Children of Na

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Existing within dimensional space for a chance to live again, an alien consciousness is reborn into the body of a plantation slave. While trying to escape his Earthly prison, Silas is teleported through time and captured by the Nazis. Only Yakob Alexandrov, a fugitive Russian scientist, stands between the slave and a maniacal SS General bent on using the alien technology to dominate the world. More

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Words: 84,990
Language: English
ISBN: 9780991562138
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Children of Na
Existing within dimensional space for a chance to live again, an alien is reborn into the body of a plantation slave. While trying to escape his Earthly prison, Silas finds himself teleported through time and captured by the Nazis. Only Yakob Alexandrov, a fugitive Russian scientist, stands between the slave and a maniacal SS General bent on using the alien technology to dominate the world.


Review by: Wes To on June 16, 2014 :
I was quite wary of Children Of Na at first. Within the first few pages, we jump from an antechamber of a mysterious planet run by a genetically engineered creature, to WWII Russia. From the maps provided before the prologue, it becomes apparent that the story can only get stranger from here.

As other reviewers have mentioned, this is definitely an interesting mix of genres, hopping from science fiction to WWII adventure to pre-Civil War drama and more. While I enjoyed the interplay of the different genres, I felt that this was also a hindrance at times. I found that the WWII sections with Yakob had the strongest and most refined writing, while the Plantation sections felt the weakest and most raw. On their own, each of these storylines could be expanded to a short story or novella that ties into the same plot, but by being put together, there isn’t as much space to focus on the separate threads as individual stories, resulting in an unpolished feel in some parts. The dialogue is also a bit heavy-handed at times, bordering the line between realistic dialogue and caricature dialogue.

Even with these drawbacks (and don’t get the wrong idea, they are quite minor nitpicks of mine), I still enjoyed the overall plot greatly, if not for the interesting concept, then at least for the gutsy decision to try to pull it off (and be mostly successful). The story definitely starts off a bit slow, and because of the hopping around, the pacing also feels a bit off at times, but it definitely picks up in the last two-thirds of the book. I could see some people not liking the book because of what feels like a lack of focus due to the genre-hopping, but I could also see some people really enjoying it the blend of genres. Of all the genre fans, it would most likely appeal to science fiction fans the most, as the other two genres feel more like a result of the plot instead of being plot drivers. While it’s not for everyone, I’d still be likely to recommend it to fans of science fiction.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)

Review by: Jane Lavuire on June 12, 2014 :
I have read many science-fiction related books in my time (especially many with a dystopian sort of twist) and I would say that I'm at the point where I can tell very early on whether a book in the genre is going to be a 'hit' or a 'miss' for me personally. With that being said, it literally was only within the first few chapters or so when I had realized that I stumbled upon a truly genuine 'hidden gem'. Having just finished the read earlier today, I can definitely say that I am more than satisfied and very glad that I gave it a chance.

What I admire about 'Children of Na' is the unique blend of influences from different genres that are evident in different scenes throughout the read - there's definitely a prominent sci-fi & I'd say a slight fantasy feel throughout the entire book, but there's also parts where the book felt almost like a thriller due to a suspenseful and captivating vibe that stays throughout the book essentially from start to finish; there were many scenes where I found myself guessing what was going to happen next, but the author would throw in a very unexpected twist that would usually be completely the opposite of what I was expecting. I think the unique blend of genres that the author offers in "Children of Na" is a huge part of what kept this book such an enticing read for me, as I simply couldn't resist finding out how the story was going to play out; I'm trying hard to not throw in any spoilers, but I will say that the ending definitely was executed much differently that what I was expecting!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Rosemary mikhita on June 12, 2014 :
‘Children of Na’ has great twists as it travels between different scenes and different times. The author has done a great job pulling this time into one compelling novel. An alien is born in a slave called Silas in a plantation in Georgia. Revolving around the NAZIs of Germany and during the Second World War, then to win the war, a great deal of technology is required and, therefore, the SS General needs to use the alien’s technology to do so. He can only do so by seizing the slave……. It is a great sci-fiction story with wonderful development scenes that create mental picture of what is really happening. I recommend it to young adults who prefer fast-paced novels.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: clstokes on June 10, 2014 :
Children of the NA by A. L. Burgess, Jr. - Wow, this book has everything! This book could be separated into three books. You have the plantation in Georgia, where the slave Silas has a secret. Then there is the Nazi Germany fighting the Russians and the Americans. Oh, and let’s not forget the time travel. The twist and turns of this book are amazing. You can figure from the beginning that alien technology is involved but then you are transported to a slave plantation in Georgia and then to Nazi Germany and WWII, you have to keep reading to figure out how it all goes together. Then there is the suggestion that the earth was created as a nursey of sorts for this alien race, crazy! This is definitely one of the more interesting books I have read. I never anticipated that there would be so many different elements wrapped up in one book. I recommend this book!
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)

Review by: Roger on June 10, 2014 :
In "Children of Na", A. L. Burgess, Jr blends science fiction with history in a very creative way and consequently, creates a story that is both captivating and unique. Although I'm not the biggest fan of science fiction, I would be being disingenuous if I didn't admit that I thought that this book was one of the coolest books I've come across in a long time.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Michael on June 07, 2014 :
Stunning Effort! Unputdownable!

“Children of Na” by A.L.Burgess is a bookworm's delight. I was just fascinated by this book as it combines so many of my favorite genres – science fiction, history, adventure, war thriller – and does so, so seamlessly.

More than anything, it's a story of human spirit, and it's a story of freedom, the human quest for freedom and about the great lengths men can go to in their fight for freedom, even against impossible odds. And that is what our two heroes face in this book. Impossible odds.

Yakob, a very young, brave, noble and incredibly smart Colonel in the Soviet Army is sought to be punished by his superiors for insubordination. He escapes certain execution, only to be captured by the Nazis. His is a battle to survive on a day-to-day basis, and to do so, he uses every wit at his disposal, and doesn't lose hope even once.

Our second hero is Silas, a black slave born in 1831, in pre-Civil War American South. He is much more than he appears, and has unworldly intelligence. But he is still just a slave, and through his story we learn about the sheer brutality and cruelty of slavery, with the writer holding nothing back.

What holds these multiple plots together is the science fiction about the far away Civilization of Na, one with infinite intelligence, which ultimately leads to its downfall.

It's been a long time since I've been so completely satisfied by a novel, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Kudos to the highly talented writer of this book, A.L.Burgess, for doing just a great job with it.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

Review by: Jacob Lyons on June 07, 2014 :
I was immediately drawn to this book by the highly imaginative sounding plot. It was enough to convince me to buy it and I’m so glad I did. I found this book to be completely engaging, from the very first page to the last my attention was completely held as I followed the adventures of Silas, an alien who finds his consciousness placed inside a human. That’s just the beginning of his problems though as the Nazis end up capturing him with the intention of extracting information about alien technology which they hope to use to gain world domination.

Cleary this isn’t your average fiction book but I found it to be refreshingly original. The plot moves along at a confident pace that allows the characters and story to develop whilst still being fast enough to always hold your attention. Each scene is well described allowing for you to vividly imagine the intriguing events as they unfold. All in all I’m impressed. Clearly a lot of time and effort has been put into the creation of the book and the outcome is a story that will captivate you and live long in the memory.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Ana Cristina on June 06, 2014 :
I love science fiction books and read them very regularly but 'Children of Na' by A. L. Burgess, Jr is really something different... It is a clash between science fiction and history - bringing the future to the realm of the 2nd World War and Nazi surroundings. The book is so fascinating that I got through it in one sitting - it literally kept me on the edge of my seat and different twists and turns kept me guessing what will happen on the next page. If you're looking for a refreshing, unique and original book, then 'Children of Na' is a title that you'll definitely enjoy! It gets my Highest Recommendation.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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