The Shattered Genesis

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After a cataclysmic event claims Earth, twenty-two year old Brynna Olivier and the remaining survivors must travel to Pangaea, a newly discovered land far off in space. As the presence of mysterious natives threatens her new life, and the survivors split into two warring factions, Brynna must choose her side, all while contending with her dark past and her romance with an older man named James. More
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I'm T. Rudacille, author the "Eternity: Pangaea" series. The first three books in the series, The Shattered Genesis, The Bargaining Path, and The Irreversible Reckoning, are available for FREE download here on Smashwords. This series has got a little bit of everything--space, superpowers, war, family, tragedy, scandal, sex, violence, taboos, religion, politics... If any of those topics peak your interest, then download the free preview, and if you dig the free preview, download the full version. Did I mention it's totally free?!

The thus-far untitled fourth book in the series will be available in early 2016, and yes, that, too, will be FREE! (Giving out free things makes me feel like Oprah! "And you get a free ebook from an obscure author!" "And you get a free ebook from an obscure author!")

Leave me a review, send me a tweet, visit me at my blog, T. Rudacille is Shamelessly Self-Promoting, go to Goodreads and see what nerdy books I'm reading, and most of all, if you like my books, tell your friends! Start a book club, discuss and debate all the scandal, romance, and intrigue! But be warned, some of the content is NSFW ("Not Safe for Work," as my tech-savvy friends tell me), so if your boss reads over your shoulder... Look out.

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Review by: Daytona on Nov. 25, 2015 :
I've read this book on this site once and on Amazon once. I read it here and then needed to download a copy on my Kindle. I didn't really think I was going to like it because I don't tend to like love triangles but I'm not ashamed to admit that I am hooked and now so is my wife! We're divided on who we want Brynna to be with and on what we think is going to happen with Alice and Quinn etc. I really like the post apocalyptic genre and space stories so this book was a given for me. I can't wait to read the next one in the series!
(review of free book)

Review by: Leah Lane on Aug. 16, 2015 :
I really tried to get through this book (got 72% through) but just could not keep suffering through it. Kept hoping that eventually it would improve but it was just incredibly boring. I am quite forgiving of poor writing (poor grammar or bad spelling) if the storyline is gripping or perhaps the story might be a bit slow but the writing is done well enough to keep you going. Unfortunately this book had no redeeming qualities at all.
I understand that Brynna is categorised as an antiheroine with a complicated past - she just came across as a pretentious little girl with an attitude problem. Note to author: genius is NOT having a very large vocabulary such that every sentence she speaks is 3 times longer than it needs to be - it could have been funny but it was just silly. Everyone (including Brynna) kept saying how smart she was but I've met road sweepers who were smarter and a lot nicer people to boot. There seemed to be an obsession over the age difference between Brynna and James - dont know why but I just could not get interested enough to care about either of them.

I dont think the author could decide what kind of novel this is - the science (space travel, etc) was completely illogical to work as science fiction, the end of the world was completely glossed over so apocalyptic fiction doesnt work, the aliens and magical (??) powers were not really explained so I could not get into it as a fantasy novel, the characters were so annoying and unsympathetic that it didnt work as a romance either.

Main problem was that the story was too boring - it was like reading Twilight all over again but at least I did manage to get through the first volume of that series. I really tried with this one but it defeated me.

Sorry to give such a negative review - I know that a lot of time and effort goes into writing these novels. It was just not worth the time I spent trying to get through it (and the subsequent volumes are even longer !!). At least one other reader enjoyed it but for me, it did not work on any level.
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Review by: Meagan the great on July 26, 2014 :
I believe I am allowing myself to be T Rudacille's most humongous fan. I have never taken time to read a review, much less write one, as you know that takes signing up for the website your reviewing, but this author is worth it. Her writing is witty, terrifying, and heartbreaking. If you enjoy end of the world, utopia/distopia type scifi books, you will surely do yourself an injustice skipping over it. Seems long at first but this series is 6 books long and you will appreciate the depth you will learn and relate to the characters. Also, for being free, you expect a certain number of typos, bad wording, run on sentences, etc.... T.Rudacille obviously takes the time on her art to make it perfect. Her sentence structure for the smart antagonist, Brynna, suits her perfectly. Please hurry, T., for book number three.
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