The Vampire's Warden (Undead in Brown County #1)

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He moved. It was a flash in the moonlight, a blur of motion like I’d never witnessed before. No human had the capacity to move like that. When I found myself face-to-face with him there in the meadow, I knew without a doubt that the journal was authentic. I knew that my grandfather hadn’t been crazy at all.

Because a foot away from me stood a vampire. More
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About S.J. Wright

S.J. Wright has previously focused her writing on the paranormal romance genre, publishing the five-book series "Undead in Brown County". In her upcoming series, she will be transitioning into general women's fiction and tackling some social issues important to her as well as focusing more on a comedic approach to the differences between men and women and how they relate to each other (if at all). Look for the first book, tentatively titled "Lucky", to be released as an ebook in the fall of 2015.

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pamela chismar reviewed on on July 16, 2016

Sarah has just lost her father, and must take over the family business; a B&B. She just finds out that her mother, whom she was told died many years ago, is still alive (sort of).

First she meets Alex. An ex vampire (somehow his undead condition can be reversed). Then she meets Micheal, a vampire who has lived on her property since her dad was a child.
Sarah finds out her family are wardens to a field of sleeping vampires, and Micheal who was sentenced there for some wrongdoing.

This is the first book of a series, so we don't really get all the answers to what is happening. How a vampire, or anyone for that matter, could live on your property under your nose for 20+ years is something I don't understand.

Sarah believes she has many friends. But they all knew and kept important secrets from her. The vampire field, her dad's responsibility as warden,her mother changing to vampire and still being alive.

I found this story a nice way to pass some time, but wasn't really thrilled with the plot.
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Sadie S. Forsythe reviewed on on Jan. 31, 2014

This was all right. There seemed to be a really interesting idea outlined out. I liked some of the characters and, other than a really annoying lack of contractions, the writing was pretty good. But everything just skipped along at warp speed. The only thing given enough coverage to get any real grasp of was Sarah's feelings of being overwhelmed, which left her feeling wimpy, when she's really not supposed to be. Everything else was just kind of glossed over and largely unexplained. If it had been given the same attention as Sarah's impending break down the book probably would have been excellent.

Also, the book is listed at 201 pages, but there isn't a chance in hell that's accurate. I'm a fast reader, but even I can't cover 201 pages in two hours, which is about what it took me to read this start to finish. I'm thinking more like 130. Then it ends on a fairly precipitous cliffhanger with a lot of open threads. All in all, there was some great potential here and if the sequel had been particularly cheap I might have picked them up to see where the story goes, but I think it could have done with a bit more bulk.
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hrhsophia reviewed on on Nov. 16, 2012

I enjoyed the book after a slow start.
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kat duggan reviewed on on Dec. 20, 2011
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I loved the book. You kept me captivated throughout the bo9k. Please don't leave me hanging, I would like to read your next book to see where the characters lead us. Thank you for a great read. Kathleen Duggan.
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JC Zaican reviewed on on Sep. 24, 2011

I really liked this book, it had great story line. Well done, and congrats on writing.
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Amber Imbrogno reviewed on on Aug. 16, 2011

What an awesome book. This book had a nice twist that was completely unique. Once I started it, I had to finish it and see how it went.

I was a little sad about no romance (she had 2 amazing choices) but I am hoping it will come in the next book. Michael is a complete mystery so of coarse I instantly loved his character.

It was action packed and full of mystery. The ending was sad and the last very moment left you on one crazy cliffhanger. I don't want to give to much away but if you love Paranormal books especially vampires this is definitely a book to check out.
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C S McClellan reviewed on on Aug. 13, 2011

If your book isn't good enough to stand on its own, then using spam SEO keywords isn't going to help.
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P. Rupert reviewed on on Feb. 17, 2011

The 'Vampires Warden' is an elicit romantic suspense, a must read.
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