The Birth of the Peacekeepers.

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A series of natural disasters of biblical proportions occurred on a global scale. Around the world tens of millions died as a result. When the survivors looked around they saw a world drastically changed. Most men and women struggled to cope with the devastation. Many turned to marauding as a means of survival. A few of the survivors banded together to protect the weak. They became Peacekeepers. More
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Words: 125,850
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452401003
About Ricky Sides

Ricky Sides was Born in Florence, Alabama in May of 1958. He has a wife named Sue that he married at age 18. He has one adult son named Larry Dale.

The author studied martial arts from 1981 to the mid 1990s. He has been an avid camper and student of survival. The techniques described in his fight sequences are often from his own personal experience and training. He has taught women's rape prevention seminars in the 1980's.

The author's writing experience includes The Birth of the Peacekeepers and the four other novels in that series, the Brimstone and the Companions of Althea series which is a nine novel set based on the online game t4c (the fourth coming) and was written by Ricky Sides under the pen name Raistlin and edited and collaborated on by a wonderful lady from Louisiana under the pen name Kittie Justice. The author also wrote a book on women's self-defense named The Ultimate in Women's Self-Defense.

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Review by: Ingyxs on Jan. 31, 2015 :
An enjoyable book and good introduction for a series of novels. The basic survivalist techniques are very believable and informative. Even though the characters take time to mature and the opposites are rather black&white, it's quite tempting wanting to believe that post-collapse there will be good guys out there, fighting the good cause.

Thank you for your work!
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Review by: James Dutcher II on Aug. 21, 2013 :
A good action story. Not a bad example of the survivalists genre. It's fiction people... I enjoyed it as that. I am looking forward to the next in the series. Thank you for your efforts.
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Review by: Joey Jones on Sep. 14, 2011 :
I have to agree with the review about the cheesiness being over the top. I just kept picturing Steven Segal breaking peoples bones like it was no big deal. And some of the coversations were just as bad. Couldn't make it past the first couple chapters.
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Review by: Robert on Nov. 09, 2010 :
I think I would give it 3.5 stars if I could.

It's an entertaining book, but not entirely believable. And I'm not talking about the obvious stuff, because it is science fiction book after all. But the bad guys (of which there are surprisingly a lot) don't really come across as real people. The hero's tend to have this problem too, they seem a bit to good and to skillful.

However I enjoyed reading it and I will probably read more peacekeeper books.
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Review by: jaqian on Jan. 19, 2010 :
Loved the storey but found the style of writing a bit cheesy like from a 1950s B-Movie (Oh Darling/gee whiz kind of stuff). In saying that I will be downloading the next in the series :)

I rarely give five stars so the highest I would have given would be four. However because of the cheesy language etc I have only given three.
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Review by: christine black on Jan. 15, 2010 :
christineblack ihave the audio book of the birth of the peace keepers and i think Mr sides did a great job. my daughters and i read the vistor we enjoyed the story.
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Review by: AppleHeart on Jan. 14, 2010 :
The Birth of the Peacekeepers is the first of five Peacekeepers books the author, Ricky Sides, has published for the Kindle. It poses the question: what happens when chaos reigns after a series of natural disasters causes the dissolution of the government and instead of peace and harmony, lawlessness and survival of the fittest become the new law of the land? Follow Jim, Lina, Pete, Bill, Tim, Patricia, Lacy and her 8-yr-old son and a cast of others as they try to set to right the wrong by banding together (peacekeepers) and helping the oppressed fight their oppressors (marauders).

The narrative flows very well - I can clearly see, picture in my head, exactly what each characters are doing, kinda like watching a movie, which I consider a big plus. I can also feel the same emotions (empathized with) each character feels and goes through, i.e. horror, pain, anger, helplessness, despair, even apathy and hopelessness? Oh, and the joy, love, respect, caring and satisfaction on overcoming every strife and injustice encountered on their way to their meeting place. I despaired at what seemed-to-be hopeless encounters, even though I suspected/knew that help was on the way, and I rejoiced at every victory.

The rape description was not too graphic so it did not bother me much cuz when the rules and mores of polite and civilized society goes, bad things can happen to people and in some instances, many instances, good people can become bad because of circumstances beyond their control and vice versa. We all have good and bad inclinations (tendencies) inherent in ourselves - and it's up to us, individually or collectively, to decide what path(s) we take. Should it be the path of the righteous - what the Peacekeepers took, OR the path of the depraved - what the Marauders CHOSE to take.

The only problem I have is Patricia's reaction to lovemaking after her `rape'. For her to be able to accept intimacy with Tim so easily and with no signs of mental or physical trauma seems unbelievable to me. No matter how gentle, kind, or loving he is, she'd have shown some kind of negative reactions after such a horrible ordeal, it's only natural to be a little afraid of the act, no?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and getting to know the main characters and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the Peacekeepers series. After all, I need to know if Good triumphs over Evil.

I am rating this 4 stars for story only, not for grammar, misuse of punctuation and/or (gasp!) beauty of prose. There were some, but not enough to ruin the reading for me.
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Review by: Michael Drane on Dec. 29, 2009 :
The storyline was simple enough that most readers should be able to keep up, and it was believable enough to be realistic. The only thing I'd complain about is that the situation would be considerably worse than the author portrayed, if this happened in real life. Every time society breaks down, and there is no law and order, violent crime runs rampant. The rapes and murder depicted would indeed occur just as the author depicted in the novel, however, they would be much more numerous than he depicted.

The characters were believable and likeable. I especially liked the character Pete because he was depicted as an older and wiser man than most of the other characters. The character Lina was good as well. I liked the way the author portrayed her as semi-prepared to face the reality of the country under those circumstances.

I think that this is a good attempt by an author since this is his first published novel.

I live in the south myself, so reading a book that references the highways, and cities, some of which I'm familiar with, is of interest to me.

Being a martial artist with decades of experience in the martial arts I know that the author's martial art scenes are interesting and well depicted.
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