The Nostalgia Effect

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Jennifer Nielsen awakens one morning to a life that doesn't belong to her. Thrown back eight years into a past she doesn't remember and again married to her ex-husband, she struggles to make sense of the situation that resembles something out of The Twilight Zone. Join her on the quest to find the truth--is she insane, is this a dream, or has she in actually traveled in time? More
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About EJ Valson

With a passion for writing and a love of books and movies, EJ Valson channeled her personal experiences and emotions into her first book, The Nostalgia Effect. The tale of a mid-thirties woman, who finds herself thrown back into her past still married to her ex-husband and yearning to get back to the life and love she knew before.

EJ currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children. In her spare time, she likes to travel, write, read, eat, listen to music and will never turn down a good vodka martini…but her most favorite past time is being with her loved ones.

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Reviews of The Nostalgia Effect by EJ Valson

Michelle Read reviewed on April 13, 2014

I just finished this book about an hour or so ago. I set the Kindle down, almost cried, and couldn't do anything on the computer for a while. The Nostalgia Effect touched me in a way that I welcome and actually look for in books and movies. I welcome being forced to realize how blessed I am in this moment. Like IN this very moment, and second, and day. So I went inside (I was reading in my car), and when I walked in the front door of my house I looked around, and started cleaning up. Tidying, getting the laundry going again, dishes, because I felt moved to show my husband that I care for him and that I hope every day he sees me as the wife he deserves and as his best friend. Long story short, it's one of the best books I've ever read because I felt like it was talking to me. "Hey, stupid. Go tell your family you love them and don't be so uptight today. Take it one day at a time!"
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
PJ O'Brien reviewed on March 30, 2014
(no rating)
The Nostalgia Effect is a very unique and interesting book. It contains elements of romance, psychological drama, and speculative literature, and offers some intriguing dilemmas to ponder. The protagonist, Jennifer, wakes up in what appears to be eight years in the past. However, there are differences from the past she remembers. She’s still married to her first husband and her father is married to a woman she doesn’t recognize.

She has no idea what happened, and wonders which life is the real one and which must be some sort of delusion. The author, E.J. Valson, does a fine job of keeping the reader guessing whether there is a psychological issue at play or some bizarre merging of parallel lives and time threads. Either way, Jennifer has to learn to navigate a life that seems similar to her own, but isn't quite it.

What I felt was unaddressed – if the scenario truly was one where Jennifer was in the wrong life thread for whatever reason – was what happened to the Jennifer of the thread that our Jennifer suddenly appears in. Our protagonist never seems to worry about what might have happened to her counterpart or what the effect of her appearance in the present reality will be. She and those assisting her seem to think that all will just suddenly stop and not exist anymore once she's returned to her own reality. It’s strange enough that she would be ok with that, but those who help her out must be extraordinarily noble. Since no one really knows the hows and whys of what happened, one would think that some of them might be a little uneasy. But they're not. The concern is for her and getting her where she needs to be safely, and the reader has no sense of what they think about this and whether they ever wonder what it means for them.

It was quite a good story in any case and very unlike any book that I’ve read lately. Ms Valson has done an excellent job with her first novel, and I’m happy to recommend it.
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)
Faerie Godreaders reviewed on March 26, 2014

What a great book! It opens up questions of parallel lives and butterfly effects, but doesn't come across as too sci-fi in tone. For those who are more sci-fi by nature, you might feel a little frustrated with no explanation of the hows and whys the original thing happened, but only a little. And to that, I'd say: use your imagination and chill out. If the main character doesn't get to know, the reader doesn't get to know either. We all just have to deal with it and figure out what to do next.

It was such a good story that I honestly didn't know sometimes how I wanted it to end. I liked all the characters. I kept crossing my fingers and hoping that somehow it was going to be ok for everyone. By and large, it was. Ultimately, it's a romance story, and might be good for people who like general fiction and romances but have shied away from sci-fi. It's a nice way to stick your toe in the water and realize that it's not a bit scary.

A great job for a first novel!
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)

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