going to need the "college of arts and crafts," the college where I was studying photography. He called himself "the emperor" because he wanted "Egotistical Site of the Week", which was THE premiere place to find the newest, hottest websites.

My boyfriend wouldn't do a website so he made me learn. I called myself and sent in my entry and she was getting married so I was "Egotistical Site of the Week for Six Months". It was awesome. I started to learn about other people from other cultures and not be trapped by what was going on in just my little world studying photography and Russian. It looks a lot the same as it has for over a decade. I think that some of my designs have stood the test of time but they are slowly going to be updated... as I work on my books.

I am a mother, I live in SoCal and feel the radiation of what's to come. I am doing my best to run my brain tumor foundation, The Arachnoid Cyst Foundation, I would prefer you donate to my foundation so you can get a copy and not have so much of it go to another company. It's not fair for how people that get to "live with the brain tumor you get to age with" as we suffer in ways people with cancer wish they could. At least they know when they could die where as we are told, "It's all in your head" when we tell doctors about our symptoms they just can't operate because if they tear the pia mater, the root of the nervous system out, they ruin it so it's just easier to tell people that there's not a thing they can do for you because they don't want to learn how to do it.

You can read the stories and like us on the foundation page. I appreciate how you can change the world for the world where Arachnoid Cysts are becoming an epidemic due to the environmental nuclear holocausts where whales ARE going to be a thing of the past and a lot of our children will be facing living with this brain tumor that eventually won't be ignored.

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