Mile High Volume 1 Butterscotch Mirage

This is the first volume of a series where readers help develop the story. Using social media and self publishing, you, the reader will be able to interact with the story in a way that could never be done before. The raunchy comedy series features David Allen, a twenty four year old Colorado pot dealer that is, ironically, still on the wrong side of the recently passed marijuana laws. More
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About David A Roberts

Greetings! I've been writing since I was thirteen and had my first published work in a ninth grade short story contest. Since then I have been writing on and off over the years balancing family and career. The writing bug never left me and I started typing words to monitor consistently about seven years ago.
Since then, I’ve written several books, none of them publishable. None of them readable. I think Stephen King said you need to write a million words before you can actually start writing. I’m probably close. My work is now readable. I’m currently working on a novel that I’m actually not embarrassed for others to read. I can read it a few weeks after writing it and not want to hang myself. However, that is not the book that got me suddenly interested in this series. So I have put that book aside for now to write this series. I'm really having fun with it and hope you will too.
The problem is marketing the series. I'm not active in social media. No one is going to tell me to put my phone away because I’m checking in on Facebook somewhere. I’ve never checked in anywhere. I’m not really sure how to do it. It’s not that I’m technology illiterate. Far from it. I actually work in the IT industry and work on cutting edge technology all day long. But you know what they say, plumbers have leaky sinks and carpenters have squeaky floors. My wife constantly threatens to call the Geek Squad when the family computer is not working right. I keep telling her I won’t be insulted if she did. I worry that one of these days she will call my bluff.
I have the latest iPhone. I’m typing this on a MacBook Air. I use technology all the time, but not social media. I keep saying I don’t know why, but I really do. I don’t think anyone cares to read anything I have to say. There I said it. My wife says it isn’t true but she is legally obligated to tell me that under the authority vested in our marriage license.
All of this basically means I need help, serious help. I know how to write, but I don't know how to get this idea out to the public, but I know I will have fun figuring it out.

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